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Flame Resistance
Thermal Insulation
Weather resistance
Long Service Life

PVC Roofing Tiles

We use the latest technology to manufacture state of the art tiles that are long lasting. Our PVC Roofing Tiles have rich colors that do not fade easily. We also offer vibrant, beautiful colors that suit all architectural style. Since our PVC Roofing Tiles are made of top quality P.V.C., they are light weight, durable and completely waterproof. Furthermore, PVC Roofing Tiles provide benefits like heat insulation, chemical resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, electricity insulation and simplicity and convenience in installation. We supply PVC Roofing Tiles which are suitable for all kinds of roofing.

Technical Data

  • Length

    • Customized

  • Width

    • 720mm,900 mm,1030mm,1080mm

Working width

  • 640mm,800 mm,950mm,1000mm


  • 1.2.-4.0 mm

Color available

  • Red

  • White

  • Brown

  • Green

  • Blue

Purline space

  • 600 mm

Advantages of Using HOLU Roof Resin Sheets

  • Long lasting.

  • Waterproof

  • Impact and low temperature resistant

  • Anti corrosive

  • Maintenance free

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Q:Lightboard (SKTLITE FRP TR Q 900) 1.0 Thick information, to be colorless and transparent. There is also information on fire control panels.
Double clear FRP lighting board is usually made of polyester resin substrate, chopped mat as a reinforcing material, the surface covered with special film, product formulations, dissolved, attached and forming have a unique method and technology
Q:How to control the noise caused by the color of the steel roof, what is the laying of the material?
Do a 3mm thick aluminum foil self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, set waterproof, heat insulation, sound one.
Q:What is the maximum weight of the lighting tile (FRP)? Is it possible to step down from above?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting board is not recommended for the shameless shameless shabby drunk, because the glass fiber reinforced plastic panels are mainly lighting effect, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic is also a common transparent resin, glass fiber is also used to ensure that the light Effect, the beginning of the toughness is better products, basically do not appear as you said people will step up to step up, but there may be cracks, after 2 years the product will have a certain degree of aging, brittle, load capacity will decline. Proposed not to step on the above. As for the difference between good and bad this is more difficult to say
Q:I heard that synthetic resin tile very environmentally friendly, how an environmental law? How is it done?
In addition, synthetic resin tile also has the advantages of light weight, waterproof, tough insulation, insulation, noise, anti-corrosion, anti-hail, anti-fouling, fire, insulation, easy installation, etc, is all kinds of permanent building roof decoration and Waterproof ideal material for high-grade roofing materials to provide a more convenient and efficient alternative products, especially for China's current efforts to promote the "Ping-slope" project You call in front of 180 behind 0731 plus the most direct the fastest and most effective
Q:I would like to ask where the color steel tile roof waterproof material to sell, my father told me to buy some color steel tile roof waterproof material, where to buy better?
I would like to ask where the color steel tile roof waterproof material to sell, my father told me to buy some color steel tile roof waterproof material, where to buy better? More
Q:Synthetic resin tile the most effective and most direct detection methods are wood?
After 10 freeze-thaw cycle, the product without hollowing, blistering, peeling, cracks and other phenomena
Q:Leader dealership for a factory consignment of a building material (one yuan quadratic equation)
The store to improve operating profit, ready to take the way to price promotions Market research found that: when the price per ton of 10 yuan per drop, the monthly sales will increase by 75 tons Taking into account a variety of factors, each sold a ton of building materials to pay a total of 100 yuan and other costs of manufacturers and other costs in accordance with the "puerile" principle, ask the price per ton of material for the number of Monthly profit of 000 yuan for a variety of ways
Q:This is the customer directly to the size of the specifications, if you want to do magnesium alloy tile must have a concept, that is, corrosion resistance and weather resistance to touch the official barking Du Sen Senhai, so you look at the appearance of the request Must ask the manufacturer to do this.
Direct shop with the current dedicated metal roof ah. Also resistant to acid and alkali.
Q:Sales management approach and reward and punishment system, building materials industry
You can give them the task to exert pressure, and to declare the task to give the reward, not a task and what will be punished
Q:Brief description of the engine crankshaft bearing is made of what material
Aluminum [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To

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