Quartz Plate Massive, granular

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Physical Characteristics

(1) with a brittle

(2) has a pyroelectric

(3) the refractive index of 1.533 ~ 1.541, 0.009 difference in birefringence dispersion 0.013

(4) has a strong piezoelectric quartz (Piezoelectric property), that is, will produce sparks when struck friction force, which is the method of flint to make fire.

(5) Common quartz inclusions are: the crystal (Hair crystal) - mainly rutile; grass into the crystal - mainly tourmaline; water bile crystal - liquid inclusions in quartz; green quartz - containing blue rutile needles; milk quartz - causes cloudy water from the fine pores; green quartz - by plate-shaped chlorite or debris may sometimes be green needles of actinolite; Aventurine (Aventurine) - quartzite green or reddish-brown interior contains fine mica sheets, also known as Yao quartz, commonly known as Aventurine. Frequently Smoke black to dark brown smoky quartz, mainly because these rocks contain large amounts of radioactivity have relations uranium, thorium elements.

Material property characteristics

1, scraping not spend

Quartz content of up to 94% of its quartz, quartz is the nature of natural mineral hardness only to diamond, high surface hardness of Ta Mok's hardness 7.5, much larger than the kitchen knife used shovels and other weapon, is not it scratch injuries.

2, do not pollute

Quartz is manufactured under vacuum Biaoliruyi, dense non-porous composite material quartz surface pH of the kitchen has an excellent corrosion resistance, daily use liquid substances do not penetrate the interior, long placed simply liquid surface clean and bright with water or other cleaning agents can be erased with a cloth that can be used to scrape the surface of the blade retentate when necessary.

3, with no old

Dan Guangze bright quartz surface is the result of more than 30 channels of complex polishing treatment process will not be scratching knife blade will not penetrate a liquid substance, no yellowing and discoloration and other problems, routine cleaning simply rinse with water can be, easy. Even after prolonged use, the surfaces like countertops with beautiful new clothes, no maintenance and upkeep.

4, fuel vain

Natural crystalline quartz is typically refractory, its melting point up to 1300 degrees, quartz completely flame made of 94% natural quartz, are not caused by exposure to high temperature combustion, but also with artificial stone countertops unmatched high temperature characteristics.

5, non-toxic and non-radiation

Quartz stone surface is smooth, flat and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure allows bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic!

Quality quartz crystallization using a selection of natural quartz mineral, its content of more than 99.9% SiO2 and miscellaneous manufacturing process to purify the raw material does not contain any heavy metal impurities may lead to radiation, 94% quartz crystals and other the resin additive makes quartz is no danger of radiation contamination.

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Q:When quartz breaks, what does it's fracture look like?
no most crystals are not able to change any part of your health you can look up the effect of any crystal by: searching for: the periodic table. crystal bible 1. crystal bible 2. crystal bible 3. crystals and minerals. see a shop in England called crystals they sell lots and are well versed in the production of mineral crystals. quartz a large family of crystal elements part of the SiO2 family mostly in just about everything on the planet, most crystals have a natural resonance and have a vibration point and do generate an mild electric field but it is benign.
Q:Is this pendant quartz?
Q:How can I cut raw quartz? HELP?
yes by far
Q:What is the specific heat of rose quartz?
The quartz watch was developed circa 1920s, hardly an antique.
Q:how and where is quartz formed?
Quartz behaves just like glass or mirrors. They are poor conductors of heat. You know how your windows will fog up when you're cooking sometimes? Say for instance, you're boiling a big pot of potatoes on the stove; it increases the humidity in the room. When the humid air gets near the window, it gets cooler and it condenses and forms the wet fog on the window. Same thing happens with quartz, since quartz and glass are basically made of the same thing. Sometimes just the warmth of your hands {depending of course of air temperature and such} can make a quartz {and some other geological specimens} sweat.
Q:what is the difference between the fracture surface of quartz sandstone and that of quartzite?
How small is it? Quartz is very easy to find, so maybe ten bucks at the most.
Q:Experimental Question: Why am I getting white rings when I fuse quartz tubing?
rosy quartz
Q:Should I change the movement/ circuit board on my 1980s era quartz watch?
silicon and oxygen
Q:How to measure the oscillation frequency of quartz crystals ?
1) No; although it is possible to extract silicon from quartz, it will never be economic. An ore is a mineral from which one or more metals can be extracted economically. 2) color of quartz is due to impurities and hence any colour is possible. But pure quartz is colorless. 3) Being very hard, it is often use as abrasive, in making sand paper etc., or even to cut glass. Quartz is piezoelectric (it can generate electricity if pressure is applied at one end of the crystal) and this property if used in different electronic gadgets. It is also the primary constituent of silica sand, which is used to make glass.
Q:Quartz for Money?
The main thing to consider with composite sinks is it's temperature rating. Many less expensive granite composite sinks can/will CRACK when you pour boiling water into them, say when draining some cooked pasta. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to kitchen sinks, so ask a lot of questions and read the warranty.

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