Rattan Sofa Set Outdoor Application

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Feature of Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set

1.PE rattan with UV&water resistant

2.aluminum tube with powder coating finished

3.look great put in outdoor/indoor

4.different color is available

5.high quality with competitive price and timely delivery

6.1set=1x1seater sofa+1x2seaters sofa+1x3seaters sofa +1xtable

Size of  Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set

aluminum rattan table: 115x60x47cm

1seater sofa: 82x85x83cm

2sesters sofa: 143x85x83cm

3seaters sofa:204x85x83cm

aluminum tube: D22/19/13mm

1.Table: aluminum rattan tea table:115x60x47cm , with 5mm tempered glass


             rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

2.1seater sofa: aluminum rattan 1seater sofa: 82x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness spong cushion, 1pc piollow, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

             tube: D22/19/13mm

             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

3.2seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 2seaters sofa: 143x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness spong cushion, 2pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

            rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

4.3seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 3seaters sofa:204x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness sponge cushion, 3pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof


             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

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Q:How do I turn this couch/sleeper sofa into a bed?
Sofa beds usually have a pull in the center of the front of the sofa. There is usually a handle to do so. It's the only way I have ever seen a sofa bed pull out and it goes back the same way.
Q:My cat peed on the sofa. No luck getting the stink out.?
You have to detect and eradicate. The actual pee area might be greater than you think, or there might be more than one peed area. You need a UV flashlight to detect all of the pee areas. Be sure to do it in a dark room or at night with all the lights off. Prepare to get grossed out. Eradication requires more than deodorizing and actual destruction. Enzymatic cleaners are the trick. I use Urine Gone but others work too. Just look for enzymatic action on the package.
Q:How can I tell if my sofa will fit through my doorway?
Moved a few couches myself over the years - haven't been stumped yet. If the furniture store isn't delivering (most do) Not to fret it will go in by: a) remove all loose cushions (they quickly become trip hazards). b) pop pins in the door hinges and move it to a safe location well out of the way. c) position one or possibly two strong healthly person(s) on each end of the sofa d) lift and tilt the sofa forward so the top of the back is above the front of the seat e) get the first arm rest thru by angeling the sofa (the person at the outside end moves in the direction of the front of the sofa), straighten out and then do the same with the trailing arm rest (this time, the person inside moves in the direction of the front of the sofa) f) hopefully you are in the room where the sofa goes - cause the persons on each end are in desperate need of refreshment and a little breather. Note: You may not need to pop hinge pins if door swings 180 degrees. If it only goes 90 degrees this will give you almost 2 more inches to slip this bad boy through. Just have to share this too: Even got one into a mobile home by taking out the bay window. It was either that or dismantle (actually demolish) the porch railing - the window was easier and a lot less expensive to put back than the railing would have been.
Q:Would a gold wall go well with sage colored sofa?
I okorder.com/
Q:Poll; Couch or Sofa...?
Sofas are what I have in my sitting room, couches are what other people have in their living rooms and lounges (these people also tend to have other hateful things like television cabinets disguised as Victorian bureaus) or what one lays on at the doctor's or psychiatrist's office in order to be examined.
Q:Im planning to buy a black leather sofa any pros, cons? Any advise?
Make sure the sofa is made of Top Grain Leather for durability. Bonded leather should be avoided. Analine leather is softer but has almost no stain resistance. Don't let them sell you expensive leather conditioner which is basically lanolin. You can buy moisturized at the local dollar store which works just as well. I use it on the leather seat od a BMW and it's great. Only clean the sofa if it's dirty. Just use a slightly damp cloth and dry the leather immediately. If you have small kids or pets, some stores offer a warranty - it may be worthwhile to consider it - although I generally stay away from them.
Q:How do you fix a tear in a leather sofa?
Look on the bright side - now you can reach in and remove the DSM sachet before sowing it up with a horse-needle.
Q:how to get pen of a leather sofa?
Natural okorder.com/
Q:What size matress pad would fit a sofa bed?
Usually it's a queen size, but not any mattress will do. I should be one made for a sofa sleeper. they bend easier than a normal mattress would and a bit thinner.
Q:Air-O-Space Sofa keeps loosing air. What should I do?
The problem with inflatable furniture is that even a hole too small to see is going to allow enough air to escape over time to deflate your sofa. And since the hole could be anywhere, it's not going to be easy to find. If you could submerge the entire thing, you would be able to see air escaping, but that's not very practical. If it's still brand-new, you could try exchanging it for another one, but even then, it's only a matter of time before some seam weakens, or some small sharp object pokes a new hole.

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