QZ QH series submersible axial flow/mixed flow pump

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QZ series axial-flow pumps QH series mixed-flow pumps are modern productions successfully designed by the means of adopting foreign modern technology. The new pumps' capacity
are 20%larger than the old ones. The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the old ones.
QZ QH series pump with adjustable impellers has the advantages of large capacity,broad head, high efficiency, wide application and so on.
A:pump station is small in scale, the construction is simple and the investment is greatly decreased, This can save 30%~40% for the building cost.
B: It is easy to install maintain and repair this kind of pump.
C: low noise long life.
The material of the series of QZ QH can be castiron ductile iron copper or stainless steel.
QZ series axial-flow pump QH series mixed-flow pumps application range:water supply in cities, diversion works, sewage drainage system, sewage disposal project.The medium for pure-water should be no larger than 50℃.

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Q:Why new water pump on Jeep making same noise?
this probably a dumb question but have you changed the bearing in the idler pulley? i have a 89 jeep that squeaks or squeals, bearing noise, just one bolt takes it off. i pulled mine off and greased the bearing, and put it back in, that took care of the noise. that was 6 months ago and it is starting again so i priced a new bearing, $6, you might need the number off the bearing to order it. make sure u just get the bearing, the whole idler pulley is like $40. I'm only suggesting this cause in my experience water pumps don't squeal, they kinda make a scraping noise then shortly later stop all together. if the pump wasn't leaking it might not have been broke. some times it is the simplest things
Q:How many HP of water pump is needed to pump water from ground level to a height of 50 feet?
It depends on your type of pump. Pumps delivering over 200 feet from bore well are usually multi-stage turbine type.
Q:How do you remove a water pump from a 93 Ford Taurus 3.8?
drain radiator. remove both 21mm motor mount bolts from subframe (front and rear). drain radiator. remove overflow/washer bottle. remove drive belt. remove 8mm bolt that hold lower watertube to front cover. remove lower water tube from water pump. remove heater hoses from water pump. slightly lift engine with floor jack. remove water pump pully. remove water pump. if you still cant get it you will need to remove the 4 studs that go through the water pump. now its just that easy to do
Q:Are submersible water pumps silent?
they all make noise. my Ex had them all, arrrgh!
Q:how do you pull the lower unit of a nassan 70hp outboard to install a new water pump?
((( get a manual))) like has been said ..but here is some genneral proceedure::::// after loosening the gear case at the cavitation plate ,,,, pull it away from the leg about half an inch and acsess the gear linkage shift rod and undo the conecting nut,, then pull the gear housing away --- ((( when you reinstal it you will have to turn the propelor by hand to push the drive shaft spline into place ))) --<- then you will have the pump housing on the gear caseing .. just pull it off the shaft retaining the small key way that turns the impelor.. ::::::: replace the impelor and push the pump housing down over the impelor..,,,, as you push it down,, turn the propelor by hand so the shaft rotates and make the fins on the impellor bend away from the shaft ,,, make sure the shaft is turning the correct way ,,with the gear in foward ,, turn the propelor so it drives foward or if in reverse turn the propelor so its driving backwards ,,, there should be a gasket between the pump housing and the gear caseing,, if not ,, use some silastic ,,, ((check the manual)) <<<<<<<<<<<<
Q:how to remove fan bolt in 1992 ford ranger v6 3.0, to get to water pump?
You need a special tool that grasps and holds the water pump pulley by the four bolts that secure the pulley to the pump, while you loosen the fan by using the correct size of wrench to turn it CLOCKWISE to remove. The hex of the fan clutch is LEFT-HAND threaded on this particular vehicle application. You may need to heat the hex of the nut slightly with an oxy/acetylene torch if too much force is required to crack the hex loose. Once loosened, simply spin it off with your hand by the blade until it is removed. Hope this helps.
Q:A direct type pump model with the coupling type, what is the difference?
The water pump type is directly connected with the motor, and the motor shaft and the pump are coaxial;Pump motor and pump shaft is separate, with the coupling power transmission.
Q:How to change water pump on a Honda bf15d short shaft?
Please get the workshop manual. From an imperfect memory it should be in forward gear to expose a link - but I could be confusing it with other brands. This brand has a known issue with the water pump if ever run dry as both the impellor and the housing can be damaged instantly. The pump should always be replaced as a full assembly, housing, seals and impellor, as detritus can easily block water galleries and that requires extensive work to remediate. The thermostat should be checked and replaced at the same time. Worn and damaged impellor material can easily end up through the block, head, thermostat etc. and that must be checked for as well. The lower cylinder can be down on compression caused by local overheating due to this and mud, sand and corrosion reducing water flow. An engine that very much must be flushed and looked after after all use - that includes all the larger models with this brand. They are quite a good engine, but seem very heavy for the output to me - particularly compared to lifting a two stroke on and off....
Q:overheating and water pump?
it sounds to me like the weep hole on the bottom of the water pump is leaking. This is what it is supposed to do when the water pump bearing gets some play. You should be able to look from under the engine and see the bottom of the water pump, it will probably look all clean as water has been running out of it. This is how you tell your water pump needs to be replaced. Generally speaking it is best to buy a NEW WATER PUMP, NOT A REMANUFACTURED OR REBUILT. The reason for this is a new water pump will last a lifetime of a vehicle generally speaking, so you only want to do this once because its a pain in the butt. and this is the time to inspect heater hoses, radiator hoses and chang the thermostat . This should solve any issues with the pump leaking, so get the front end of the truck safely up in the air, and make sure there is not a hose leaking or something simple, A shop would do a pressure test of the system and this would show them where your leak is. As a temporary measure you can leave the radiator cap loose so pressure does not build up this will keep the fluid in the vehicle, and not blow it all out the weep hole, just don't leave the cap so loose it blows off on the road somewhere, as long as water stays in, and the radiator is full you can use it.
Q:Does the IP55 indicate the lift on the water pump nameplate?
IP55 refers to the level of protection

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