Rail-mounted Beam Traveling Trolley

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Product Description:

                                                 900T Rail-mounted Beam Traveling Trolle

Product Introduction and Application:

VCTC-900 is specially designed for moving 900 ton precast box girder in building high-speed railway.


Adopt motor driven traveling, hydraulic lifting as well as computer intelligent control, its high automation can control the synchronous error within only 5-10mm.
Good structural strength, safe and reliable operation, high traveling efficiency and beautiful appearance. Only one person needed to operate the machine.


900T Tail-mounted Beam Traveling Trolley for Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway Construction

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You would have a loss.
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This is a very good occupation. Many current heavy machine operators were trained on the job. They got this training because they first worked in construction for years, and knew the right people to send them to school. Without a good recommendation from a construction crew leader, or from your union, it will be hard to get this specialized training. You have to prove yourself as being trustworthy, responsible, and able to do complicated problem solving.
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Bancini worked on the rail road for a long time he sees things in the world like a machine.
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It looks like every four years so approximately around the end of this year is my guess after looking at the dates the others were published.

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