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Quick Details

  • Product Type:Other Fabric

  • Supply Type:Make-to-Order

  • Material:PVC+POLYESTER

  • Pattern:Coated

  • Coated Type:PVC Coated

  • Style:Plain

  • Width:1.02-3.2m

  • Yarn Count:1000x1000

  • Density:20x20

  • Weight:400-1200g

  • Use:Truck cover and others

  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin:China

  • Use:Truck Cover

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Kraft paper
Delivery Detail:15-18Days


PVC fabric for truck cover
100% polyester, coated or laminated
water proof, fire retardant,anti-mildew, anti-UV etc.


Features:1) PVC Coated Tarpaulin Fabric

2) Density: 20 x 20/inch

3) Yarn: 1000 x 1000D polyester woven

4) Weight: 500 - 1200gsm, 14.5 - 35.5oz

5) Width: 1.5 - 3.2m, 59 - 126"

6) Tensile strength: >2500N/5cm

7) Tear strength: >250N

8) Adhesion: >100N/5cm

9) Temperature: -30 - +70 celsius

10) Flame retardant

1) UV-resistance

12) Anti-mildew

Truck Cover

CategorySpecificationWeight (g)Tensile strength
in N/5 cm
Tear strength
in N
Coating materialFlame-retardant standardsColor fastnessTemperature resistance
DCW250250*250D 36*362501500/1500100/90PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW410500*840D 18*184102000/1800150/140PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW5101000*1000D 20*205102500/2000250/250PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6101000*1000D 20*206102500/2500270/270PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6801000*1000D 20*206803000/3000300/300PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW9001000*1000 D 12*12L2/29004000/4000500/500PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW10001000*1000 D 14*14L2/210005000/4500900/900PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C

1.Add flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance, and surface treatment according to customer requirements
2.Color and weight according to customer requirements
3.Has strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength

Depending on the specifications of the fabric can be used to make trucks, trains covered with cloth, awning, tent, etc.

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Q:Now the bumper of a car is made of plastic. What's the good for the car maker?
The bumper is made of engineering plastics, apparently to reduce costs and reduce vehicle load and fuel consumption
Q:What's the material for the car's tank?
Other car fuel tanks. With the development of polymer material technology, more and more models are now using polymer plastic fuel tank. Plastic tank development today, not only have the strength and stiffness of all metal tank, there are a lot of metal tank does not have the advantages, such as plastic fuel tank in the car crash when not because the contact tank and other objects and fire; plastic tank will not generate static electricity; to adhere to 30 minutes in the case of burning fire. So now most of the private cars are made of plastic fuel tanks.
Q:What happens if the inside of the exhaust pipe is blocked by plastic bags?
Also, when a car runs on the road, it burns more fully and generally produces carbon dioxide. If the exhaust pipe is blocked and the gasoline does not burn enough, it will exhaust carbon monoxide. Because carbon monoxide and tail gas are not blown away, they build up around the car and are easy to fill into the car. For a long time, the car will gather more and more carbon monoxide inhalation of toxic gases, the occupants of the colourless will imperceptibly poisoning, "like gas poisoning, so people used to be called" the silent killer "
Q:The car waxed and accidentally hit the plastic. How do you get it off?
None of the toothpaste has been removed. No universal cleaning agent has been used. Advisory automotive beauty experts say that only the multi-function orange oil is wiped off clean, that is, the use of automotive interior cleaning leather dashboard, using ultra concentrated, multi-functional natural orange oil. Sent Aite best brand.
Q:Black plastic black, how disposable processing?
Many car groups have this problem, black plastic on the car is easy to white, and many people have used many methods, such as sanding, black spray paint, and even brush black shoe polish and so on
Q:What are the applications of engineering plastics in automotive parts and components?
The application of engineering plastics in automotive parts, commonly used engineering plastics with modified nylon, modified POM, modified polyphenylene ether, and plastic auto parts are mainly around the engine system, lighting system, exterior system and interior system etc..
Q:Can the plastic parts of auto shell be glued with hot melt adhesive?
It is not strong enough to be welded with plastic welding rod.
Q:What about the plastic on the exhaust pipe of the car?
The automobile exhaust bellows and automobile exhaust pipe exhaust hose, which is installed between the engine exhaust pipe and muffler pipe, the exhaust system is flexible, thus play a role in reducing vibration and noise, convenient installation and prolong the life of exhaust muffler system. It is mainly used for light trucks, mini cars and buses, the structure is double bellows coated steel mesh sleeve, both ends of the structure of straight section ring for the coat, noise elimination effect is better, can be equipped with internal bellows expansion joints or net. Material: the main materials are stainless steel, SUS304, ferrule and nozzle. The material can be stainless steel or aluminized steel.
Q:Are there any domestic companies producing modified plastics for automobiles?
Interior trim: luggage, upright post, door panel, glove box, instrument panel
Q:Some cars use plastic gasoline tanks, why do not produce static fire?
It's true that gasoline will rub out static electricity in a plastic bucket. You go to the gas station with a plastic pot and the gas station won't sell you any oil. The car's tank is metal, and electrostatic charges do not accumulate.

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