Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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Product Description:



PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:  1)Die-Cast Aluminum After Good Powder Coating(1.2mm, 1.5mm);Light Weight;

         2)full welding with powder coating

cushion:1) High density Sponge / Filter foam for Seat Cushion for 8cm thickness

             2)waterproof fabric




single sofa:75*70*75cm





Products feature:
1: Green Product, UV-Resistant, Weatherproof and colorfast.
2: Excellent Handweaving Technique with fashion design.
3: Perfect for casual dining and entertaining indoor or outside
4: High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery
5: Easy cleaning, tempered glass resisting harsh weather 


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Bubble bags for inner,carton for outter;some chairs could be by stacked

Delivery Detail:

30-40 days after receving the deposit




The products not need special maintenance,and you don't have to be worried about the dust accumulation.Just lightly sweep the dust  away with broom anytime when you are free.If it is smeared,you can wipe it clean with a piece of wet cloth,and dry it with a plece of dry cloth by blow drying.The cloth cover may be cleaned by dry cleaning or wet cleaning. 


Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture


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Rattan Sofa Rattan Furniture Wicker Sofa Wicker Furniture Outdoor Sofa Garden Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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Q:is there any difference between couch and sofa?
I do not know if this is the official difference, but at my parents, a sofa is a 3 seater while a couch is a 2 seater. Perhaps its just my parents using it this way...
Q:Will I be able to fit this sofa into my house? ?
Is the hallway a straight shot? If it curves at the door you will have more difficulty. Also, do you have a straight shot after you get through the door? If the sofa is material and stuffed you have a little more give. You stand the chance of damaging the sofa a little also on the door facing especially if it is leather. You should be able to fit it in. It is a lot easier if you have more than one person moving the sofa.
Q:King Size Sleeper Sofa Mechanism (just insert, without sofa)?
The standard size of sofa beds is 'single', 'double', and 'queen size'. A few years ago, Castro Convertible's did produce a king size unit, but it turned out to be a flop. The couldn't sell. Not because of bad manufacturing, but because no one wanted king size. And that's the only company that I know of that tried that size. And of course, they manufactured all the parts to their products. No outside manufacturing. And I have a feeling that they must have some king size units laying around collecting plenty of dust. Why don't you contact them. I'm sure that you could buy a complete unit from that at a low low price. Probably cheaper than if you had a supply manufacturer build a king size mechanism from scratch. Just take out the mechanism from the Castro. And bingo, you're in business. Castro Furniture is on the internet. Good Luck.
Q:My puppies always bite sofa, What can i do to avoid this?
When you can't be there to supervise, use a crate. But only for 2 hours at a time, maximum. It's up to you to correct the behaviours you don't want - but good luck if you have two puppies at the same time, unless you are experienced! It's not a good idea to have two as they will tend to listen, follow, each other, rather than you. Prevention/avoidance is always the way forward and if they are getting at your sofa, remove dogs from sofa, or sofa from dogs. Problem solved.
Q:What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?
A couch is very similar to a sofa. Derived from Middle French, couche, a couch is an article of furniture for sitting or reclining. Sofa, taken from the Arabic suffah, is a long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back. A settee is a long seat with a back or a medium-sized sofa. Scandinavian in origin, a squab is another name for a couch or a stuffed cushion. A chaise lounge, French in origin, is a long reclining chair.
Q:The king of sofas in Davenport, Iowa is quitting because of exhaustion. Why is the sofa king tired?
nicely, I do get the pun. yet perchance you lack extremely human compassion the following. See....my community fixtures/bedding/bootleg DVD/ frozen meat/tax specialist/notary public/immigration representative/alarm technician/unsafe waste manager/homestead restoration/plumbing restoration/homestead painter/dogs walker/gardener has fantastically a lot hit the wall. After having his very last very last sale, forty fifth one i imagine, of his oriental rugs, Hamid is a damaged guy. convinced, unhappy to assert, he's drained. yet then I assume him to bop decrease back. only very last week he stated he replaced into revitalized with information from a clean undertaking. something about munitions.
Q:where can i get sofa bed recovered?
The Sofa Workshop, Milsom Street, Bath.
Q:help kids have sofa looking a mess,Can you use a reg steam cleaner for clothes and upholstery on a suede sofa?
If you know the company's name that made the sofa, I would look it up on the computer or go to the store where you bought the sofa and see what they recommend to clean it with. I don't think I would risk anything such as you are speaking of on your sofa. I had a doe skin suede sofa and it came with some spray cleaner and said not to use anyting but that to clean it. Let me go get the can and see what the name of it is. OK it is a Furniture Care Kit. It works on Fabric, Leather and wood. It has 4 different bottles inside along with sponges and clothes. It's made by Stainsafe and Leather Master out of Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. I am sure there are other type products on the market besides just this one. Be careful what you use on your sofa. I would sure hate to see you ruin it. Good luck and I hope it all turns out well. 10cc
Q:How to fill the sofa cushions?
Went Down? Pump Up? Is this an air filled piece of furniture? If this isn't a dream I'm having why not just get FOAM cushioning, very often sold in shapes matching cushion covers at at least 3 inches thick. Or get bags of fiberfill and stuff cushion covers. Hate Club members bring it on.
Q:A sofa costs $10 less than twice the price of a chair. What is the cost of each if the total cost is $716?
first you can divide $716 by 2 then subtract 10 to find the of one sofa chair which is $338.00

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