Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick for Steel Ladle

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Alumina Cement

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1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:The refractory aluminium magnesium carbon insulating fire bricks for steel ladle is packed on wooden pallets with three layers water-proof shrink film and tightened with plastic/steel bandages,when in the transportation process,we should pay attention to moisture-proof and light handling.
Delivery Detail:7-15 working days


1.High temperature resistance&spalling resistance&anti erosion 
2.Approved by SINOSTEEL 
3.Premium service 
4.ISO certificate

Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick for Steel Ladle Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick for Steel Ladle

  YH-AMC series refractory aluminium magnesium carbon insulating fire bricks for steel ladle are shaped by using top grade bauxite and corundum as aggregates and phenolic resin as binder and focusing on strengthen the matrix.It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance,spalling resistance,high strength,anti erosion and etc.,applicable to the ladle bottom and wall parts.

  On the basis of Al-Mg-C Bricks,YH-MAC series magnesia alumina carbon bricks are strengthened the corrosion resistance and spalling resistance of materials by adjusting the process and technology,applicable to the ladle bottom,wall parts,etc.,to improve the ladle service life signigicantly.

Main Chemical Compositions and Physical PropertiesRefractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick for Steel Ladle

ItemsAl-Mg-C BricksMg-Al-C Bricks
Chemical Compositions (%)≥MgO1210887570
Apparent Porosity(%)≤888888
Bulk Density(g/cm³)≥2.852.92.952.952.92.9
Compressives Strength(Mpa)≥454545454545

Product Show of Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick 

Production Process of Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insualting Fire Brick Refractory Aluminium Magnesium Carbon Insulating Fire Brick for Steel Ladle

The production process of our refractory brick weather from the raw materials to the finished products inspection is strictly controled so that we can best service our client.laying solid foundation quality management to scientific and rational control system make high quality products.Scientific and rational control system is a prerequisite for the production of high quality refractories, Luoyang yuanhua matellurgical materials co., LTD always adhere to scientific and reasonable control to realize all-round control of production process, using the most advanced testing equipment and production equipment, strict quality control of raw materials to the finished product, put an end to the occurrence of unqualified products. In order to guarantee the high quality of the products, the company set up in the industry of advanced quality testing laboratory.

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Q:The project cost in hydropower No.3 shaft wall is solid brick or insulating brick?
From the structure principle, hydropower shaft with solid brick, is to consider the safety performance of the structure.
Q:What bricks are thermal insulation bricks?
Thermal insulation brick is a new type of building material synthesized with macromolecule material. Grey, hollowed out bricks are basically.
Q:What is a heat insulating brick?
The insulation brick integrates the excellent heat preservation effect into the wall while building the wall. Low thermal conductivity, high strength, strong durability, simple construction, light weight, easy loading and unloading, economic, green, environmental protection, sound insulation, fire protection and so on.
Q:What is the price of fireproof insulation material?
Fire insulation materials are various, different specifications, grades of prices are different, according to market rules, there will be fluctuation, the most commonly used are insulation rock wool, insulation board, insulation bricks, fire blocking materials.
Q:What is the exterior wall insulation material made of graphite?
Graphite polystyrene (SEPS) containing graphite particles special, can be like a mirror which contains thermal radiation, and can greatly enhance the heat insulation performance of the infrared absorption, thereby reducing the heat loss of housing. Its insulation capacity is at least 30% higher than the average EPS, helping to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Q:Can fly ash brick keep warm?
Sure, I do fire-resistant insulation bricks, we also use fly ash ah!
Q:What is composite sintering insulation bricks?
The brick belongs to the porous brick and has good heat preservation performance. Reached the national 50%~65% energy efficiency standards. High safety (no crack, no seepage), strong durability (with building life), economy (self insulation, no need to increase the cost of insulation).
Q:What materials are used for roof insulation
The other one is inorganic insulation materials, such as Portland, rare earth insulation, the thickness should be 5 cm or more, up to the high cost of auxiliary materials of construction, to reinforce, new inorganic insulation material, the material thickness, on the line of 2-3 cm, direct smear on the top of the house, without auxiliary material, than the price of wool, high aluminum silicate cotton.
Q:What is the price of refractory bricks
The refractory insulating brick generally refers to light brick, normal furnace lining are using this brick kiln will not increase the weight, and good heat insulation effect and ordinary insulating brick production are made of clay, high alumina high strength low iron bead brick, mullite, high aluminum light insulating firebrick, diatomite insulating refractory brick, the use of light heat insulation brick can increase the use of the area, at the same time, good insulation effect, in the hot summer, the temperature of the furnace using solid clay brick and low 2-3 ~ C, reduce the power consumption. The construction is superior, the light insulating brick has good machinability, and the construction is convenient and simple, and the labor intensity can be reduced, the construction efficiency can be improved, and the construction period can be shortened. The price is determined by the choice of material and volume density, from several hundred to 5000 yuan, mainly with the choice of material
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of external formwork and self thermal insulation block
Exterior wall insulation form, single material thermal insulation exterior wall: aerated concrete, sintered insulation brick compound thermal insulation exterior wall:According to the different settings of thermal insulation materials, it can be divided into internal insulation, external insulation and sandwich insulation exterior wall. Thermal insulation decorative integrated board: Other: thermal insulation block, etc..

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