Reinforcing Deformed Steel Bars ASTM STANDARD

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100 g/m
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1000000 g/m/month

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Reinforcing rebar

We supplies a comprehensive range of standard N grade, 500 MPa deformed reinforcing bar (D500N). Length is available as your request as the reinforcing bar is often supplied processed or fabricated to suit the specific requirements of the project.



Ref No.

Std Unit

Bar size  mm

Length mm

Calculated metre per tonne(approx.)










































Products name: Deformed steel bars

1 Size: From 6mm to 40mm
2 Length: 6meter, 9meter and 12meter


1: Bundle by steel strip
2: In bulk
3: Anti-water plastic woven
4: As your requirement


1: Trade terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, C&F
2: Delivery time: 20days after receiving your deposits
3: Payment term: 30% by TT in advance
4: Load port: Tianjin Xingang Port


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