PVC Ventilation, Dust Control 3"

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PVC Ventilation, Dust Control


1) Size 3"
2) new PVC material
3) spiral zinc-plated steel wire
4) full new material
5) smooth bore


For solid(dust, fiber) gas and liquid environment, household and industrial vacuum cleaners, the objects dry, welding smoke excluded.


Looks beautiful, smooth inner wall, anti acid and alcali, with chemical resistance, good tensile, resilient.

Working Temperature:



The products in the transportation, storage, when not to stress, is stricly prohibited near the fire.

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Q:Where can I find plastic tubing?
The plastic tubing store.
Q:Plastic Jar, Tubing, PVC?
Peanut butter comes in a container about that size....
Q:What material of buried pipeline needs to be treated with rust prevention? What kind of material needs to be treated with antiseptic, what kind of material is it made or not?
Cast iron pipes and steel pipes need to be protected from corrosion. The rest are basically not needed, such as concrete pipes, plastic pipes, glass pipes, etc.;
Q:plastic/acrylic tube fitting question?
If it's a compression becoming it's going to have threads and a nut on it. When you purchased it there must had been a unfastened brass ferrule in below the nut. You slip the nut over the copper tubing, slide on the brass ferrule, after which tighten down the nut. Two words of warnings when utilizing compression fittings: fundamental!!! (1) do not overtighten the nut, and even more importantly, (2) if you start tightening the nut, you can't turn the nut the improper way (as if to loosen it) even very reasonably. ALL turning movement have got to be to tighten most effective. If you are making a mistake and even flip the wrench back 1/4 an inch which you can wreck the compression of the ferrule and the fitting will leak and no matter how tight you tighten it after that it is going to leak. At that factor you can have got to either reduce out the pipe or or else get rid of it and over.
Q:Is there any way to insert a plactic tube into another tube that is a bit wider?
Then try going the other direction and freezing the smaller tube. That may make it shrink enough to fit.
Q:how long would it take for air inside a plastic tube 3inch by 1inch to go stale?
What do you mean by go stale? Smell bad? Become contaminated with organics from the tube? I would think you would also need to specify what kind of plastic that makes the tube to have a chance to answer this.
Q:Ear Tubes?!?!?!?!?
I never had tubes, but my son did. They are tiny plastic tubes that your ears will push out over time as they grow. You will not feel them at all, and if you want to swim, you just have to put some swimmer's ear plugs in, which you can buy at the drug store to seal your ears shut. My son used that and he swam all the time with no problems. You'll be fine!
Q:What's the full name of "PPC plastic pipe"?
PPC, commonly known as polycarbonate, is commonly known as bullet proof glue due to its superior mechanical properties. The utility model has the advantages of high mechanical strength, wide application temperature range, good electrical insulation performance (but no arc resistance performance), good dimensional stability, transparency, etc.. Widely used in electrical products, electrical and electronic products shell structures. PPC products are more modified, usually with glass fiber, mineral fillers, chemical flame retardants, and other plastics. The fluidity is poor and the processing temperature is high, so the processing of many grades of modified material requires a special plasticized injection structure.
Q:What would be the best way to store cigars in their tubes for 24hrs with no humidor?
I would keep in a desk drawer lying on their sides wrapped in their tubes.
Q:I'm getting a Syrian hamster...can they climb an upright, plastic tunnel/tube...?
Well, I have a tubed cage with an up-right tube like that, and my hamsters love it!!!! Of course, my hamsters are dwarf hamsters. I've never really heard of the brand of cage you want to get, but I'd say get CritterTrail. That's what I have, and it's great. I would think that somewhere there are cages with bigger tubes so a Syrian hamster can use it. But I don't know, i think you should use a big glass aquarium and buy some tubes by themselves, and tape them onto the cage and see if your hamster climbs in them. Lol. Hope this helps!!!

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