Resin anchoring agent Resin anchoring agent

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Anchoring agent: Resin anchoring agent

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Resin anchoring agent by the high performance of unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent, promoting agents, fillers and other chemical additives and so on, generally is a two-component packaging. When used for stirring installation, use of special tools and bolt after mixing the two components can be quickly solidified and material with high bonding anchorage force, excellent mechanical properties. It with anchor rod with different material, the use of (rock, concrete) in all kinds of anchorage is a high degree of safety and reliability can be obtained, durability, economy, and the mechanical anchoring the incomparable.

Resin anchoring agent has now become mine support can not be replaced in the field of new materials, in the coal mine shaft equipment installation engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, underground tunnel anchorage engineering, stable slope protection engineering, equipment foundation, building aseismic reinforcement, anchoring engineering also has already been widely successful application, the remarkable technical and economical results have been achieved.

Resin anchoring agent Resin anchoring agentResin anchoring agent Resin anchoring agent

A, product type, specification and installation process parameters

Note: special specifications should not be limited by table, can be in any specifications according to orders.

Second, the product material mechanics performance index

The compression strength (MPa) 60

Shear strength (MPa) 35

Compressed modulus of elasticity (MPa) 1.5 x 104

Wave mulberry than 0.3

Bond strength (MPa) move method

Cement - A3 round steel 5 ~ 7

Cement - class II rebar 6 ~ 10

Cement - C30 concrete 7

Cement - medium 1 ~ 2

Cement, clay brick 3

Vibration fatigue life of 8 million times

Apply to 30 ~ + 60 ℃ ambient temperature

Storage life (22 ℃) for six months

Note: determination of bond strength index system than rafa, if there are no relevant provisions in the industry standards, as listed in the data for type selection design.

Three, anchorage performance index

Note: e. industry standard, the anchoring force and age determination in accordance with the relevant provisions, or rather their rock matrix for C30 concrete.

Four, installation, operation

1, check the product specifications before the installation, and check whether there is any abnormal on product appearance.

2, the application of low pressure fluid (air, water) of black hole, and to avoid water accumulation in the hole.

3, should be required before start mixing anchoring agent one by one, into the bottom of the hole, then the starter drill bolt, stirring edge ahead, to continue to stir until after the specified time in the bottom of the bore.

4, mixing time, waiting time, in accordance with the provisions of this specification.

5, gel before anchoring agent should be to prevent the rod body due to gravity drop.

6, the anchor anchoring section strictly prevent oil pollution.

7, reaches age can test the anchoring force.

8, the product should be stored in ventilated, moistureproof, prevent bask in warehouse room, maximum storage temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Resin anchoring agent Resin anchoring agent

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