Refrigeration Solenoid Valve Magnetic Valve Coil

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1.refrigeration solenoid valve magnetic valve coil 
2.perfect sealing performance;one direction flow;valve body is universal

Refrigeration Solenoid Valve Magnetic Valve Coil


· Model EVR solenoid valve is a direct-operated or servo-operated valve,which is applicable to one direction flow.
· Model EVR solenoid valve is used on the liquid, air suction or hot vaporpiping of a freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
· The valve seat of Model EVR solenoid valve is well sealed with perfectsealing performance.
· Model EVR solenoid valves with various voltage solenoids are availableand the valve body is universal.
· Both packed and separated Model EVR solenoid valves are available andit means the valve body could be supplied separately from the solenoid.




· Only NC type solenoid valve is available.
· The max. design temperature is 105°C.
· 100-mesh filter is contained at the suction end, which is replaceable.
· 10W high power solenoid and max. operating pressure differential
· (MOPD) is 2.5 MPa.
· It is applicable to various applications in freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.
· The max. size of flare connection is 3/4 in.
· The max. size of welded connection is 9/8 in.
· The solenoids with various power supply are available.
· The clamped joint solenoid is easy to be mounted or dismounted only with one screwdriver.
· The sealed solenoid has a long service life and it can be used even in an adverse circumstance.


Technical Paramengers:


Applicable RefrigerantHCFC or HFC (Customer choice)
Applicable Medium Temperature-25°C~+105°C
Applicable Ambient Temperature of Solenoid-25°C~+80°C
Standard Voltage of SolenoidAC380V,AC220V/50Hz(Custom design is acailable)
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation for Solenoid+10%~-15%
Connection of SolenoidIP67 with terminal box




ModelConnection TypeP(bar)Max.Operating Pressure(bar)Kv(m3/h)
FlareWeldedMin.Max.MOPD Liquid
EVR3-21/4 SAE1/4 ODF0.030400.27
EVR3-33/8 SAE3/8 ODF0.00.27
EVR6-33/8 SAE3/8 ODF0.050.8
EVR6-41/2 SAE1/2 ODF0.8
EVR10-41/2 SAE1/2 ODF1.9
EVR10-55/8 SAE5/8 ODF1.9
EVR15-55/8 SAE5/8 ODF2.6
EVR15-63/4 SAE3/4 ODF2.6
EVR15-7--7/8 ODF2.6
EVR20-7--7/8 ODF5.0
EVR20-9-- ODF5.0
EVR25-9-- ODF0.210.5
EVR25-11-- ODF
EVR32-11-- ODF16
EVR32-13-- ODF
EVR40-13-- ODF21
EVR40-17-- ODF


1)Kv:The flow rate (m3/h)of water of density 1 t/m3 passing through the solenoid valve under the pressure differential of 100 KPa.
2)The MOPD of gaseous medium is about 0.1 MPa higher than that of liquid.


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Q:How many kinds of solenoid valves are there?
When the entrance and exit to start pressure, the power, the electromagnetic force pilot valve
Q:If the voltage is not stable, will the solenoid valve work abnormally?
Electromagnetic valve products after a long period of use, parts and components will have normal wear or damage, which will lead to the electromagnetic valve working state is unstable, noise.
Q:What are the electrical icons on the solenoid valve?
Electrical diagram superscript are symbols of action position with the electromagnetic coil of the electromagnetic valve between the valve and the control action, reaction medium (water, oil, gas and other media) relationship between flow, we can analysis of the working principle between them.
Q:Solenoid valve does not use relays, can automatically work
in circuit installation stroke switch (more common is proximity switch)
Q:What is an externally guided solenoid valve?
You said that the solenoid valve refers to the outer pilot structure of the solenoid valve, usually used in the work pressure is very low or vacuum occasions.
Q:How does solenoid valve power supply?
One is the 220 volt power line of the solenoid valve, and the other is the signal line of the valve position switch.
Q:Solenoid valve with what control?
Electromagnetic valve (Electromagnetic valve) is an electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, is used to control the automation of the basic components of the fluid, is an actuator, not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic
Q:How can the two position two way solenoid valve be discharged?
The two position three way solenoid valve controls the flow of liquid into one or two outlets (two are normally open, one normally closed);
Q:What's the difference between an electric proportional valve and an electromagnetic valve?
A control switch is open, either or both, or the maximum or minimum flow, no intermediate state, such as the common electromagnetic through valve, solenoid valve, electro-hydraulic valve.
Q:What are the several points of the electromagnetic valve?
Three position four pass means that the valve core has three positions, four ports (and possibly five mouths). The difference between the five and the four is that the four ports take the two exhaust ports into one

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