Q48series Casting Overhead hanger chain type shot blasing machine/shot peening machine/wheelabrator for LPG Cylinder

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Hanger chain type shot blasting machine for LPG Cylinder

Hanger chain  type shot blasting machine for automobiles, tractors ,motors and other small and medium-sized enterprises of Casing and Forging, sheet metal piece to strengthen the surface and clean-up or treatment; also suitable for liquefied gas bottles clean up the surface rust transmission line, the series of products with the continuity of good,clean-up efficient and canbe use in the line.

Overhead hanger chain  type shot blasting machine The workpieces are carried on rotating hooks on the Manually operated monorail to the blast cabinet where they are blasted by blast wheels. The blast cycle runs in accordance with the preset blast time. When the blast wheels stop, the door is opened and the hook exits automatically.

Surface treatment of parts produced by casting, die-casting, forging, drop-forging, or heat-treated.

Q48 series  Overhead hanger chain type shot blasting machine for LPG cylinder technical parameter:






Productivity (hook/h)




Conveying Speed (m/min)




Workpiece Maximum Weight (Kg)




Distance between Hooks (mm)




Abrasive Flow Rate (Kg/min)




Ventilation Capacity (m/3h)




Workpiece Maximum Dimension (mm)

φ 1000*1400

φ 1200*1700

φ 700*2400

Total Power (Kw)




Overrall Dimension (mm)




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