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Quick Details

  • Product Type:Other Fabric

  • Supply Type:Make-to-Order

  • Material:PVC+POLYESTER

  • Pattern:Coated

  • Coated Type:PVC Coated

  • Style:Plain

  • Width:1.02-3.2m

  • Yarn Count:1000x1000

  • Density:20x20

  • Weight:400-1200g

  • Use:Truck cover and others

  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin:China

  • Use:Truck Cover

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Kraft paper
Delivery Detail:15-18Days


PVC fabric for truck cover
100% polyester, coated or laminated
water proof, fire retardant,anti-mildew, anti-UV etc.


Features:1) PVC Coated Tarpaulin Fabric

2) Density: 20 x 20/inch

3) Yarn: 1000 x 1000D polyester woven

4) Weight: 500 - 1200gsm, 14.5 - 35.5oz

5) Width: 1.5 - 3.2m, 59 - 126"

6) Tensile strength: >2500N/5cm

7) Tear strength: >250N

8) Adhesion: >100N/5cm

9) Temperature: -30 - +70 celsius

10) Flame retardant

1) UV-resistance

12) Anti-mildew

Truck Cover

CategorySpecificationWeight (g)Tensile strength
in N/5 cm
Tear strength
in N
Coating materialFlame-retardant standardsColor fastnessTemperature resistance
DCW250250*250D 36*362501500/1500100/90PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW410500*840D 18*184102000/1800150/140PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW5101000*1000D 20*205102500/2000250/250PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6101000*1000D 20*206102500/2500270/270PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6801000*1000D 20*206803000/3000300/300PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW9001000*1000 D 12*12L2/29004000/4000500/500PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW10001000*1000 D 14*14L2/210005000/4500900/900PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C

1.Add flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance, and surface treatment according to customer requirements
2.Color and weight according to customer requirements
3.Has strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength

Depending on the specifications of the fabric can be used to make trucks, trains covered with cloth, awning, tent, etc.

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Q:What plastic is the airbag cover?,
Hard is mainly from two categories: polypropylene and PVC/ABS blister composite sheetLook at the back of the airbag cover. It should have material type marks
Q:Is the clutch pedal and accelerator pedal plastic?
The average car is plastic (phenolic), and the modified parts are made of metal.In addition, the high-grade sports sedan, the original pedals also have metal material.
Q:How to deal with leaking water in plastic roof of automobile water tank?
1, exhaust three links leaking;2, the upper and lower water pipe and water tank interface leakage;3, indoor pipe parts leaking;4 、 the shower is leaking;5, the vacuum heat collecting tube and the water tank connecting parts are leaking;6 、 the vacuum heat collecting tube is damaged and leaking;7 、 water tank welding interface cracking water leakage.
Q:How do you remove the wax from the car and rub it onto the plastic?
Use an eraser to drop, tried, very good use. The painted walls are dirty and use an eraser.
Q:What are the kinds of plastic in automobile interiors?
From the type of automobile upholstery plastics, the dashboard are using PP, ABS, ABS+PC, PP, the door panel are used PP+EPDM, ABS or PC/ABS, mist grille, handle and glove box is used in ABS, PC/ABS or PP, the air outlet is generally used ABS, PC/ABS or PET etc..
Q:How to repair the plastic water tank in the car?
Plastic parts of the damage, in general, plastic parts of the surface of paint damage, always spread to the parts of the body, so that it produces corresponding damage, such as scratches, cracks, abrasions, tear, pierce and so on. In order to repair the damaged paint, first, the plastic parts should be restored to meet the requirements of the spraying finish, and the chemical adhesive bonding method is usually used for the repair of the above damage.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the car audio modifications, wooden gaskets and plastic gaskets?
Wood washer: it is divided into three plywood and MDF. They are afraid of water. Especially the density board, see the water expansion, brush waterproof. Advantages: you can make the desired shape, and there is no resonance.
Q:How do you remove the plastic paint from the car?
The best way to remove paint is to use thinner, in which epoxy thinner works best.
Q:The use of various plastic materials.
Suitable plastic products: tray, cups, cutlery, toothbrush, refrigerator cabinet, knob, lighting accessories, accessories, instrument mirror, packing box, stationeryABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymerABS acrylonitrile (chemical corrosion resistance, surface hardness of butadiene styrene) (toughness) (good processability, good dyeing weatherability, easy oxidation) with good comprehensive performance, high impact toughness and good mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical stability, stable size, easy to machine processing, surface plating, good electrical properties.
Q:Why are the front and back panels plastic?
The manufacturing cost can be controlled, and the design and production can be easily promotedAutomobile production has been mold, in addition to the body will use high strength materials, many parts will use engineering plastics as much as possible. Automobile front and rear bumpers are typical representatives, and external parts, such as fenders, may also use lightweight materials such as plastics.Plastic bumpers can not only save manufacturing costs, but also lower the level of industrial requirements, relatively easy to produce. So the cost of cars can be controlled, the final product price to consumers will be more reasonable, it must be the corresponding.Of course, apart from the plastic bumpers, some of the top sports cars will use carbon fiber materials. In fact, the purpose is very simple, mainly in order to create lightweight body, thereby enhancing the speed and braking effect of the vehicle.

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