Residential Automatic Sliding Door

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Product Description:

residential automatic door
wireless sensor mat
pets sensor
wireless hand sensor switch
ISO9001 CE UL certificate

residential automatic door with the model GI3000, makes your life so much easier. With GI3000, housewives who usually have their hands full can walk through rooms at ease; disabled and elderly won't take doors as daily challenge, pet owners enjoy their sleep while their pets comes in and go out.

Besides more convenient living environment with GI3000

1. smoke between kitchen and living room is isolated

2. air conditioning cost is saved because no more left open door

3. hands are freed and more hygienic because no more push to open

A variety of open options

1. Wireless switch with infrared and capacitance technology. Door opens when users wave hands in front of the touchless sensor.

2. Infrared radar. When users approach the door, they will be detected by radar and door will open automatically.

3. Keyboard remote switch (wired / wireless). A perfect combination of refined appearance and easy operation.

4. Wireless handheld remote control. Compact designed controller with long distance capability.

5. Wireless weight sensing mat. Stepping on mat lightly the door will open automatically.

6. Pet sensor. When pets are detected by this sensor, door will open partially.

Unique Structure and Fashionable Design With Patents

1. Exquisite texture shows every elaborate process. Created initially with intellectual property, the unique designed structure beautify the living space perfectly.

2. Operator can be connected with door frame made of solid wood, composite wood, aluminum, stainless steel, glass etc.

User Friendly Functions and Thoughtful Safe Design

Unique safety system protect your safety in every respect.

1. Alternative moving leaves. Both of the two leaves can open automatically as moving leaf, like manual sliding door leaves sliding in opposite directions.

2. Force sensitive door leaf. If something blocks the moving door leaf, the door will stop and slide back. In second cycle, the door will close with low speed until it passes the previous block position.

3. Anti-squeeze and anti-collision. GI3000 frame is rubber protected for anti-squeeze, anti-collision, sound isolation and shock absorption.

4. 36V Safety voltage. Low voltage operation ensures the safety of this product.

Technical Data:

Power supply : 110-260VAC, 50 or 60 HZ

Rated power : 60W(single motor)

Maximum door panel weight : 60KG/leaf

Maximum driving force : 84N (36V motor)

Opening speed : 0.1-0.35 m/s

Closing speed : 0.1-0.3m/s

Opening hold time : 0-60s

Operating ambient temperature: -15- 50 degree

Maximum relative humidity : 90%

Key Components:

1.Motor,Drive door leaves.

2.Controller,Control motor, MD.

3.Slave controller, MD.

4.Magnetic lock, Electric.

5.Remote controller, Door activation.

6.Top rail assembly, Durable.

7.Anti-slip wheel assembly, Durable, quiet.

8.Stop wheel assembly, Durable, quiet.

9.Timing wheel assembly, Zinc plating.

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