Rechargeable LED Search Light

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Product Description:

1. Superiorities:

1) Inner Battery: sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery, free maintenance, up to 2500 mA, can be recharged for more than 300 times.

2) Inner PCB: made of brand-new and high-capacity electronic components, longer using lifespan.

3) LED: superbright, pure white, energy saving, durable, luminous range up to 100m.

4) Outer Plastic: completely new ABS, strong, waterproof, anti-weathering, smooth feeling.

5) Charging Plug: stainless steel,round pin .

6) Charging Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC, 50/60Hz. One time of full charge can offer 30 hours continuous lighting.

7) Widely utility. Not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor activities such camping, mining, fishing, hunting and so on. Not only used as a searchlight, but also can be used as an emergency lamp.


2. Instruction:

1) Please charge it for 10 to 15 hours before using it for the first time.

2) To charge it, please push the plug-pins completely out and plug them directly into 110VAC/220VAC socket, the charging indicator will be on. One full charge needs about 15 hours charging time.

3) Push the switch to be 1st gear, the LED will be on, push the switch to be 2nd gear, it will be brighter.


3. Caution:

1) Please charge it in time when the light is weak.

2) When charging, please do not turn it on so as to avoid burning out the inner circuit or LED.

3) When charging, keep it away from inflammable and explosive materials.

4) The continuous charging time should be not more than 15 hours.

5) Please charge it one time for each three-month stock time so as to keep the battery function properly.


4. Guarantee:

Six months guarantee time counting from shipment date. Any product with manufacturing defect can be replaced with good ones.


5. Pictures :


Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light




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Q:LED tower chandelier 600W is suitable for replacing the traditional sodium lamp, how many watts?
Can replace 2000 to 3000 Watt traditional lighting. The 600 Watt LED lamp works almost as much as a traditional 3000 Watt light bulb.
Q:LED light 15W is not bright
15W's LED light, which is equivalent to the brightness of an ordinary 90W incandescent lamp, should be bright.
Q:Is the LED lamp specially illuminated? No other use?
And the city lights you see, those are LED lights. And the lights at the big supermarket. Searchlight, miner's lamp, and so on. How many products?.
Q:Can the outdoor searchlights change the water lamp?
Absolutely. That's how I changed the lights. I have a good waterproof performance of outdoor LED light into a light blue, purple sea of fiji. Cheap and easy to use.
Q:Warsun 200W ultra super bright portable xenon woersen outdoor explosion-proof searchlight glare flashlight how
Usually with 4.2 volt lithium battery, flashlight recommended tank007 strong light LED flashlight oh.
Q:30 watt tube and high-power LED searchlight which charges electricity?
Friends, with power 30W words, relatively speaking, or LED has obvious energy saving contrast, and LED light effect than the light efficiency of the lamp is much higher,
Q:What is the maximum wattage of LED lamps in China? A high power lamp, such as searchlights
The maximum power of domestic LED lamps can be 250W, but it can't compare with searchlight. The special power of the searchlight is that the light is far away from the light and the LED is limited.
Q:Can I bring the battery on the plane?
The portable electronic device of the passengers or crew members for personal use containing lithium or lithium ion batteries or batteries (watches, calculators, camera, mobile phone, portable computer, portable camera etc.) should be carried as hand baggage boarding, and lithium battery of lithium content must not exceed 2 grams, rated energy of lithium ion battery is not more than 100Wh (watt hour), more than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh, after the approval by the airlines can be installed in the baggage or hand luggage equipment, more than 160Wh of lithium battery are prohibited.
Q:How many watts can LED spotlights do?
Light is a broad concept, can be classified as the light emitted from the light source cluster lamp, such as ceiling lamp, more projection lamps are classified into spotlights to.
Q:What kinds of LED lights can be divided into?
Street lights: road lights are mainly used for night lighting.

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