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We are a specialized company for machine vises , whoseproducts are exported to Europe and America as well as developed countries .Wehave Q12,Q13,Q41,QM,QMN series .All the products have high precision ,and reasonabledesigns and reach the JB/T2329-11 standards .

Weare insisting that the quality is first and reputation is the best. We refocusing on our quality and innovation , We are looking forward to havingopportunities to set up more business relations with customers from all overthe word and establish the long-term cooperation with best products and perfectafter-service.

QMN Series Machine Vice

Performance and character:

1.  It adopts the ductile cast ironwith high durability.

2.  The locking structure with theangle-fixed shape can prevent the work piece fron rising during the operation.

3.  Both parallelism and verticalityabout the two jaws are 0.025mm/100mm.

4.  It can be used by single set orseveral sets side by side.

5.   It is widely used for precision machines inthe machine center.

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Q:Is the screw of a vice clamp a silk stick?
The commonly used screw is not retracted automatically, but your "self-lock" is accurate and is a term. The specific reasons are theoretical and inexplicable, and they are not explained here. Also, if there is the use of the old screw, it is best to be able to make a cheap, reasonably practical bench vice.
Q:How does the UG set the motion simulation of the bench vice
Please ask how this is done. After I emulated, even the screws moved together.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Which is the strength of the hardware and wooden bench pliers?
So, a slightly stout value is not high of the bench vise is a must, choose a platform with small bench vise can satisfy some sporadic and at the same time, won't make you heartache; The machine can be used to clip delicate small pieces. The idea is that instead of buying a single piece of die-cast steel bench clamp that is nearly 1,000 yuan, you can buy a machine with a flat tongs and a regular bench clamp, and the price is still in surplus. Buy instruments of cross-industry tend to make you happy surprises, for example, a flask with a frosted bottle stopper chemical sealing is good and cheap, is a good vessels of coffee beans, red wine, etc, and some of the bottles and hundreds of yuan coffee storage bottle sealing is less than the price at the same time and several times more expensive.
Q:Do you use a hammer to hit the handle with a clamp?
The following statement is true (A) A. use A hammer to hit the handle when clamping the workpiece with A vice B. saw a blade tightening with two fingers to tighten the butterfly nut. It feels hard to pull the saw blade In order to increase the efficiency of sawing and cutting, the force should be applied properly when pulling the handsaw The iron filings of the vice of a vice, which can be blown off by the mouth or by hand
Q:What is mechanical vice material
Cast steel!The price is also higher。I hope my answer will help you。
Q:What type are the tongs?
There are many types of silk rods, many of them, sometimes with the manufacturer's abbreviation, serial number, etc., so it is impossible to say
Q:Who has a parts drawing and assembly diagram for a vice?
I hope I can help you. Learning ug is a problem, it can be sent to the problem supermarket of abcug BBS, there are more people to answer with you.
Q:How to position the pongs
There are usually two ways of positioning the machine with the position of the pincers in the machine. The width of the positioning key is the same as the width of the machine t-groove width, and it can be installed directly. Using a lever watch or a percentage sheet to correct the clamps; It is easier to observe with the table of leverage. Correction time should correct the clamps on the fixed side, the other side should not be corrected, and be careful to adjust the length of the tongs as far as possible. Once the vice clamp is pressed, it should be restored once again to prevent the press from moving.
Q:All of the double force vice is designed with the same high design?
I don't know, I'm sorry. I'm just a professional. I don't understand the deep technology
Q:How to hit the sink hole of the pincers with two screws.
Method has a good variety of, see which one do you prefer, today the mood is good, just tell you two ways, vise has medium commonly used three, the main difference between the two screws of center distance, the most common and I guess you said is belong to medium, two hole center distance is 98 MM, the bottom of the grip to 23 MM hole center distance. (punch position must be less than 23 MM) with metric coarse threads M10, general specification M10 screw, screw diameter of 10 MM, (through hole, is bigger than him, 11, 12 MM or so can) hat head size is between 14 to 16, more than he can Lazy person programming: 8MM thick milling cutter screw, milling through hole 11, total thickness left 5 to 10MM above all milling more than 16MM head hole Most efficient programming, 11 drilling, 16 drilling to 5-10mm, thick milling cutter with two knives milling flat head holes It is not impossible to use only the drill bit, but the force area is too small and the lock screws are not very good and easy to loosen. You will regret it when you loosen the clamp, so it is absolutely not recommended to drill with a drill

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