Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration

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7000 m²
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10000 m²/month

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1.       Structure of Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration Description

Reed fence is made of natural reed with fine crafts man ship.used for adorning the garden and home.Reed fence screening can be used as boundary fencing or as screening to create separate areas within your garden.Use this natural fence for your 2.  Main Features of Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration

providing privacy, cover up an unsightly chain-link fence or create a privacy screen

on your patio with this natural reed fence. it is really great product with many uses.



3. Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration Images


Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration

Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration

Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration


4. Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration Specification


Products Name


Reed fence, Reed screen




A lot of, can be customized




Natural and color Reed




Tonkin Reed


Use of places


Plant support , gardening, farm ,home decrotion




wash clean, high temperature, high temperature drying, roasted straight, mothproof mold processing, sorting, cutting, packing, fumigation, container


Payment Terms


TT,30%deposit,70%balance against B/L




1x40’HQ 10-20days after get the deposit




woven bag or carton




Invoice, Packing, Form A, CO, BILL, Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate



5.FAQ of Reed Garden Fencing Decoration Black Reed for Decoration

How to do daily cleaning?

Only use the brush to clean dust from the gap, and then use a clean wet cloth wipe, if relatively dirty also available water directly wash, wash after timely to dry in the air.


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I also joined 2010 and have not received anything from them in a very long time. (3-4 yrs). I am a premier member got a few tools to try and even gave review. Now trying to get info for my new yard. Can t get there from here. My member # is 70381064. My question is wtf did I pay for. Please advice where we can find answers or product. Will be going back to Beck. Have 3/4 acre to landscape. Land is ready to start getting idea of planting. Want to have all my ducks in a row for a beautiful yard I have waited for, for 40 years.
Q:How many here would love to stay at home full time to look after their garden, house and family?
I have similar dreams to what bohemian is talking about. I just started learning about self sufficiency this year. We currently live in town and have the two full time jobs, two cars, etc. My dream is, within 5 years I'd like to buy some property and build a cob house. Meanwhile, I'd like to learn about canning and other preserving methods, gardening, etc. I learned a lot of this as a child, but I never considered following through as an adult...until now. Now it just seems crazy to me that I've lived THIS way for so long, and we're so far in debt with keeping up with the Jonses that the 5 year goal is even a bit lofty. *sigh* We'll get there!
Q:What is a garden tub? Considering buying a home with a designer garden tub Dimensions are 36''x72''
Garden tub is a builder/designer term for a bathtub, typically fiberglass or acrylic, with the long sides slightly bowed out, instead of being mostly perpendicular to the short sides. This provides a more spacious tub area in the same, or close to it, area a traditional tub would fit, thus it's great for retrofitting a bathroom. It also typically means there's a step or two on the open side of the tub. Whirlpool jets or other high-end features are NOT considered mandatory for a garden tub... but can often be had for a premium. However, because the term is not an indistry term but a builder/designer term, almost anyone can use the term w/out specification. IOW, get a pic of the alleged garden tub before deciding if that's the home for you. ;) Hope this helps,       TX Griff
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Q:Is there any home remedies to put in my garden to keep bugs from eating everything! ?
Our area has had a bad grasshopper, frog and mosquito problem for the past couple of years. All fo my neighbors have hired lawn care and pest control companies to remedy the problem. All have spent hundreds of dollars and most are not pleased with the results. I have not spent any on it because I have allergies to most of the poisons they use. I purchased chickens (the bug patrol) and have fenced them out of my garden area with chain link. My yard has a 6' Vinyl fence. There has been NO bug damage in my garden. And if the bug patrol sees something moving, they race each other to that spot. And I get eggs, bonus.
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Are you talking about the contest that Home Garden TV had where the winner got a dream house?
Q:Any ideas for finding someone willing to do walk-through of my garden & identify plants?
call yourCounty Extension office and see if any of the Master Gardeners there would like to come over and give you a hand with this.... I know there's several at ours who would be happy to help... have some tea handy!....
Q:what is the best way to soften/filter water for both home and garden?
Add salt solution to your water system and not to the garden. But they can be very expensive.

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