Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

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400000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Home furnishing damp proof flooring

Product Description

Use natural calcite as material, and adopt environmental friendly production process.


Color Six standard colors for your selection.


Environmental friendly: no formaldehyde and no radiation. Approx. 100% recyclable materials, environmental friendly.


Fire proof and damp proof: stone base, can withstand fire and water, anti-termite, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.


No deformation: New technology one-time formation production process, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no deformation

Anti-termite: Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.

Resilience: Inner hollow design reduces noise and provides underfoot comfort.

Durabilityspecial surface treatment technology, wear proof and stain resistant.


Sound insulation & thermostat: adopt hollow design, can effectively prevent heat transfer & sound insulation.


Strong weatherability: mold proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and resist deformation


Easy installation: Locking system-ensure the strongest pulling strength, easy installation and easy dismantle;

Application: can be used at home, in hotels, office buildings, entertainment and leisure centers, and others.




Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring


Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooringRecycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Company Introduction

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Factory Production

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring



1. Packed in paper carton;

2. All cartons are wrapped and packed in pallet;

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring

Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring


Recycleable home furnishing damp proof flooring



1. Q: How can I place an order?


A: You can place order by email to 


2.Q:How do you guarantee the quality of your calcite flooring?


A: We use most advanced machinery for manufacturing, and all the production process are done by machines, so we can ensure product quality keep consistent and in good condition. 


3.Q:Do you offer other products besides calcite flooring?


A: Yes. Besides calcite flooring, we also provide wallboard, intelligent heating panel, clothes & shoes drying cabinet etc.


4.Q:Can you offer packing designs as per customers’ requests?


A: Of course. Usually we have our own design, but if you would like to use your own design, you can send us the artwork of your design, and we can arrange accordingly.


5.Q:Are samples available?


A: Of course, pls let us know the specification of the sample you want, then we will arrange and send to you


6. Q: What is your MOQ?


A:Generally, MOQ is 800 square meters, however,it could be negotiable

according to your specific requirements.


Contact Information:


Company Name: Wuhan Jung Ho New Material Co., Ltd

Add: Room 301, A4 building, Financial Habor, Optical Valley, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Contact person: Linda Dong

Tel0086 - (0)27 59712031  



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Q:How do I level a sagging floor in preparation for leveling a new floor?
Floor Joists. They are like jacks. There are several websites out there that can give you more info.
Q:Laminate Flooring Cleaning?
Laminate floors are very low maintenance. Ironically, if you use a lot of cleaning products on them, they will actually look worse...they will get smudges and streaks. And never use steam on laminate...steam can absolutely ruin laminate floors. It can cause warping and even cause the veneer to peel right off. Having said this, exactly how do you maintain a laminate floor? Mostly just by vacuuming it as needed. When you need more than a vacuuming, use a microfiber mop and plain old water. No cleanser, no vinegar, no nothing...just water. Let the mop do the work. Microfiber is fantastic at removing dirt and streaks and doesn't need a cleanser to help. Wet the mop and use it. No need to dry the floor, but also don't let water pool on the floor. You want a good damp mop, but not puddles of water. (Streaks of water are ok.) If you don't already have a microfiber mop, you can buy them at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Home Depot, and even Dollar General. I've never used anything but a vacuum and a microfiber mop (plus water) on our laminate floors and they still look fantastic after all these years. Hope this helps. -
Q:why do price floors lead to surpluses?
Price floor is a floor that you mop, for a price, typically in McDonalds restaurant. As a result of working there, you eat more food than you need, and you end up with surplus weight.
Q:Finish basement, radiant floor?
no.... unles you glue it down but not sure how that would work for ya
Q:Do you have a solid wood floor?
Solid wood flooring, the installation of the time should generally be the end, either the deck fixed ground, or the keel, so do not need to be very flat, 粻 叮 纲 Gu Gu 蕺 the report of double stalk crystal leveling only need to be flat on the line, Pit is not related, because your floor is playing on a fixed deck or keel, so do not worry about this problem, the end of the year to repair, pay attention to good health ah.
Q:How do you level a floor, for installing lamanited floors.?
You need to identify the area(s) that are not level. Mark those areas with a glass marking pencil. Use thinset cement to level the area(s). If you have not used thinset cement before, I suggest having a mason do it. And by all means, do not try to glue any laminate flooring.
Q:In an apartment, which floor would you prefer to live on outof 14 floor apartment?
I even have been severe and espresso in residences and condos. The perspectives are continually nicer the better up you're yet then there are unfavourable aspects too. In a 26 floor condominium I lived on the twenty third floor and the construction in simple terms had 2 elevators. If somebody grew to become into moving in they could tie up one elevator and the watch for the different took an prolonged time. My next pass I lived on the 0.33 floor, it grew to become into plenty much less puzzling get right of entry to to the lobby, and if I had to stroll up or down 3 flights it grew to become into no concern. of direction we ignored the great view. I now stay on the 18th floor of a condominium, and it has 3 elevators. The perspectives are great, however the elevator project commonly sucks. i could choose for the condominium that provide you with the appropriate convenience.
Q:Underlayment laminate floors?
Pink rosin paper is just not a moisture barrier it's used to install hard wooden flooring over plywood. Use a moisture barrier two-in one underlayment or polyethylene sheeting with a foam underlayment. It is very most important. Underlayment is low-cost in comparison with the labor and fabric. Do it adequately. Additionally recall to depart a 1/4 inch gap around the whole perimeter of the floor to allow it to float freely and increase and contract. Stagger the seams. You will desire a tapping block to put in the laminate. Don't glue the seams. Read all manufacturers guidelines and comply with them precisely. Allow the floor to acclimate to the room for 48 hours prior to installation for most laminates. Excellent success along with your challenge.
Q:Can I use a floor leveling agent over top of old vinyl flooring before I lay new no glue vinyl flooring?
I would rip out the existing vinyl floor or the leveling material may not adhere or set properly, and no matter what you put on top of it would wiggle in a not so very long time.
Q:How to quickly remove the water stains on the floor of the tea?
The base can be

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