Rechargeable LED Search Light

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Product Description:

1. Superiorities:

1) Inner Battery: sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery, free maintenance, up to 2500 mA, can be recharged for more than 300 times.

2) Inner PCB: made of brand-new and high-capacity electronic components, longer using lifespan.

3) LED: superbright, pure white, energy saving, durable, luminous range up to 100m.

4) Outer Plastic: completely new ABS, strong, waterproof, anti-weathering, smooth feeling.

5) Charging Plug: stainless steel,round pin .

6) Charging Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC, 50/60Hz. One time of full charge can offer 30 hours continuous lighting.

7) Widely utility. Not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor activities such camping, mining, fishing, hunting and so on. Not only used as a searchlight, but also can be used as an emergency lamp.


2. Instruction:

1) Please charge it for 10 to 15 hours before using it for the first time.

2) To charge it, please push the plug-pins completely out and plug them directly into 110VAC/220VAC socket, the charging indicator will be on. One full charge needs about 15 hours charging time.

3) Push the switch to be 1st gear, the LED will be on, push the switch to be 2nd gear, it will be brighter.


3. Caution:

1) Please charge it in time when the light is weak.

2) When charging, please do not turn it on so as to avoid burning out the inner circuit or LED.

3) When charging, keep it away from inflammable and explosive materials.

4) The continuous charging time should be not more than 15 hours.

5) Please charge it one time for each three-month stock time so as to keep the battery function properly.


4. Guarantee:

Six months guarantee time counting from shipment date. Any product with manufacturing defect can be replaced with good ones.


5. Pictures :


Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light




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Q:Power supply circuit for spot lamp switch
That is to change the circuit, more trouble, it is better to do their own capacitor step-down circuit, simple and affordable
Q:The LED series lights have no searchlights. How far is the range?
Automobile signal light is also an important field of LED light source applications. In 1987, our country began to install high brake light on the car, because the LED response speed (nanosecond), we can let the driver of the vehicle as soon as possible to know the driving conditions and reduce the rear end crash.In addition, LED lights have been used in outdoor red, green, blue, full-color display, key button micro torches and other fields.LED lamp parameters: brightness according to the use of the environment and other factors, the wavelength of red light: 620nm-625nm, green light wavelength: 520nm-525nm, blue light wavelength: 465nm-470nm.
Q:Can I install spotlights on the car?
General recommendations do not install, because the car's power design generally full load, and then increase the power equipment, the engine and battery damage is very large. At the same time, it destroyed the design of the whole vehicle, increased the coefficient of drag and increased fuel consumption
Q:How small is the battery capacity of searchlights now?
The battery capacity of the searchlight is not all small, but the battery capacity is set according to the power of the searchlight and the time of illumination. More importantly, the overall cost and profit of the searchlight are taken into account.
Q:What lamp is better for outdoor lighting?
The road, square, garden lighting lighting function according to the requirements of different standards and adopt suitable lamps and light sources, mainly in high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, each have a characteristic, choose according to different needs.
Q:Is the searchlight light made from a point light sources?
Working principle: the light source placed at the focal point of the concave mirror, the light emitted from the light incident to the concave mirror is concave mirror reflection into parallel light irradiation distance of 10 km.
Q:1000W searchlight astigmatism effect
By means of a mirror or lens, a beam of light is concentrated in a very small solid angle so as to obtain a luminaire with a greater light intensity. According to the international Illumination Committee, the searchlight is the light of the half peak angle of the outgoing beam (the angle between the maximum intensity and the maximum intensity of the light at one plane through the maximum luminous intensity) less than 2 degrees (50% degrees).
Q:What are the main ways of high power cooling for LED automobile lamps?
Very much, mainly to see what you do lighting on - street lamp light searchlight etc. These are divided into different cooling base and material is first quality aluminum plate you beads or in this structure is as last is the cooling base problem.
Q:Why does my 220V high voltage MR16 connector LED spotlight go up and burn out after one or two days?
Because I do not know the specific parameters of your lines and components, so you can only be the speculation, there are two reasons: one is the estimated LED spotlight you is the capacitance of capacitor step-down, while the voltage is selected 250V.
Q:What a bright flashlight pheasant is more effective
Is the titanium lighting flashlight, the flashlight irradiation effect is relatively strong, mainly focusing flashlight with 800 lumens from single chip CREE XML T6 LED, close the pan light intensity, long distance focusing, you can exchange.

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