Rated voltage up to and including 35kV mouseproof or termiteproof powercable

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使用特性 Operating characteristics
Max.permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor.
PVC insulated:70,XPLE insulated :90
Max.short-circuit temperature of the conductor (5s )
·The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0。
·The bending radius of a cable 。
·single –core cables should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter , others not less than 15 times of the cable
Mouseproof cable is eligible ,because they have passed the mouseproof examination of national quality test center of wire and cable and animal experiment graduate school of university of medicinal science in Shanghai .
Termiteproof power cable is passed through GB2951.38-86.
Adopting advanced chemic way of ratproofing ,mouseproof or termiteproof cable have many virtue ,such as easy machining \construction 、easy maintenance and light weight etc.
They have lower wirulence and cannot bring pollution ,moreover cannot bring twice disaster to people and entironment.
·防鼠 防白蚁有效期长,可达二十年以上。
They have awfully longger period of validity on mouseproof or temiteproof hand, their period of validity are all of twenty years.
Our company can product fire – retardant and flame – retardant wire and cable according to user requirement.

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Q:Audiobahn atb10at sub/amp power cable?
That's actually a six prong molex connector commonly used in computers. You might be able to get the male end from a computer shop or maybe a place like Fry's or CompUSA. I found a website that has them too and included the link below. For how to wire it up, it's actually printed on the box right next to the connector. The top three wires are as follows: Top left = 12v+ Top middle = remote Top right = ground The bottom three aren't even used in this setup. Also, the factory specs say, you need to use 12 gauge wire for the power and ground and 18 gauge remote wire. Enjoy!
Q:power supply cable question?
well in other psus if you take them apart all the different cables are all stuck into the same power out on the inside but i have never taken apart a modular corsair before so i couldn't say for sure but it wouldn't affect your 6 pins if there was any problems it would be between the hard drives and the fans not only that but between 6 fans and 2 hard drives your probably only using like 30-40watts of power through that cable which is nothing to a 750
Q:Can A bad battery or power cable cause a laptop to Blue Screen?
Sometimes the blue screen can be caused by bad memory, but if it is doing it right when you try to sign in every time, it is probably a software corruption in windows. Besides, the one caused of blue screen error or popular known as BSOD on Laptop is BIOS. Most BSOD problem people experience on notebooks because of an older BIOS version installed. The first thing you should do to avoid is checking your BIOS version. Once you know the version is old, then you need update to the version. Try to download the Microsoft diagnostic tool which enables you to create a bootable disc that runs some diagnostic tests for you.
Q:our power went out and our cable came back on but we lost our surround sound through the receiver. Any ideas?
Most likely the receiver is on the wrong input
Q:amp wont turn on but its getting power from cables?
check the remote wire
Q:Will the AC power cable of a ps2 work on a slim ps3?
Yes it's a standard 3 prong pc plug.
Q:SSD power splitter cable question?
Yes it will work just fine.
Q:Will PS2 controllers and power cables work on a PS3?
Controllers, yes, you just need a special adapter. Power cable, absolutely not, since the PS3 Fat uses a 3-prong power cable like what computers use and the PS2 uses a completely different kind with only 2.
Q:Why do portable hard drives have a power cable?
In order to work they must be connected to your computer, and to a power source. Would your car run if the engine were not connected to it?
Q:When talking about power supply's, what is Modular Cabling?
Here are some examples of modular power supplies

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