Rechargable bagless stick vacuum cleaner#SR01

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500 unit
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20000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: SR01



Cordless stick VC


100 ~ 240V input

4.8 ~ 7.2V output

Dust bag capacity 1.0L

Battery capacity: 1300Amh Ni-cd/Ni-MH

Brushing roller

Handheld use option

60W working power

2.8/4.2kgs(inner box)

Charging time: 10 Hours

Using time: 10 Mins.

Product size: 260*210*1160mm

Inner box size: 680*280*230mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 720/1500/1680 pcs



Payment terms:TT or LC AT SIGHT
Sample delivery:7-10days
Mass production delivery:45days after order
Port of loading:Shanghai


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Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

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Q:why do dogs hate vacuum cleaners so much?
Small Children, Dogs Cats all run from the Vacuum Cleaners (And Noise)...!!
Q:Is the Legal? The right tools for the Job?
im a front desk worker and I have done this work for 11 years and in all that time I have NEVER heard of a manager and/or owner asking or telling their housekeepers they had to buy their own vacuums. I do not think it is illegal but not ethical. the last hotel I worked for our housekeepers used orbit vacuum cleaners and those are household vacuum cleaners. our maintenance man cleaned them once a month. they lasted forever.. maybe that hotel needs to do that also.
Q:Where can I find ratings of Kirby vacuum cleaners?
Online with Consumer reports. Personally, I have a Kirby. They are not worth what they want for them. The vacumm is great and does a great job. But, the shampooer isn't all that. It puts down the shampoo but it doesn't pick up the dirt left behind nor does it suck th water back up which is needed to get rid of the dirt. i got a bissel and love it. You would be better off getting a bissel and a much cheaper vacumm. Save your money.
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
My younger dog thinks vacuuming is a fantastic game. He's outside, and when the vacuum goes anywhere near the door, you see his head go down, his eyes lock, and he stalks the thing through our door. He barks and leaps and wags his entire behind. Nutter. My older one, on the other hand, couldn't run fast enough. Hates it. Both dogs hate the hose, though. And the younger cannot stand scooters, prams, other dogs, skateboards, strangers, and children. He doesn't attack, except other dogs, he just hides behind me. I think this is partly my fault- I hate everything on that list, except other dogs, so I probably don't help.
Q:New dog preparation question ?
Puppies will pretty much eat/chew on everything. Any trash should be picked up. Clothes that you don't want torn also off the floor. The more stuff on the floor the more likely you will not be able to see if the puppy goes potty inside, and that's pretty gross.
Q:What's the Cadillac of vacuum cleaners?
Red Devil
Q:How does a bagless vacuum cleaner filter the dust? Does it cost as much to replace the filter as a bag?
The best filters are HEPA and they are more expensive than bags, but they can last longer and some are reusable. The bagless vacuums can be pretty messy, though. They make bags with good filtering capability. And in any case, I prefer to just change a bag and be done with the mess.
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
Unscrew or remove the dust fan from the motor shaft, check and clean the back of the fan
Q:Any unintended consequences of Vacuum Cleaners?
I noticed you brought that up on Patient PAws question about this. I am confused though, is it for SELLING 50 dogs, or BREEDING 50 dogs (as in 50 b*tches or a mix). WOuld you be OK with the cap on a number of dogs you can own, or not counting co-ownership (though that could mean that puppy mills would just have 100 owners of the dogs and they could be called boarding facilities) The laws already on the books are too vague and expensive to enforce, and while I will admit I don't know specifics about the laws we have it seems like capping the number of dogs is an easy way to monitor things other than specific laws about conditions that can be more easily avoided. I think that a reaonable cap is a good idea, though like you point out what is reasonable is up for discussion. How many puppies can a responsible breeder be connected to in a year? 100? 150? FInd some number less than the worst of the worst puppy mills but above the good breeders. It isn't a magic cure, just a start. I think the real answer to stopping puppy mills is for people to stop buying, but laws certainly would speed up the process. I was just thinking about all the arguments for laws with animals. People say we need to fucus on our problems but with animals the sad part is they have easy solutions! If people would only get pets they could afford and leave breeding to the people who know what they are doing, there would be no need for shelters and those resources coudld be put to work on arguably more important but much more complicated problems! I would like to see something done, I know that nothing will make this just go away but I think SOME step is necessary. And if nothing else, talking about this law is helping educate people about puppy mills, so be thankful for that part of it at least. Pets are a luxury, why do we even need to waste money on these issues!? It sickenss me that people are so irresponsible we need to be baysat like that.
Q:Vacuum cleaners under $100?
I also have a Bissell bagless. I have been given it from Walmart for basically $a hundred. it is a solid vacuum, and that i've got puppy fur around the homestead. The Bissell bagless would not blink an eye fixed at my cat fur. i'm thinking approximately buying a airborne dirt and dirt devil to assist me with the stairs. the stepspersistent me nuts.

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