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Specifications of Quartz stone(multicolour)


1.Artificial stone, quartz stone


2.Color:coffee and yellow(multicolour)




Quartz stone(multicolour)


1.More than 93% natural quartz powder.


2.More healthy for human and non-toxic.


3.Hard enough surface for any scraches.


4.Non-radionative and easy cleaning.


5.Fashion colour design for any projects.


6.Capacity of production:30,000M2/month.


7.Slab size available:3050X1400X10MM,3050X1400X20MM,3050X1400X30MM.


8.Kitchen top size:96"x26",96"x36",110"x26",96"x52"


9.Cut into size:12"x12",18"x18",24"x24" or OEM

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Q:Cabinets are quartz stone, table top or composite acrylic, mesa good?
Acrylic stone as the main table timber cabinets market now processing appearance, mainly after arc retaining and absolute seamless stitching and special processing, which is beyond the reach of the quartz stone; in addition, acrylic stone quartz stone better relative toughness, especially pure acrylic optimal.The utility model has the advantages of seamless splicing, changeable shapes, various colors, softness and problems, and is easy to repair. After the use of too long, re polished, but also bright as newDisadvantages: hardness is slightly worse, and quartz stone, such as rough objects on the table friction, easy to destroy the table brightness. Composite acrylic, high temperature resistance to about 90 degrees, pure acrylic, high temperature resistance of 120 degrees. But not long exposure to overheated objects.
Q:How are quartz stone countertops made?
First, using special mixer materials (including resin and quartz sand), then the material cloth to hearth mold, and then into the press, and then into the plate curing furnace in curing, and finally the subsequent processing system, bonding, grinding, in accordance with the prior hole preparation will void polished polishing and can be installed.
Q:Stainless steel mesa and quartz stone mesa which good?
Marble - advantages are: hard texture, abrasion resistance, texture natural disadvantages are: 1, the surface of pores, easy leakage; 2, easy processing, splicing gap 3, containing radioactive elements; radon is harmful to the human body. Not suitable for old people and children
Q:Which is better, quartz or marble?
Quartz stone quartz stone hardness first is better than most of the marble high hardness, followed by quartz stone no environmental radiation, and natural marble how much radiation, and can not trace the size of the radiation, the radiation will lead to the risk of neonatal leukemia. In home improvement can use quartz stone, do not use marble, after all, family space is small, unlike public places, the amount of radiation is not easy to evaporate!
Q:Which is more expensive, artificial quartz or artificial marble?
Artificial quartz stone is a kind of artificial marble, artificial marble in artificial quartz stone is more expensive
Q:Is the thickness of the quartz stone mesa as thick as possible?
It is good to reach 1.8 of the thicknessAs for the content to reach 94%-95% quartz stone thickness, the normal situation is 12-15MM, to quartz mesa production process, the thinner the more difficult to do.Domestic brands, you can see the new Hualian and Chiron, the price is about 1200 per meter
Q:Can quartz rock be waxed on the surface?
Do not use non neutral detergent for a long time.In order to achieve quick cleaning effect, many consumers often use super cleaning agents and detergents which are not known. These detergents, detergents often contain strong acidity and alkalinity, and if they are often wiped with these liquids, they will lose their luster and reduce their brightness. He suggested that you use ordinary cleaning cloth dipped in warm water, you can slowly wipe, or with ordinary cleaning cloth immersed in diluted ordinary detergent wipe.
Q:Do you have any man-made stone or quartz stone with this length?
Not only do the longest 3.2 meters straight cabinet if not then it is not possible to artificial stone, I suggest that you do not scratch the artificial stone is easy to crack expansion and contraction of the good points of the board's almost summer clothing for the winter winter for the summer with crack! Quartz stone is OK.. not afraid of scratches, joints are not easy to crack, it is not easy to old
Q:Is quartz stone mesa big particle good or small particle good?
(in reply to the above question, reply only to this question.) Highlights, many manufacturers use broken glass particles (should be harmless to the body).
Q:How can I tell the grade of quartz stone?!
Artificial jade is made of two kinds of resin, about 35% of resin and about 65% of aluminium powder. Artificial jade hardness is low, the surface is very easy to product scratches. The colors are different from the surface hardness, color, feel, scratches. Quartz stone and stone from the naked eye is difficult to distinguish between methods, under normal circumstances is the most simple is to take the quartz stone and stone on stone row, hardness less prone to scratches, the test is not much, is with a strong acid soak, bubble stone composition is relatively large, mainly is the two. But the real from the naked eye is very ugly, including a lot of people in the industry don't know much, now have this habit to which the market, especially small brands, he said this is not my quartz stone, stone, you go to the ten asked nine guys say, but who is the stone, I think this problem would infringe the interests of consumers, the real domestic quartz stone is on the market for more than 1000 yuan a metre, stone general stone difference, if less than the price of 700-800 yuan, the general situation is stone. But he would say he was a quartz stone. From the price is really less than 600-700, that is, large stone composition, sales of this piece, this profit is too many, it is impossible to do quartz stone. Quartz stone quartz sand is very expensive, including processing equipment is very expensive. But what is terrible is the mound stone. The price of rock quartz
We cover an area of 40 acres, with 16000 square meters of plant area and 1200 square meters of office building space. We are a professional quartz stone, artificial marble and countertop manufacturer, with annual production more than 1,000,000 square meters. We have obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and SA8000

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 35%
South America 4.5%
Eastern Europe 4.5%
Southeast Asia 4.5%
Oceania 8%
Western Europe 4%
Northern Europe 5%
Southern Europe 4.5%
Domestic Market 30%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;SA8000

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
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