Reinforcing concrete welded mesh with high quality

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Product Description:


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Material: Black Wire Mesh

  • Type: Reinforced Mesh

  • Application: Woven Wire Mesh

  • Weave Style: Plain Weave

  • Wire Diameter: 3-12m

  • Technique: Welded Mesh

  • Model Number: welded mesh

  • Brand Name: AGY

  • Wire diameter: 3mm to 12mm

  • Line wire spacing: min100 mm. larger line wire spacing in steps of 50 mm

  • Cross wire spacing: min 25mm. above programmable in increments of 0.1 mm.

  • Wire mesh length: 500- 12000 mm

  • Wire mesh width: 500- 3300 mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Reinforcement Concrete Welded Wire Mesh Black Sheet Standard export package(with pallet) or as per customers' request
Delivery Detail:Within 7 days


Product Description

  Introduction to welding mesh

       Welded steel wire mesh made from low carbon steel wire rods, which undergo a cold-rolling and straightening process,and then arranged   vertically in proper spacing in the welding equipment both at line wires and at cross wires ,and joint together by mean of electric resistance spot-welding(also directly welded with hot-rolled wire rods ), turning into steel fabric mesh sheets.





ELONGATION     (Reduction of area)SHEAR STRENGTH     (N/mm2)BEND TEST


    Standard Specification for Steelwire/Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement,Plain,for Concrete

ASTM A 82M-07≥550(80)(Z≥30%)-D=2d
ASTM A185M-06 ≥φ3.15mm≥515(75)(Z≥30%)≥241xSmaxD=2d
BS 4482:2005
Steel Wire for the Reinforcement of
500<8mm< td="">≥510Agt≥1.0%-D=4d
500 ≥8mm≥525Agt≥2.5%

BS 4483:2005
Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of

B500A≤650Agt≥2.5 (ifd<8mm,≥1.0)< td="">≥125xSmaxD=4d
BS 4449:2005
Steel for the Reinforcement of
   Concrete-Weldable Reinforcing Stee
B500A≤650Agt≥2.5% (ifd<8mm,≥1.0)< td="">≥121xSmax   if d≤16(D=4d)     if d>16(D=7d)
AS/NZS 4671:2001
Steel Reinforcing Materials

SS 561:2010
Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of






Square Mesh AS/NZS 4671- Class L
Product Code Std UnitLongitudinal   WiresCross WiresMass(kg)Dimensions(m)
SL52    sheet    10×4.77@200+4×4@100    30×4.77@200 21    6×2.4
SL62    sheet    10×6@200+4×4.77@100    30×6@200 33    6×2.4
SL72    sheet    10×6.75@200+4×4@100    30×6.75@200 41    6×2.4
SL81    sheet    25×7.6@100    60×7.6@200 105    6×2.4
SL82    sheet    10×7.6@200+4×5.37@100    30×7.6@200 52    6×2.4
SL92    sheet    10×8.6@200+4×6@100    30×8.6@200 66    6×2.4
SL102     sheet    10×9.5@200+4×6.75@100    30×9.5@200 80    6×2.4
×Diameter (mm) × Spacing (mm) 


Rectangular Mesh AS/NZS 4671 -   Class L
Product CodeStd   UnitLongitudinal   WiresCross   WiresMass(kg)Dimensions(m)


     AGY can produce not only the mesh according to the national standard of Welded steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete(GB/T1499.3-2010) but also the products compliance with the  AS/NZS 4671:2001 (Australian and New Zealand standard), BS4483 (English standard), DIN488 (Germany standard), SIA 16211 S 550(Switzerland standard) and NFA35-016 (France standard) etc.


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