Ratchet Socket Wrench with Ben Handle Carbon Steel Hand Tools

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Product Description:

Ratchet Socket Wrench  with Ben Handle Carbon Steel Hand Tools

Material:45#carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 17*19 19*21 17*21mm

Packing:AS your request


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Q:How to distinguish between good and bad wrenches?
The first is material, is ordinary steel or vanadium steel screw.Aperture accuracy dimension.Electroplate。Length.If you're talking about a torque wrench, it's a big difference.Specifically, you think about what wrench to buy, how much money wrench, I recommend the brand.
Q:What should be paid attention to during the operation of the movable spanner?
) wrench has its own function, do not use the crowbar and hammer function.
Q:24, six angle screw with a big wrench?
How much wrench using six screw bolts or six angle angle, because the manufacturers of the machining error is relatively large, uneven in quality, so there is no absolute standard, currently recognized in mechanical processing industry and wrench size thread specification table,
Q:What specifications of inner six angle wrenches are required for installing mountain bikes?
This is different according to the choice of different bike manufacturers, so there is no specific statementSo it's better to buy a portfolio of six corners directly
Q:How to select the type of pneumatic wrench?
Compressed air is the most common source of power, but there are also electric or hydraulic applications. In recent years, the use of batteries is also very popular.
Q:What is the difference between pneumatic sleeve wrench specification 1/2 and 3/4?
The utility model relates to a steel connecting sleeve, which is a special product used for mechanical connection of steel bars, and is divided into a cold extruding sleeve, a taper threaded sleeve and a straight threaded sleeve.(1) according to the size (mean four square size): "1/4, 3/8", 1/2 "three specifications," is the meaning of "equal to 1 inches, 25.4MM(2) according to length: long sleeve, short sleeve, E sleeve(3) press the edge: 6 corners, 12 corners(4) appearance: single channel and double channel; knurling; cylinder; nickel plating and etc.(5) use: manual and pneumatic wrench socket wrench (black chromium molybdenum) branch
Q:Is the inner six angle spanner bent with six angles carbon steel?
Most of our factory is using their own six angle wrench, material 45 steel, round bar material, milling six sides, bending quenching HRC45 - 50, very easy to use. Later to buy a set of outside market, bluing nicely, you encounter a situation I have encountered, but if I buy good quenching as well, of course, also have the opposite, overquenching, easy to break. Now the domestic market to buy things to dragons and fishes jumbled together, have some experience, buy six square wrench, with a small file, and a slip, hardness enough to be moved, and the hardness is not enough, do not buy.
Q:How long can a torque wrench last?
Torsion in physics should be called "torque" and "torque", is the object by a rotating cutting direction and object to force the moment, because of erroneous results, everyone said "torque".Simply put, torque = force multiplied by arm of arm. For example, the arm of the arm (that is, the wrench) is 1M long and exerts the force of 100N, and the torque is 100N.m. The concept of torque is explained by the lever principle in elementary school, defined as the distance between the vertical force and the center of rotation".
Q:What's the difference between an electric wrench 28V and an 32V?
Because the current lithium wrench on the market are 18V, the full power of the highest voltage of 21V, 32V is a virtual standard, 28V is also a virtual target. The actual battery pack contains 10 18650 electric cores, a single 18650 of the core is 3.6V, a row of 5 series to get 18V voltage, and then the two lines in parallel, to get the capacity of the battery pack. You can use a multimeter to measure the amount of electricity, when the amount of electricity is 18V, full of electricity when the maximum voltage is 21V.
Q:Why are the 12 and 18 inch spanners very different?
Wrench 12 inches is 300mm, 18 inches of 450mm, depends on what material, and if the material is cheap, the corresponding price difference is not how much, if the price is expensive, then the price will vary greatly.

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