Refractory Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

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Product Description:

Advantages of refractory ceramic fiber blanket products:

Excellent thermal and chemical stability 

 Good tensile strength, sound-absorbing

 Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity

 Easy to processed and installed for the second time

Anticorrosion, antioxidant, thermal shock resistance and so on

Good elasticity and low shrink in high-temperature


Technical Date of refractory ceramic fiber blanket products: 






High Aluminum


Specification Tem(°C)






Classification temperature(°C)






Work temperature(°C)

<1000< span="">







Pure white

Pure white

Pure white

Pure white

Density (kg/m3)

96 /128

96 /128

96/ 128

128/ 160

128 /160

Permanent linear shrinkage(%)(after24 hours, density 128kg/m3)

-4 (1000°C)

-3 (1000°C)

-3 (1100°C)

-3 (1250°C)

-3 (1350°C)

Thermal conductivity (w/m.k) density 128kg/m3)

0.09(400°C) 0.176(800°C)

0.09(400°C) 0.176(800°C)

0.09(400°C) 0.176(800°C) 0.22(1000°C)

0.132(600°C) 0.22(1000°C)

0.76(600°C) 0.22(1000°C)

Tensile strength (Mpa) density128kg/m3)







 Application of refractory ceramic fiber blanket products:

Furnace, kiln, reformer and boiler linings Furnace door linings and seals 

Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines

Primary reformer heater insulation 

High temperature gasket Expansion joint seals 

Glass furnace crown insulation

Field steam generator lining Nuclear insulation applications

Thermal reactor insulation ,flexible high temperature pipe insulation

Refractory  Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

Refractory  Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

Refractory  Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

Refractory  Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

Refractory  Fiber Blanket Products ! ! !

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Q:What is the daily chemical product?
Disinfection supplies are household chemicals.
Q:The concept of fine chemicals
Fine chemicals are widely used in all walks of life of the national economy. They have played an important role in improving quality, saving energy, reducing consumption, increasing production, improving and improving people's life. It is the focus and hotspot of the development of the world. And even the beginning of the next century, as China's large and medium-sized enterprises to adjust the product structure of the important measures, as one of the development strategy. Especially as one of the ways to improve the comprehensive utilization of China's petrochemical, coal chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, salt chemical industry and agricultural and sideline products, and increase the ability of export promotion and improve economic efficiency. At present, fine chemical industry in China has formed a certain strength of the industry, fine chemical industry accounted for the proportion of total chemical output (refined rate) has reached 40% (chemical system for 32%). To 2000, will be further increased to 50% (45% of the chemical system).
Q:What is the industry
Daily chemicals. Similar to cosmetics, detergent, detergent, degreasing agent and so on.
Q:What is persistent organic pollutants?
Persistent organic pollutants have four important characteristics: First, environmental persistence: because of its biodegradation, photolysis, chemical decomposition has a high resistance, it is difficult to be decomposed; Second, bioaccumulation: because it has Low water solubility, high fat solubility characteristics, it can bio-adipose tissue in the bio-accumulation in animals and humans to achieve the concentration of poisoning; Third, long-distance migration capacity: it can evaporate through the atmosphere in the long-distance migration , Resulting in global pollution spread; Fourth, high toxicity: these substances are mostly carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic effect.
Q:What are the raw materials commonly used in daily chemicals?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used substrates in the cultivation of flowers? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Shabu is not conducive to water-retaining fertilizer, peat soil is one of the most well-known and widely used medium of horticultural culture medium.
Q:How is the daily chemical company registered?
Two or more funded the minimum registered capital of 30,000 yuan. One person funded the minimum registered capital of 100,000 yuan.
Q:Guangdong Ai Sheng Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. to do direct marketing is legitimate
The state is not very accurate on the law now if there is a product can do I have done this work.
Q:Does Unilever and Procter & Gamble have monopolized China's daily chemicals market?
Basically, there are some small businesses. I would like to ask, monopoly does not break the law? This year, the market is not fierce, the price soared, much faster than wages.
Q:From the use of daily chemicals to prevent indoor air pollution in two ways to develop
Q:What are the daily chemicals?
Soap, shampoo, cleanser, cleanser, toilet water, hand cream, hand sanitizer, big treasure, washing powder, lipstick and so on.

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