Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

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Metal: carbon steel Type: explosion proof pipe fitting Delivery Detail: one week
Packaging details: Export standard Packaging Details: plastic film and carton Protection level: IP65

Product Description:

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

usiness Type: Manufacturer, 


Main Products: explosion proof pipe fitting ,explosion proof junction box . explosion proof distribution box , flexible tube .


Location: Liaoning, China (Mainland)


Year Established:1996


Year Start Exporting:2000


Number Of Employees:51-100people


Total Annual Sales Volume: US$50 Million - US$100 Million


Main Markets: Western Europe,South Asia,Southern Europe,Northern Europe,North America


Average Lead Time:35 days

Introduction to edit
Product name: explosion-proof union
Product name: explosion-proof union
Product model: BHJ
The explosion-proof marks: Exd II
Protection grade: IP55
Scope of application editor
For the dangerous sites 1, 2.
Type IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment.
Combustible dust environment 20, 21, 22.
Temperature classes T1, T6 environment.
Suitable scope of anti-explosion union group meaning:
Danger zone division 1.1 explosive gas environment

0 area: present continuously or explosive gas mixture of environment for a long time.
1 area: the possible explosive gas mixture in the normal operation of the environment.
2 area: during normal operation is not possible environment of explosive gas mixture or even the appearance is only short existence environment of explosive gas mixture.
0 area generally exist only in the sealed container, storage tank internal gas such as space, in the process of real design 1 area there are very few, most of the time belongs to 2 zone.
1.2 the explosion-proof electrical equipment is divided into two categories:
Ⅰ electrical equipments used in coal mine
Type Ⅱ except mine using electrical equipment
1.3 Ⅱ kind of electrical equipment, according to its biggest test is suitable for explosive gas mixture security clearance or minimum ignition current ratio, divided into Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C three categories;And according to its maximum surface temperature into T1 - T6 six groups.
1.4 with explosive gas mixture by grouping, ignition temperature are shown in table 1.
1.5 with explosive gas mixture, according to its maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) or minimum ignition current ratio (MICR) classification, as shown in table 2.
Table 1


Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting


Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

Quality products 304 steel Explosion proof pipe extension fitting

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Q:How many kinds of elbow of ductile iron pipe?
There are 12.5 degrees and 22.5 degrees elbow, but manufacturers rarely produce. You can consult the manufacturer on the Internet
Q:Is the ductile iron pipe metal pipe?
Ductile iron is an alloy of ironDuctile iron pipes are alloy tubes of iron
Q:How is the weight of nodular cast iron pipe calculated?
Ductile iron pipe is a kind of cast iron pipe. In quality, the spheroidization of cast iron pipes is controlled to be 1-3 (spheroidization rate 80%), so the mechanical properties of the cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes and finished product libraries can be better improved, with the nature of iron and the properties of steel. Ductile cast iron pipe after annealing, the microstructure is ferrite and pearlite, good mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility, good sealing effect, simple installation, mainly for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas, oil etc..
Q:How can ductile iron pipes be connected to steel tubes?
Disk or disk plug connection, it is best to use flange connection.
Q:How much is the installation of a two degree elbow for ductile iron pipe fittings at 11.25 degrees?
The main components of ductile iron pipes are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. In the ferrite and pearlite matrix on the distribution of a certain number of spheroidal graphite, according to the nominal diameter and the elongation of different microstructure of ferrite and pearlite in different proportions of small caliber pearlite percentage is generally not more than 20%, large diameter of the general control in about 25%. Minimum tensile strength: 420/Mpa, minimum yield strength 300/Mpa, minimum elongation 7%.
Q:Comparison of C and K grades of ductile iron pipes
Using more than 18 cast iron, after adding the spheroidizing agent, the centrifugal casting of ductile iron machine caused by high-speed centrifugal tube, known as "ductile iron pipe."".
Q:What are the categories of ductile iron pipe fittings?
But even if it is plastic and rotational, between the two in the process and the use of the effect also has the essential difference. Pipe fittings, usually coated with epoxy resin in ductile iron grooved pipe fittings. But this kind of pipe in the process without heat pipe trench because of rotational rotational adhesion as mature, its internal plastic heat pipe trench.
Q:How can the ductile iron pipe be connected to the PE pipe?
Cast iron pipe and PE pipe is connected with a lot of what is the most secure connection, flange connection (PE flange head + anticorrosive steel flanges + rubber gasket).
Q:Is the cast iron tube the same as the ductile iron pipe?
You are mistaken in concept. The cast iron pipe is the sort of connection method. The ductile iron pipe is classified according to the material.
Q:How to improve the quality of nodular cast iron pipe fittings
For cast iron pipe chute taphole bent or improper chute taphole distance socket distance, easy to form a skin defect in cast iron pipe socket parts, equipment manufacturing inspection of cast iron pipe fittings must be in production, replacing the cast iron pipe chute taphole elbow when necessary, and adjust the host making iron centrifuge when the pipe in the lower limit, shorten the chute taphole socket from the distance.

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