Radiator Fin Machine,Exchanger Fin Machine,Aluminum Fin Machine

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  • Model Number: PLC-10B

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Packaging Details:wood package
Delivery Detail:within 30 days


radiator fin machine,exchanger fin machine,aluminum fin machine for aluminum,copper,SS fins used in plate fin type radiators.

radiator fin machine,exchanger fin machine,aluminum fin machine for aluminum,copper,SS fins used in plate fin type radiators.

This machine is designed for automatically producing aluminum, copper or stainless steel fins used in plate-fin type radiators, exchangers for cars, trucks, apparatus, construction machineries, etc.


By changing moulds, different type fin can be made, such as wave type, hole type, sawtooth type, straight type, blind type, etc.


Max. width of fin: 300mm

Max. height of fin: 12mm (can be adjusted)

Min. height of fin: 1mm

Tooth pitch: 10mm

Production speed: max. 100 times per minute


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