Rechargeable Portable Floodlights, 5W/10W/20W/30W/50W, Samsung Battery, Battery Powered Led Flood Lights

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Product Description:

Rechargeable Portable Floodlights, 5W/10W/20W/30W/50W, Samsung Battery, Battery Powered LED Flood Lights

LED  Battery Powered LED Flood Lights is small in size, light-weight, waterproof (IP65) and it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery (4,400mAh/5,200mAh/8,800mAh), a wall socket charger and car charger adapter. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, such as wet location lighting, remote location lighting, emergency scene lighting, temporary lighting, maintenance work, camping and more. Extremely durable with no filament and all solid-state components, our lights can withstand massive vibration and shock and perform “dutifully” in the most treacherous environments. 



 Power Consumption 10W20W
Operating Voltage12/24V DC12/24V DC
Light Source8W high power LED18W high power LED
Colour Temp. (K)3000K5700K6500K3000K5700K6500K
LED Luminance Lux (Lm)8000850900170018001900
Beam Angle (°)120°120°
4400mAh/5200mAh/8800mAh Li-ion battery
 Li-ion battery
Adapter Input Voltage(V) 
Adapter Output Voltage(V)DC12V 1000mADC12V 1000mA
Charging Time5 Hrs5 Hrs
Working Time>3 Hrs/ >6 Hrs>3 Hrs/ >6 Hrs
LED Lifespan>35,000 Hrs>35,000 Hrs
Operating Temp. (°C)-20~50-20~50
Working Humidity0~95%0~95%
Protection RateIP65IP65
Warranty2 Years





Charging: Indicator LED flashes red and green

Fully charged: Indicator LED turns to green

Working: Indicator LED off
Battery capacity drop to 10%: Indicator LED flashes red slowly
Battery capacity drop to 5%: Indicator LED flashes red quickly



Items included:


1 x5W/10W/20W Portable Rechargeable LED flood Light

1 x Stand bracket

1 x Wall socket charger adapter (Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.65A max; Output: 12V, 1A)

1 x Car adapter charger (Input: 12-24V DC; Output: 12-24V DC, 2000mA max)

1 x User manual


- All the lamps are full charged before delivery.
- Please use the charger equiped with the lamp.
- Please do not turn on the light when charging.  

- Please do not use a modified or damaged charger.
- Please do not leave the lamp in charge over 24 hours.
- Please do not disassemble the lamp.
- Please recharge the lamp every six months when in stock.   



This device utilizes a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can rupture, ignite and cause serious injury if misused. Observe the following safety rules:
- Do not place battery/device in fire or high temperature.
- Do not tamper with battery wiring.
- Do not puncture or damage battery.
- Do not immerge or expose battery to water.
- Do not alter or modify the battery.
- Do not attempt charging the battery in any manner other than that prescribed in this manual.

Failure to heed these warnings may result in personal injury and /or property damage.



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Q:What's the problem with moisture in the floodlights?
Floodlights illuminate objects evenly from one particular point to the other.If there is a condition, aging and sealing of semi-finished products, there is another key is to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. If you cooperate with some big international manufacturers, you are required to control them. Individuals have done energy-saving lamps, lamps and lanterns also have such problems, the problem is always in the summer, autumn, winter less. LED lamps have also seen, usually the evaporation of silica gel and parts of the surface and air moisture (summer, autumn, air moisture), temperature and humidity can be controlled at 25 degrees 60% below
Q:What do you mean by "near distance attenuation" and "far distance attenuation" in 3DMAX floodlight?
Near attenuation: used to avoid light from a light source.Role: control the light source and object too close, close to expose serious situation..
Q:Do you use spotlight for car led, and floodlight?
Apart from headlights, other bulbs are to diverge a little! Anti fog lamp is also a stray light, not far off, but a large range of eye-catching! The only light is light, the actual is a form of astigmatism! Watch yourself slowly
Q:LED flood light lamp how much money
The metal halide lamp and the LED lamp are used for explosion proof floodlight, and different light sources used can be used.
Q:How to choose LED floodlight?
LED floodlight brightness (MCD), the price is different, LED lamp more, its brightness is bigger, the natural price is not cheap, the general LED lamp is a high technology products, in order to ensure stable performance of subsequent floodlights in the process of using, choose a regular brand manufacturers LED floodlights buy.
Q:How much is the LED 100W floodlight now?
Depends on what kind of configuration, the market is relatively chaotic, and now there are 700 to 2000 yuan, a price, a cargo
Q:What are the color temperature of LED flood lights?
There are partial red, partial blue and so on. Different color temperature shows different colors. To put it simply, LED displays the colors in it (in white, for example). Also show pure white.Any object has the glowing color temperature, color temperature is English color temperature. Not only LED. is actually used as temperature contrast, such as high temperature, like the red is warm like fire, and the low temperature as blue as ice is cool, warm and cold temperature is only the value on the contrary, lower temperature, color the yellow is warm. The higher the temperature, the more blue color is cool.
Q:What's the difference between a LED projector or a floodlight?
The difference between light and light is the projection angle of light above, but now many people confuse is not a standard to distinguish between them, why they are 2 is often used together, or can be simple to understand, cast light on his beam is unified, is also relatively concentrated source put in a building or landscape on the object, but also now he made his second astigmatism, floodlight lighting range is relatively large.
Q:30WLED how high can the floodlight be played?
Ling Gen LED tell you LED light and light difference where: LED cast light (LEDDownlight) called the spotlight, projection lamp, lamp and so on are mainly used as architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting decorative a heavy round like its exterior should consider its shape and the traditional heat reason light some difference between LED floodlights to four eight point light source irradiation range adjusted scene performance in eight face the floodlight effect map is widely used for standard light source floodlights illuminated with the
Q:Do you use spotlight for car led, or floodlight?
Anti fog lamp is also a stray light, not far off, but a large range of eye-catching! The only light is light, the actual is a form of astigmatism! Watch yourself slowly

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