Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor

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Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor



Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor


packing and loading:

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor



PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:  1)Die-Cast Aluminum After Good Powder Coating(1.2mm, 1.5mm);Light Weight;

         2)full welding with powder coating

cushion:1) High density Sponge / Filter foam for Seat Cushion for 8cm thickness

             2)waterproof fabric


single sofa :75*75*70cm

3-seater sofa:180*75*70cm



side table:45*45*45cm




The products not need special maintenance,and you don't have to be worried about the dust accumulation.Just lightly sweep the dust  away with broom anytime when you are free.If it is smeared,you can wipe it clean with a piece of wet cloth,and dry it with a plece of dry cloth by blow drying.The cloth cover may be cleaned by dry cleaning or wet cleaning. 


1) Pack the product leg & arm with craft paper or bubble bag for protection.


2) carft paper or bubble bag as second layer


3) Plastic film as last layer to tight the product


4) Stackable item with carton paper and outer with plastic bag


Delivery: about 25 days per 40hq



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Q:how do I remove a scratch from leather sofa? Please please please please help.....?
Please do not use shoe polish or supermarket products, these will come off on your clothes and will not do the leather any good either. If this is just surface scratching use Easy Colour which is a pigment in an easy to use cream. Deeper scratches require pigment touch up.
Q:Moving sofa using dolly from second floor?
Well that really depends on how large the sofa is If its like love seat size then that may work but if its full size your going to struggle with a hand truck not to mention fitting it through doorways your better off with a flat floor dolly set the couch on it push it Probably going to save you a headache if you find second person to help carry it then set it on a floor dolly and push it to your truck a hand cart with a big couch and one person will be a struggle hope that helps Lr
Q:I'm hesitant to buy a cream leather sofa.?
I had a leather sofa only it was black. When it was hot, it felt very uncomfortable sitting on it, especially in shorts because like everyone else has said, you feel like you're becoming one with the sofa from the sweat. Also, a cream color will get dirty because it's such a light color. I agree that a cloth type material is the way to go. Since you live in the tropics, maybe you may want to consider wicker with some nice cushions.
Q:Futon or sleeper sofa.......?
A sleeper sofa futons look like a college dorm plus it sounds werid letting your mother in law sleep on a futon
Q:sofa beds. back pain?
Have okorder.com . This can surely teach people!
Q:How would you change the color/value of a pale-yellow green sofa by painting the surrounding walls?
If you were able to tell me what you wanted the sofa to become it would be easier to be more specific in my answer. I will say this, take a digital photo of your room setting and take it in black and white. When you view your image every item in the room will be some shade of gray.Artists and color specifiers use a 10 step gray scale called a value scale to determine how light or dark a color is. Once you determine the value of your sofa, then it will be easy to pick a value paint which will either make it appear lighter or darker. I am thinking from your description that your sofa is inherently light so I would suggest that any color of a value 3 or darker (# 10 being black) will push the sofa into appearing darker. The darker you go, the more the sofa will appear pale. I am thinking you don't like the color so if you choose something relatively dark and intense, it will draw attention away from the objectionable color of the sofa. Now do you want it to look more green than yellow or more yellow than green. Greens are a combination of blue/yellow and so greens can shift to either side of that equation. If you paint any shade of blue, then your sofa will look more yellow, if you choose a gold then it will appear more green. Exactly the opposite of what you think might happen. I'd suggest a relatively light color like Benjamin Moore's Golden Hills, #262 which is a soft yellow. This will make your sofa look a bit more lime which is a very hot color right now. Paint is only one element in a room and can not realistically be expected to carry the entire room. It is up to you to accessorize to flesh the room out. You might consider an analogous palette in order to make less of the sofa you don't really like. I have some great information on how to use the color wheel to develop an analogous color scheme on my web site. Please visit and feel free to email with questions. Best, Rodd
Q:I am a military spouse. Where can I get a sofa stamp to Germany as Non US citizen?
U.S. passport holders may obtain the SOFA identification and stamp for U.S. military family members and U.S. government civilian employees and their family members through the local passport agent. Non-U.S. passport holders from many countries, including European Union countries, Japan, and Korea, may also obtain the SOFA stamp through their local passport agent. Non-U.S. passport holders from other nations may have to obtain SOFA documentation through the U.S. embassy in Berlin, depending upon their country of citizenship.
Q:i just got my SOFA ID (STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT) do i need a stamp or just the ID to go to GERMANY???
The SOFA stamp identifies you as being part of the military. It does NOT allow you to arbitrarily enter a foreign country. All you need to enter Germany is your passport. Keep your SOFA stamp in/with your passport. You may be asked for it but I doubt it. I've had mine for 3 years, and have never been asked for it. My wife has had hers for the last 20 and never been asked for it. Enjoy Germany. I know that I am.
Q:How to fill the sofa cushions?
Went Down? Pump Up? Is this an air filled piece of furniture? If this isn't a dream I'm having why not just get FOAM cushioning, very often sold in shapes matching cushion covers at at least 3 inches thick. Or get bags of fiberfill and stuff cushion covers. Hate Club members bring it on.
Q:Will the table overpower the sofa?
confusing stuff. query using search engines like google. it can assist!

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