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1) Manual work--hand-weave.

2) Professional design, various colors are available.

3) Rustless aluminum frame.

4) Rust proof, insect prevention, stale proof, anti-high temperature.

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Q:Removing colour from sofa covers - with bleach?
Printed Sofa Covers
Q:How about imitation imitation rattan chair sofa rattan chair sofa is good.
Advantages and disadvantages of rattan like sofa:Different materials: rattan rattan sofa is made of artificial rattan industry, and natural rattan is a natural growth of pure natural rattan plants, there is no pollution of green materials.The price is different: the imitation rattan material can be produced artificially, the cost is low, the natural cane comes from the natural growth, and the price is more expensive than the imitation rattan.Different performance: imitation rattan sofa waterproof, sunscreen performance, permeability is also very good, but not sweat, life is relatively short, and natural rattan permeability and sweat absorption performance are strong.The use of different places and maintenance performance: imitation rattan sofa, outdoor indoor suitable, and very easy to clean, without special maintenance, natural sofa is only suitable for indoor use.
Q:can you please help me pick a sofa set?
go with jennifer she has helped me out so many times with my living room problems and i am richer and more fabulous. thank you jennifer and good luck to you.
Q:Is $597 a good deal for a microfiber sofa and love seat from rooms to go?
Save your money and invest in a good quality sofa that will last. You get what you pay for. I could guarantee you will not be comfortable and that it will only last one year, if that. I'm sorry. I hate for you to make your first purchase a poor one. Use a futon or something until you save up for a nice sofa. Shop around at Lazy boy, Broyhill, Thomasville, Ethan Allen or other reputable furniture maker's. You may have to save up a little longer but it will be worth it in the long run. You can skimp on other pieces for a look. This is just my opinion. It is a deal that will fall apart.
Q:Do you have to assemble IKEA sofas when they're delivered?
Ikea Couch Assembly
Q:What is the price of rattan furniture?
First of all, from the material is divided into true rattan and imitation rattan, Mado is natural plant rattan, basically rely on imports, the price is expensive, imitation rattan generally refers to PE, imitation rattan, polyethylene, polymer, relatively cheap a lot.
Q:How can I reverse nail polish remover damage on my leather sofa?
nail polish removes color..so i would say that you can't reverse it
Q:how do you get urine smells out from a sofa?
use fabreez
Q:You need to move a 145-kg sofa to a different location in the room.?
2 forces are acting on the sofa. Force moving the Sofa forward = P = 80 N Frictional force = f Mass of the Sofa = M = 145 kg Weight of the Sofa = W = M g = 145*(9.8) N μ = Coefficient of static friction f = μ W = μ*(145 * 9.8) N When the Sofa just starts moving P and f balance each other i.e. P = μW μ*(145 * 9.8) = 80 = μ = 80 / (145 * 9.8) = 0.0563
Q:need ideas to clean my sets of sofas?
If they are fabric sofa set you can use a steam cleaner. As for the chemical to use I find Tide detergent mixed with hot water works great. For tough stains, the night before apply a stain remover and let it sit. The next day use steam cleaner w/laundry detergent mix. Wash once and vacuum water off twice.

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