PVC wave sheet,PVC corrugated roofing sheet,PVC corrugated roofing sheet/Triple layer,pvc roofingtile, PVC wave sheet

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Flame Resistance
Thermal Insulation
Weather resistance
Long Service Life

PVC Roofing Tiles

We use the latest technology to manufacture state of the art tiles that are long lasting. Our PVC Roofing Tiles have rich colors that do not fade easily. We also offer vibrant, beautiful colors that suit all architectural style. Since our PVC Roofing Tiles are made of top quality P.V.C., they are light weight, durable and completely waterproof. Furthermore, PVC Roofing Tiles provide benefits like heat insulation, chemical resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, electricity insulation and simplicity and convenience in installation. We supply PVC Roofing Tiles which are suitable for all kinds of roofing.

Technical Data

  • Length

    • Customized

  • Width

    • 720mm,900 mm,1030mm,1080mm

Working width

  • 640mm,800 mm,950mm,1000mm


  • 1.2.-4.0 mm

Color available

  • Red

  • White

  • Brown

  • Green

  • Blue

Purline space

  • 600 mm

Advantages of Using HOLU Roof Resin Sheets

  • Long lasting.

  • Waterproof

  • Impact and low temperature resistant

  • Anti corrosive

  • Maintenance free

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Q:Debate the material against their own in front of the snow which others others tile cream
Everyone from the door before the snow Mo tube others on the tile metaphor only their own things, do not want to control the matter of others
Q:How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic resin tile
Unhealthy synthetic resin tile surface layer will produce chemical reactions, and even produce fading
Q:Does the lighting plate be so hot for a long time?
Lighting board for a long time sun no poison,and it will be along long time.
Q:I was doing color steel tile building, the recent snow I built the house was snow overwhelmed, I use the material is not the national standard, do I need to bear the legal responsibility
Who is responsible for who is responsible for acceptance
Q:What material is attached to the roof of the porcelain tile solid
, the disadvantage is relatively short with the use of cement flower rack
Q:Carton is made of what material, I heard with "corrugated" and the like is what?
The middle of the carton that wave of paper is called corrugated
Q:Rural bungalows roof leakage, what materials can be leakproof? But also not afraid of the sun drying.
Ordinary waterproofing membrane and asphalt can guarantee 5 to 10 years or so, but such materials are afraid of exposure and low temperature to give you a better way to do a waterproof layer of polyurethane waterproof material (pay attention to test the water), and then in the waterproof layer Paving tiles to do protective layer to protect the waterproof layer (pay attention to the use of impermeable tiles and find the gallbladder chrysanthemum sensation fine powder) will be higher, but once and for all. Want to adopt
Q:The classification and use of building materials, and how to use them
Building materials buildingmaterials, used in buildings are collectively referred to as building materials New building materials include a wide range of materials, insulation materials, insulation materials, high-strength materials, will breathe materials are all new materials Building materials are collectively referred to as materials used in civil engineering.
Q:Where does synthetic resin tile buy? Where are the synthetic resin tile manufacturers? Synthetic resin tile in what place with a wide range!
The use of high-tech chemical technology developed from the new building materials, generally applicable to the development zone Ping-slope, farmers market, shopping malls, residential quarters, new rural construction residents high-end villas, awnings, awnings, antique buildings
Q:My house is a resin tile, but the resin tile can only last three decades, three years later how to do it? It makes me depressed
All the materials are the number of years, the use of commercial housing 40 to 70 years, the scope of application of resin tile is mainly used in flat slope, mobile housing, villas, antique buildings, garden pavilions and other roof areas

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