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model: XL-DT origin: china (sichuan) brand: SUNFOR

Product Description:

Product description

Sunfor  SELF-LUMINOUS SIGNS are applying it's core technology long afterglow luminescent materials. which makes the sings are self-luminous in dark, it's almost safe and convenients either in public transportation system or hotel, even in home.



Long afterglow luminescent material is independently developed by Sunfor. after absorbing visible light for 5 to 10 minutes, these materials can steadily glow in darkness for 50 hours. and its original brightness can reach 3000cd per quare meters.


The signs made from the long afterglow luminescent material bear several advantaes, such as high brightness, stability, none energy-csot, none maintenance, none toxicity and none radiation. now subject to US law, buildings which are more than 75 inch must install this kind of signs. meanwhile these signs have been being used in more than 80% subway project in China, such as in Beijing, Shenzhen,Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing and Hangzhou ect.



Sunfor is opening to accepted customize size and desigs for making these self-luminous signs, and we also would like to be assiatance for your projects before or during the biding.



Only excitation by visible lights for 5  to 10 minutes, it can glow in darkness for more than 60 hours with a very good performance. and it is evnironmental friendly.






 What will help you when fire comes, the smoke around?


Sunfor 100% reliable photoluminescent self-illuminous Aluminum exit signs.


The SUNFOR photoluminescent exit signs absorb and store ambient light. when the fire happen and the darkness and smoke around, this stored energy is immediately visible, clearly marking the safety indication, reducing the panic.



Why choose Photoluminescent (self-illuminous) signs?


  • 100% reliable, without the electrical failure, will 100% glow in darkness.

  • Zero enegy consumption, saving cost on energy.

  • Zero Toxic or Radioactive materials involved, safe to use.

  • Zero maintenance, easy to install.

  • Water proof and scratch resistant.

  • Customized and diversified designs.


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Q:Search for information on national road safety publicity in 2007. Where is the school? (urgent)
Article fourth people's governments at all levels should ensure that road traffic safety management work and economic construction and social development to adapt.
Q:Safe with me "newspaper content
A car accident, in contrast, people despise life gone, vivid creature into a wisp of smoke rose to the sky. A 14 year old girl Xiao Xia was a car accident claimed the life of another The brightness dazzles the eyes.; the little girl, the accident she lost action legs, now only sit in a wheelchair to walk
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Ninety-fifth on the road vehicle without a motor vehicle plate, without a label of inspection and the insurance sign, or not with the car driving license, driving license, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall detain the vehicle, notify the parties to provide the corresponding certificate or mark or corresponding formalities, and according to the provisions of article ninetieth be punished.
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And the flange is made of steel and concrete, can we use the basic concrete quota
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then out onto the sidewalk. To crossing the driveway, from the sidewalk through; not in front of the rear of the car anxious to wear, this is not safe.
Q:I know the traffic safety education class teaching
. Through this event, let children understand the traffic lights and safety signs and the close relationship between people's lives.
Q:Road traffic safety law, article ninety-fifth, paragraph 1
According to the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ in addition to detain the vehicle and require the parties to provide or submit legal documents, can also be punished in accordance with the provisions of the ninetieth article of this law, is for violations punishable by a warning or 20 yuan to 200 yuan fine, and according to other relevant provisions the provisions of this law, the punishment
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three. What is road traffic sign? Nbsp: road traffic signs are the transportation of specific information to traffic participants using graphic symbols, colors and text, and are used to manage traffic facilities
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pedestrians, not chasing Mengbo in the driveway, not in the vehicle when approaching turn abruptly acros

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