Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:  1)Die-Cast Aluminum After Good Powder Coating(1.2mm, 1.5mm);Light Weight;

         2)full welding with powder coating

cushion:1) High density Sponge / Filter foam for Seat Cushion for 8cm thickness

             2)waterproof fabric




single sofa:75*70*75cm





Products feature:
1: Green Product, UV-Resistant, Weatherproof and colorfast.
2: Excellent Handweaving Technique with fashion design.
3: Perfect for casual dining and entertaining indoor or outside
4: High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery
5: Easy cleaning, tempered glass resisting harsh weather 


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Bubble bags for inner,carton for outter;some chairs could be by stacked

Delivery Detail:

30-40 days after receving the deposit




The products not need special maintenance,and you don't have to be worried about the dust accumulation.Just lightly sweep the dust  away with broom anytime when you are free.If it is smeared,you can wipe it clean with a piece of wet cloth,and dry it with a plece of dry cloth by blow drying.The cloth cover may be cleaned by dry cleaning or wet cleaning. 


Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture


Packing and Loading:

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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Q:Can anyone recommend a good sofa manufacturer in the UK?
I okorder.com,miles cheaper than the high street.their sofas are really very comfy with free delivery.They'll take ur sofa back for free If you don't love it.
Q:My fat friend broke my sofa. How do I fix it?
get some new t-nuts and replace the ones in the couch also check the floor joist under the couch to make sure his fat *** didn't break them aswell
Q:what color paint would go with the gray sofa like below?
Any paint color would go since your sofa is neutral. Do you have an area rug or artwork to pull from to harmonize? What other colors are going on throughout the rest of the home? Think about how you want to feel in the room and consider the size of the room. Dark colors advance thus making the room feel smaller or more dramatic. Light colors make the room feel larger and the contrast of sofa to wall will make the sofa stand out more. Golds enhance gray. Warm colors, yellows, reds and oranges warm up a low lit room or northern facing. Cool colors do the opposite in a sunny well lit room. Just think of your sofa as a suit jacket. What color would make you feel the best? Choosing a paint color ties everything else together.
Q:Poll: Do you say Sofa or Couch?
sofa buggy grandma and mommy candy diaper :D *at my school, girls say nappy when referring to the condition of the hair....like if it's all greasy, messy looking
Q:How can you keeps the family dog from jumping on the sofa?
Easy, put aluminum foil on the sofa when you are not using it. They hate the feel of it.
Q:Should i get a Futon or Sofa bed?
By okorder.com (Value City Furniture) for a great price. To add to sleeping comfort, get a foam mattress topper.
Q:Where do I find sofa cushion covers for microfiber, teal blue, Cindy Crawford sofa?
Ask her if it would be repairable if the fabric of the current cover was fused to something like one of the fusible tricot interfacings. If it's entirely shredded out, this probably won't work, but if there's just a popped seam and not enough seam allowance, it may do the trick. Otherwise, I'd start thinking about what design features you could add to the existing cushions. For instance, what if you added contrast stripes to the edges of the cushion covers? What if she cut down a cushion (to give her enough fabric to sew) and made a contrasting bolster that sat down in the space now left by the cutdown job. Yet another possibility, if the sofa is against a wall, is that you may be able to steal enough fabric fromthe back of the sofa for the cushion, then patch in something toning in the back. Finding matching fabric for something that's a couple of years old is really difficult. Finding matching fabric for something that's been used for a couple of years is even more difficult. So I'd be thinking about goes with not match.
Q:I have replacement sofa legs that the screws are to big to fit in the original screw holes?
You can either remove the hanger bolt from the leg using a pair of Vise Grip Locking Pliers and buy a smaller one, or using a pair of needle nose pliers pull the Tee Nut out of the bottom of the sofa and buy a larger one and put in it's place. If you are going to replace the Hanger Bolt on the leg, you will need to plug the hole the existing bolt came out of as it will be too big. Use a small piece cut from a wooden dowel to do so. You could also use chair leg brackets. They are square metal plates that you screw onto the bottom of furniture then screw your legs into them. They work pretty good and are very easy to install using screws. After screwing the legs into them, they are pretty stable too. Those might be more logical for you to do if you don't want to replace the Hanger Bolts and Tee Nuts and pretty easy too. Chair Leg Mounting Brackets, Sold usually in the lumber section of the hardware stores.
Q:i just got my SOFA ID (STATUS OF FORCES AGREEMENT) do i need a stamp or just the ID to go to GERMANY???
The SOFA stamp identifies you as being part of the military. It does NOT allow you to arbitrarily enter a foreign country. All you need to enter Germany is your passport. Keep your SOFA stamp in/with your passport. You may be asked for it but I doubt it. I've had mine for 3 years, and have never been asked for it. My wife has had hers for the last 20 and never been asked for it. Enjoy Germany. I know that I am.
Q:Outdoor furniture, rattan why fracture?
There are two kinds of rattan: one is vine and another is PE. Plant vines can not be broken for many years, you say cane fracture, it should be PE imitation rattan

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