Red Color Chenille Polyester Jacquard Indoor Carpets

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Product Description:

1 Structure of  Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Polyester Jacquard Carpet is made of 50% acrylic, 40% polyester and 10% cotton. It's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home , hotel and office room. Welcome customed design , size and shape .


2 Main Features of Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Feature: Soft, comfortable, decorative. 


3 Polyester Jacquard Carpet  Images

4 Polyester Jacquard Carpet Specification

Material: 50% acrylic, 40% polyester and 10% cotton.
Pile height: 6mm

Density: 550g/m2 or 750g/m2

Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 
Maximum width is 280cm.

5 FAQ of Polyester Jacquard Carpet  

1) How to control the products’ quality?

We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service".

2) Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we work on OEM orders. Which means size, material, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requests; and your logo will be customized on our products.

 3) What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1, Size of the products

2, Material and stuff(if have)

3, package

4, Quantities

5, Please send us some pictures and designs for checking if possible so we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.

4)  How many days will sample be finished and how we control the sample charge?

Samples will be sent within 5 working days after we are in receipt of the payment. The sample charge is free, but the charges of shipping will be paid by the customer. You can pay the shipping charges by telex transfer(T/T),Payeasy.

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Q:carpet pricing for 3 bedroom house?
Prices vary a lot because of the different qualities of carpet , but you can figure around 3 dollars a s/f installed with basic pad. This won t include ant rip out or disposal of the old. Size of the rooms will effect the pricing since carpet comes in 12 and 15' rolls ( for the most part) and a 10x10 room will require the purchase of the same amount of carpet as a 10x12 room. Bigger rooms will require seaming and extra carpet. No professional will add 10% for scrap. A few inches is common practice for out of square rooms but 10% is a rip off. And you never have to buy a whole roll . You buy only the lineal foot of carpet thats needed. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:To rug an 'old' horse this winter?
Ha Ha i live on sunny coast it's been raining soooo much i would put on a light/medium water proof rug like the weatherbeeta landa freestyle combo it goes on sale at horseland on friday or the combat tearstop rug
Q:what is the best product to clean rugs?
A bit more information about what they are made off, what type, how big and what sort of soiling would be good. However I will assume you mean floor rugs and normal cleaning. Sprinkle bicarb soda all over the rug and leave for 10-15 min. Vacuum.
Q:Carpet Question?
how long is the project going to take? if it is just going to be a few days and you plan on someone getting a stretcher and stretching the carpet back in the new place,I would just pull all the carpet back from one side of the wall,where the herth is, and then put it in and let the carpet guys go from there.... they will also have to take up the old tackwood and put new around the hearth so that would make it a lot easir for them...... if for some reason,like the room is to odd shaped you can't do it like that just allow a couple inches in from the measurements of the new hearth on the carpet and rough cut it...........
Q:removing pet urine odor from carpet?
Nothing works I have been trying to get the urine smell out of my carpet for months. Tried the black light trick and my whole carpet was glowing. It was rather disturbing. I bought urine be gone and it still stinks. If its not completely out they will just keep going in that same spot. Good luck.
Q:What are the brands of household carpets? What's good?
The traditional carpet words are relatively easy to breed mites, and take care of them would be more trouble, if the domestic brand Shanhua carpet, carpet, carpet, Tibetan sheep in the red carpet, the Swedish foreign dragon carpets, Italy Milan carpet, German ASTRA, French LOUVRE WISSENBACH carpet, Le Louvre Museum carpet, faguooushang carpet.
Q:Buy prayer rugs.....?
They have a lot of non-traditional styles: floral, trees, swirls, as well as some traditional styles. They are good quality, too and have a variety of prices
Q:Carpet cleaning question?
You are lucky the peroxide worked and didn't ruin your carpeting, because peroxide usually bleaches anything it touches. I wouldn't put in in a carpet cleaning machine. I would not use baking soda in a machine either; it will gum it up. I would use manufacturer recommended cleaning solutions.
Q:How can I get my cat to stop using my rug as a bathroom?
Your cat could be going on the rug because she has a urinary tract infection or inflammation, (A common syndrome cats get.) You should have your vet check to be sure it isn't medical. If it isn't medical it is likely behavioral. Since it is intermittent and both stool and urine, It sounds like a preference problem. Some cats prefer soft rugs to litter. You can try a bigger litter box so they have plenty of room to turn around and dig, a different type of litter, or if it is a covered box try uncovering it. Also, some cats are very picky about their litter and will not use the box if it is not cleaned frequently enough. Some cats need twice daily cleanings while some are fine with weekly ones. Until the behavior stops I would remove the rug and make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner before putting it back. If none of these things work there are medications (like Prozac) that can help with house-soiling problems in cats. Your veterinarian can talk to you about those also. Also, it does not help, and sometimes makes it worse, if you rub their nose in it.
Q:how would you rate 18 oz face weight carpet?
Face Weight Of Carpet

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