Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Radial Car Tyre:

The tyre used for passager car.Four straight wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning effectively.

Symmetric tread pattern design of offers comfort and quietness.

A solid center rib of tyre enhances handling stability.It can promot tyre speed.

Optimized pitch sequence reduces tyre noise.It can make the car is very comfortble.


2,Main Features of the Car Tyre:

Used for high road condition

Four lines design

Loog mealige

High speed


3,Car Tyre Images:

Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010

















4,Car tyre specification:


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max HP010




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?


We will give clients compensition if tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide NO. picture of defect position.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


Generally,we can deliver tyre winthin 30 days after receiving down payment or LC.If the sizes you ordered are available,we can arrange shipment within 7 days.


3,How many quantity can sign sole agent?


Regarding the sole agent,up to the market capacity and area.We can accept 3-4 containers per month if samll country like UAE,but we need 15-20 containers per month for USA market.

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Q:Why are car tires always black?
they would be very dirty other wise. they made white tire in the early 1900's. probably cheaper to produce too.
Q:Tire pressure?
1. There is no recommended inflation pressure written anywhere on the tire, only a safety warning regarding the maximum inflation pressure the tire is rated for. 2. ALWAYS inflate tires to the VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS recommendation which is normally found on the Vehicle Information Tag inside the drivers door frame. 3. Tires with a maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi are usually "Standard Load" sized tires which will achieve their maximum load carrying ability at 35 psi. Tires with a max inflation of 51 psi are almost always "Extra Load" sized tires. These can carry more weight than a standard load tire and at a higher pressure - 41 psi. If your vehicle is supposed to have XL tires front and rear and you only have them on one axle you run the danger of overloading your tires, potentially causing a failure. 4. Year/make/model of vehicle? 44 psi is highly unusual for a factory recommended inflation size. I suspect you may be incorrect about what the spec is.
Q:How much air is the car tires?
High or low pressure will have an impact on the tire's life and safety performance. First, the pressure is too high or too low will lead to tire bias, shorten tire life. Second, the pressure is too low easily lead to excessive heat generation, structural stratification, cord breakage, more likely to impact the phenomenon of drums, but also increase fuel consumption. And high pressure will increase the rigidity of the tire, grounding area reduced, which easily lead to side slip, flick and other phenomena, but also increased the risk of puncture puncture.
Q:Tire Question.?
they get their worst tire wear at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, because of the track surface design. They already have the Pocono track figured out because of the track surface, and I don't think they will have that problem at all at Pocono. I don't know how thick the tread is on the tire. Pocono will be a fun race to watch. If your inspired by the technical aspect of NASCAR you'll love Pocono
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
the only thing the others forgot to mention is that your speedo will be out a tiny bit due to the different diameter of the wheels. Won't be much, but probably worth checking
Q:What are the car tires?
Buy tires first to determine the specifications of the original vehicle tires. Usually the car tire size logo is *** / ** R ** * part is the number. (For example: 205 / 55R16)
Q:Where is the brand of car tires?
There are English names on the wheels.
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Tire pressure not only directly affects the life of the tire, but also closely related to traffic safety, but how much suitable for tire pressure, but there are a lot of argument. In fact, each car has a clear pressure regulations, the standard value of the vehicle tires in the cold state of the measured pressure prevail. But because many of the owners of the tires are hot before the gas, so check the pressure will be higher than the actual value, if at this time by the standard air pressure, the tire may be in the low pressure after the state, so many The refueling store will be slightly higher than the standard value when the owner is filling. But the number of high is entirely determined by the experience, so the lack of accuracy of the value. Therefore, when the tire is hot, try to make the tire in a cold state, the standard pressure should also be measured in the case of tire cooling test. If the owner thinks that the temperature of the tire is high, the pressure of the tire should be slightly lower than the standard value. The reason is that it avoids the risk of tire puncture when the air is inflated and the tire is too high. In fact, almost all of the tire traders will not advocate the owner to do so. Because the tire pressure decreases, the tire and the ground contact area increases, will cause the tire to heat up too fast, but rather easily lead to puncture. In addition, the tire pressure is too low there are many negative effects, such as: the tread on both sides of the normal wear and tear, to increase the amount of sidewall deformation, easy to damage the sidewall and so on.
Q:Tires balanced and rotated??
$36.00 dollars unless you bought they from there and have the lifetime warranty then it would be free.
Q:How to distinguish the quality of car tires
How to distinguish car tires Car tires are roughly divided into radial tires and slanted tires. The cords of the oblique tires are arranged in a crossed line, hence the name. The carcass forms the basic skeleton of the tire, and the softness from the tread to the sidewall is consistent. Although the noise of the slant tires is small, the tread is soft and the ride is good at low speed, and the price is cheap, but its comprehensive performance is not as good as that of radial tires. Automobile manufacturers are developing new cars with radial tires. Continuous improvement, slash tires will be basically eliminated. The ply of the radial tire is equivalent to the basic skeleton of the tire and is arranged in the same direction as the tire meridian section. Since the tire is subjected to a large tangential force during driving, in order to ensure the stability of the cord, there are several layers High strength, easy to stretch the material made of the belt (also known as hoop tight layer), the cord direction and the meridian section was a larger angle (70-75 degrees), the material used more choice of glass fiber, polyamide fiber Or wire and other high-strength materials, both play a fixed role in the cord, while the use of belt to improve the rigidity of the tread. The rigidity of the side of the tire is less than the rigidity of the tread, so that the side of the tire is deformed by the lateral force of the ground during turning, thus ensuring that the touch area of ​​the tread remains basically unchanged. Radial tire compared with ordinary slanting tire, flexible, good wear resistance, rolling resistance is small, good adhesion, good cushioning performance, carrying capacity, easy to pierce; drawback is the sidewall easy to crack, due to lateral deformation , Resulting in less lateral stability of the car, manufacturing technology requires high cost.

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