Residual Current Circuit Breaker L11,12,13 Series

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Construction and Feature
◆Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current,short-circuit and overload
◆High short-circuit capacity
◆Provides complementary protection against direct contact by human body.
◆Effectively protects electric equipmet against insulating failure
◆Contact position indication
◆Provides protection against over-voltage
◆Provides comprehensive protection to household and commercial distribution systems
Technical Data
◆Type:Electro-magnetic type
◆Residual current characteristics:AC
◆Pole NO.:1P+N
◆Tripping curve:B,C
◆Rated short-circuit capacity:10kA
◆Rated current(A):6,10,16,20,25,32
◆Rated voltage:230/240V AC
◆Rated frequency:50/60Hz
◆Rated residual operating current(mA):0.03,0.1
◆Tripping duration:instantaneous ≤0.1s
◆Electro-mechanical endurance:4000 cycles
◆Connection terminal:pillar terminal with clamp

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Q:What is the difference between open air and circuit breakers?
The type of protection function and the protection mode are selected by the user according to their needs. Such as short circuit protection, over current protection, exclusion control, undervoltage protection.
Q:Circuit system diagram and circuit breaker connection
Isolation switch only play a role in isolation, the back of the circuit is not automatically broken off,
Q:The specific function and operation mode of the auxiliary switch on the circuit breaker switch
can be through the auxiliary contact circuit breaker Split position, to achieve automatic control (even jump, BZT, mutual latch, start and stop protection, and so on).
Q:Frame circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker difference
but many people are not very aware of the differences between the two, in the purchase time often appear indecisive situation.
Q:What is the solution of the leakage circuit breaker always jumping?
may be caused by the wire. Leakage switch installed in the use of equipment before the better
Q:Is it possible to switch the lamp directly with a circuit breaker?
Circuit breaker according to its use is divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage circuit breakers, high and low voltage line is more vague, generally more than 3kV called high-voltage electrical appliances.
Q:What type of switch circuit breaker has undervoltage protection
Circuit breakers with overvoltage and undervoltage protection:
Q:Home no electricity corridor switch the total switch circuit burned how the matter
The circuit breaker in the circuit breaker indicates that the circuit breaker with the numbe
Q:Isolation switch, circuit breaker, open the three What is the difference between ah
Circuit Breakers High-voltage circuit breakers, and low-voltage circuit breakers are an electrical protection device, and its type is very much with an arc extinguishing device
Q:How is the circuit breaker connected to the circuit system diagram?
Circuit breaker: with over-current, short-circuit automatic trip function, with degaussing arc extinguishing device, can be used to connect, cut off the high current;

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