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Flame Resistance
Thermal Insulation
Weather resistance
Long Service Life

PVC Roofing Tiles

We use the latest technology to manufacture state of the art tiles that are long lasting. Our PVC Roofing Tiles have rich colors that do not fade easily. We also offer vibrant, beautiful colors that suit all architectural style. Since our PVC Roofing Tiles are made of top quality P.V.C., they are light weight, durable and completely waterproof. Furthermore, PVC Roofing Tiles provide benefits like heat insulation, chemical resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, electricity insulation and simplicity and convenience in installation. We supply PVC Roofing Tiles which are suitable for all kinds of roofing.

Technical Data

  • Length

    • Customized

  • Width

    • 720mm,900 mm,1030mm,1080mm

Working width

  • 640mm,800 mm,950mm,1000mm


  • 1.2.-4.0 mm

Color available

  • Red

  • White

  • Brown

  • Green

  • Blue

Purline space

  • 600 mm

Advantages of Using HOLU Roof Resin Sheets

  • Long lasting.

  • Waterproof

  • Impact and low temperature resistant

  • Anti corrosive

  • Maintenance free

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Q:Steel roof tiles are too noisy to have no other material to replace
Steel roof tiles are too noisy to have no other material to replace
Q:Do the decoration building materials business, how can we run well
Business projects in the fine no more than the project to reduce the degree of decentralization, customer trust will be reduced
Q:Do I have to open a building material invoice, open a tax or a good land tax?
If the other party does not provide construction services, only to sell reinforced concrete, it is certainly to the state tax VAT invoice
Q:How is the main material of the cement tile made of it?
Cement tile, also known as color tile, the raw material is cement. The product is made of high pressure by high quality mold pressing. Cement tile density, high strength, good anti-freeze performance, surface smooth, accurate size, long service life and so on. Applicable to ordinary houses, but also for high-end villas and high-rise building waterproof insulation. The colored cement tile is a new choice for the construction of new socialist countryside and urban district and upscale bungalows. The correct mix of raw materials is made to ensure the consistency of the material. And then squeezed by high-pressure abrasive, which cut into pieces with each piece of nail empty tiles. So that each piece of cement tile has the effect of heat and moisture after leaving the abrasive. The cement tile at the factory needs to be placed for several days to keep the cement. The requirements of the production are that each link needs to be carried out by the supervision and management of advanced machinery and equipment and professionals.
Q:What is the lighting board, and what is the difference between the sun, that by the longer time
FRP lighting panels and PC sun panels in the performance, there are nine differences, the following specific analysis:
Q:Will do under the waterproof to buy what materials, waterproof or water workers do or tile workers do
Waterproof material is a kind of classification, which is divided into rigid materials and flexible materials are more complex, building waterproof is an independent industry, waterproof workers is also a type of work, but now the general home improvement In the bathroom waterproof as a small area of simple technology, generally by the tile workers to do.
Q:I am a FRP lighting board, XPS insulation board sales staff, how to find this aspect of the procurement information? I am a novice!
Features: a high strength, long life of 15 - 20 years or more; b appearance smooth, light transmission rate of 85% or more; c corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, can filter out 90% of the sun UV; d products Stability, strong, -30 ℃ -130 ℃ between the product without any impact E According to customer needs can choose flame retardant, and other special performance Specifications and flexible size, the product can produce arbitrary waveforms and plates, steel construction is the best lighting products Is the chemical industry, metallurgical industry building anti-corrosion preferred products Order: Yehua
Q:I heard that the construction of new housing new building materials is very short? I will soon be able to build a house out of my parents in the rural home to build a house, but the father and mother body is not good, build a long and particularly tiring house, I heard that the new construction of new building materials is very short and very Convenient, my family plans to build a, about how long?
Did not expect the landlord would think of the new home with a new home in the home building, this house has 95 years of security structure, the use of light steel and "double insulation" + "double compartment" wall structure insulation energy-saving technology, Performance is very good, Dongnuanxialiang, very suitable for living
Q:Where does synthetic resin tile buy? Where are the synthetic resin tile manufacturers? Synthetic resin tile in what place with a wide range!
Synthetic resin tile is the country's current advocacy and promotion of a new generation of light environmental protection building materials, product environmental protection, energy saving and renewable
Q:Synthetic resin tile for flat to slope, do not wild, mobile housing, garden loft where the advantages?
Color lasting: synthetic resin tile surface material is selected imported high weather resistance engineering resin made

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