QBY Pneumatic Diaphragm pump

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QBY Pneumatic Diaphragm pump

Product Introduction:
 QBY-pneumatic diaphragm pump is to present the most novel of a pump, simple structure, demolition repair convenient, sending fluid stability and vibration of small, low noise, self-absorption capability and delivery of high viscosity of the liquid, with Self-suction pumps , Submersible pumps, shielding pumps, pump mud pump and impurities, such as transportation machinery of the many advantages. Using compressed air to power source for all kinds of corrosive fluid, with particles of liquid, high-viscosity, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid, the fluid flow can not be pumped-by exhaust. Its performance parameters and the Federal Republic of Germany WLLDENPVMPS, MARIOWPUMPS similar to the United States. Have been tens of thousands of domestic oil, chemicals, food, medicine, electronics, ceramics, textiles, brewing, paper system units, housed in various special occasions, to Chousong not suction pump of the conventional media, has been made Satisfied with the results.
Divide diaphragm pump is the core component, according to different media, the choice of chloroprene rubber, rubber tetrafluoroethane, Dingqing rubber, in order to meet the requirements of different users. Flow part of the body, according to user requirements, the choice of cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and Chen Jiao, such as different materials
Type Designation:
QBY -Pneumatic Diaphragm pump
40 - Diameter of pump outlet ang inlet(mm)
Technology Parameters:
Self-priming high:5-7m。

SeriesTypeInlet diameter(mm)Capacity(m3/h)Head(m)Suction stroke(m)Max diameter of granules allowed(mm)Max available air pressure(Kgf/cm2)

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Q:Why does the water pump leak?
The sealing ring is invalid
Q:What is the 10KV pump unit?
The 10KV pump unit, driven by a high voltage motor, is used for drawing water!
Q:Water pump runs a lot?
It sounds like your pressure tank has gone bad. Your pump in (short cycling). The blue or silver tank that you have with the pump may or may not have a bladder inside. That bladder is to keep pressure in the line so the pump does not start so often. There is water on one side and air on the other. Sometimes there may not be enough air pressure on the air side. This usually means that the bladder has failed. It also could be that the pressure switch has gone bad or that the low pressure point setting(pump on) and the high pressure point setting (pump off) are set to close together. You will need to have a plumber check this out as soon as possible. If the pump continues to short cycle it will burn the pump out. Good luck.
Q:Water supply query or water pump or motor problem?
You say that your pump used to operate properly before, so if the pump is in good condition, the lift mustn't be too great so we can rule that out. It appears to me that the gurgling sound would be made by sucking air, and for this to happen, it would be a problem on the inlet side of the pump. If the person who repaired the pump knows what he is doing, it shouldn't be the pump, so we can rule that out. That leaves the pipe and any fittings between the pump and the foot valve that should be on the end of the pipe. Try running the pump, and pouring water over all joints and fittings, one at a time, if the pump is working properly, a slurping sound will be heard at the leak. The pump will have a priming point, a screw in plug, somewhere on top of it. With the pump stopped, remove the plug, and pour water into the hole. You should be able to fill the pump right up, and the water remain at that level, without draining away. If it wont retain the water, the valve on the bottom of the pipe is either worn out or has something like a stone or gravel preventing it from operating properly. As you have disconnected this pump for repairs, it would have needed priming anyway, which is the filling up with water. It's too much to ask a dry pump to lift water any height, so maybe you don't have a problem at all. Good luck
Q:How can I test how high a water pump can pump to, using only pressure simulation?
*you can go by the 1st answer as pressure gauge near the pump discharge would give a maximum pressure inclusive of losses. As the losses are more[due to piping congetion or rasistance from the equipment to which it is pumping.] then the discharge head will be decreased. *Simply, in case of a centrifugal pump,close the discharge valve fully for a moment and check the discharge pressure. This is the maximum pressure ,your pump will pump. *Dont do this if the pump is positive displacement pump/regenerative turbine pump. Edit: Discharge head means pumping height in your case.
Q:Pump frequent start will reduce the service life, I ask what kind of frequency is called frequent start?
Pump is the same, often start, not just reduce the service life of the pump, motor, contactor life will be shortened.
Q:My car is overheating could it be a bad water pump?
replace your water pump or top overhaul
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
When buying, if you ask for a copper wire or a wire, and don't answer you, it's against the principle of good faith. On the contrary, if you did not ask to buy the water pump with aluminum core, then there is no violation. Because the country does not have any laws and regulations prohibiting the production of aluminum core wire motor, naturally there is no aluminum wire motor as a fake and shoddy products, there is no pre notice obligations.In fact, the aluminum core motor is good, and the price is low, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized motors, with good performance. Only used in submersible pumps, because aluminum is easier to damp than copper wire, due to bacteria and other corrosion, and its life is sometimes less than copper wire. But the water pump, aluminum often needs to rewind coil, because of a small submersible pump motor is not good around general scrap.
Q:Does changing the car's coolant damage the water pump?
The mechanic should have used GM Dexcool coolant, but even if he didn't, the chances are your coolant was long overdue for replacement and your water pump suffered from your failure to change the coolant as per your owner's manual maintenance schedule.
Q:2006 chevy impala water pump?
Actually a re-manufactured water pump costs less than $70.00 at any auto parts store. Any private mechanic will change it for a lot less than $600.00. If you don't have a large water pump weep hole leak with the associated loss of coolant do the following: For the time being you can cheat your cooling system's intimate standard 16 PSI (pounds per square inch) by going to Carquest and buying a 4 - 8 lb. radiator pressure cap. Change the cap when the motor and cooling system is stone cold. After installing it try not using your car's air conditioning system. It will raise the systems heat slightly. It's the pressure in the cooling system that causes a higher leak rate of the water pump. Keep an eye on the coolant level in the coolant recovery tank. Get the water pump taken care of before the snow flies!

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