QAY240,all terrain crane, the highest design level

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Based on the success of QAY130, QAY160, and QAY200 all terrain truck cranes, QAY 240 is another new all terrain product developed by our company through extensive market research and technical demonstration. It inherits the successful experience, and adopts new materials, new technologies, and the most advanced steed structure design and computer control technique. The main hydraulic parts and load bearing materials adopts international parts and components, effectively improving the product’s performance and reliability. The application of hydropneumatic suspension all terrain chassis, electronic proportional control system, limit load control variable hydraulic system, U jib technique greatly improving the performance and grade of the machine. The machine has modern design, compact and reasonable layout, and excellent travel and lifting performance. QAY240 which represented the highest design level at that time attended the 2007 Munich Bauma Exhibition. It is the first time for the Chinese high-level crane shown on the international stage, extending the domestic crane’s influence in the world. 

DimensionOverall lengthmm15918
Overall widthmm3080
Overall heightmm4000
WeightOverall weight in travelkg72000
Axle loadAxle 1, 2kg12000
Axle 3, 4kg12000
Axle 5kg12000
Power     Superstructure engineRated powerkw/(r/min)194/2100
Rated torqueN.m/(r/min)1050/1400
Rated speedr/min2100
Carrier engineRated powerkw/(r/min)420/1800
Rated torqueN.m/(r/min)2700/1080
Rated speedr/min1800
Max. travel speedkm/h71
Min. turning diameterm24
Min. ground clearancemm280
Approach angle°25
Departure angle°18­
Braking distance (at 30km/h)m≤10
Max. grade ability%48
Fuel consumption for 100kml90

Main performanceMax. rated total lifting capacityt240
Min. rated working radiusm3
Turning radius at turntable tail (counterweight)mm480
Max. lifting torqueBase boomkN.m7797
Fully extended boomkN.m2940
Outrigger spanLongitudinal/lateralm9.625/8.7(6.5)
Lifting heightBase boomm12.6
Fully extended boomm65.6
Fully extended boom+ jibm85.7
Boom lengthBase boomm13.2
Fully extended boomm67
Fully extended boom+ jibm87
Working speedBoom luffingBoom raisingm65
Boom extension/retractionFull extension/full retractionm650
Max. swing speedr/min1.6
Outrigger telescoping timeOutrigger beamExtensionS50
Outrigger jackExtensionS50
Lifting speed (single rope, layer 4)Main winchNo loadm/min115
Aux. winchNo loadm/min118

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