Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor

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Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor



Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor


packing and loading:

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor



PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:  1)Die-Cast Aluminum After Good Powder Coating(1.2mm, 1.5mm);Light Weight;

         2)full welding with powder coating

cushion:1) High density Sponge / Filter foam for Seat Cushion for 8cm thickness

             2)waterproof fabric


single sofa :75*75*70cm

3-seater sofa:180*75*70cm



side table:45*45*45cm




The products not need special maintenance,and you don't have to be worried about the dust accumulation.Just lightly sweep the dust  away with broom anytime when you are free.If it is smeared,you can wipe it clean with a piece of wet cloth,and dry it with a plece of dry cloth by blow drying.The cloth cover may be cleaned by dry cleaning or wet cleaning. 


1) Pack the product leg & arm with craft paper or bubble bag for protection.


2) carft paper or bubble bag as second layer


3) Plastic film as last layer to tight the product


4) Stackable item with carton paper and outer with plastic bag


Delivery: about 25 days per 40hq



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Q:What kind of leather sofa can I get that my cats will not destroy?
Firstly, to resolve that. Each time they go to scratch the sofa, hit them with a cushion it wont hurt them but it'll scare them, if they're a housecat get them a scratching post instead and everytime they go to scratch the sofa put them near the scratching post instead. If you have outdoor cats they should just automatically scratch their claws on wooden fences instead.
Q:How to remove black permanent marker stain from sofa, anyone?
Might help... might make it worse... Model aircraft glow fuel. It DOES remove permanent inks from nonporous materials. (takes permanent marker right off of corrugated plastic) However it might cause the ink to bleed into a larger but duller spot... ********** If the sofa is worth the cost... call a professional... they will be able to get better results than anything you can do. They have the expensive equipment needed to deal with such things.
Q:Leather Corner Sofa Cleaning - How do you Clean & Get Rid of Bad Smell from a Leather Corner Sofa?
First up (for me) how much I spend on cleaning a leather corner sofa depends on its cost and quality of leather used. E.g., if it's a high-priced sofa, I use a manufacturer-recommended leather cleaning protection kit so that the durability and shine of the leather is maintained. Stains are best removed as soon as you get them on the sofa (before dust, grime or oil make a mess of it). When you're dealing with liquid spills, use a dry cloth to soak up the liquid first. Then dab the stain and use a moist cloth (dipped in warm water) to rub it off the sofa. Any stains that still remain can be removed with a neutral detergent or saddle soap meant for leather. Avoid using too much water as it dries the leather and leaves cracks that are an eyesore. Never place your leather corner sofa in direct sunlight as it can ruin the leather and also cause cracks. If you need to use ammonia + water to get rid of bad leather smell, make sure you leave the sofa to dry in a well-ventilated area (never in heat or direct sunlight). Once dry, use a leather conditioner to give it a brand new look.
Q:Will my sofa's match?!?
I dont think beige and white would look good, you should have them match.
Q:Chocolate brown loveseat and a mocha sofa together?
I think that sounds fine together. You need to add a pop of color to your brown and beige and white room, though. Paint if you can. Add accent pillows of any bright color you like: teal, orange, reds, etc. I like teals best with your colors.
Q:What's the purpose of 2 seater sofa instead of 3 seater?
coziness with your loved one!
Q:What is an ML Leddy sofa seat?
Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company used to be called Leddy Brothers if I remember correctly. The Sofa seat is because of that roll on top of the seat next to the cantle. It was suppose to give your tush an extra stick to.
Q:Looking for green leather sofa?
Oh Gawd, come and take my boyfriend's away!! When I met him, everything this man owned was dark green. His car, his sofa, his towels, his shower curtain, his throw rugs, his kitchen pot holders, his table cloth, his comforter!! I am slowly getting rid of all the green, but the sofa still stands. I must say it is durable and oh so comfortable, though. Try Raymore and Flanagan's, Bob's Furniture or Puritan Furniture. If these stores are in your area, I would try there first. You could probably get one at Ethan Allen if you leave them with your first born child (expensive furniture). The good thing about dark green is that you can decorate circles around dark green as it matches just about any other color.
Q:Air-O-Space Sofa keeps loosing air. What should I do?
The problem with inflatable furniture is that even a hole too small to see is going to allow enough air to escape over time to deflate your sofa. And since the hole could be anywhere, it's not going to be easy to find. If you could submerge the entire thing, you would be able to see air escaping, but that's not very practical. If it's still brand-new, you could try exchanging it for another one, but even then, it's only a matter of time before some seam weakens, or some small sharp object pokes a new hole.
Q:Is there any Fengshui role for the rich safflower?
No, Does Tian Huangshi really have no effect on Feng Shui? The answer is: not necessarily. So what is the role of Tian Huangshi in Feng Shui? My answer is as follows: Tian Huangshi or Tian Huangshi, Tian, Huangshi's role is to enjoy and play with the heart, not for the reward and reward, for playing and playing, is to appreciate and play in the life of the true meaning of life and perception. A heart, reward and play is the process of training and exercise of a person's character, heart tour and meaning of playing, you can train a person, often lasting and balanced mind, restraint over one's impatience, irritability, manic mind, this is a personal act, and conduct the truth also, a heart and play with real knowledge. Two, the heart is not playing tour and items have what effect, but in your heart to have the sentiment, through the heart and mind with a poly reward suspected the truth of life, or heart tour and play with good results, color items again, the heart feeling, have lost the true meaning of heart and enjoy the play. Only when you have insights and Enlightenment in your heart will you succeed in enjoying and playing with your heart. This is the true meaning of enjoying and playing with your heart. Is the heart and enjoy playing items can help people the true meaning of transport, exorcism, is home to town treasure effect and the effect of Feng shui.

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