PVC Stretch Ceiling Panel for House Decoration

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China Main Port
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TT or L/C
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20 Rolls m²
Supply Capability:
140000 M2 Per Week m²/month

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Product Description:

Detail of PVC Stretch Ceiling Film Wholesale:

1-3.2M, 50*2M/ROLL, 150M/ROLL

The size-------------------------------Width/1.5-4m; Length/150m per roll; thickness is often at 0.18mm
The weight----------------------------About 0.23 Kg per square meter
Packed---------------------------------by carton, 1 roll per carton
Sample available-------------------Yes
Delivery time-------------------------about 5-10 days
Quality--------------------------- -----Can be used more than 10 years, waterproof


 pvc   pvc

Features of PVC Stretch Ceiling Film Wholesale

1.The fire-protection rate can be achieved between B1 to A2 of the national standard.

2.Energy-saving,good light transmission. The light transmission rate ranges from 58% to 65%, soft light. Compared to the PVC membrane can save 50% energy under the same light soruce.

3.Insulation, thermal insulation, glass fiber characteristics. It has high insulation and heat-preservation functions, which can make the indoor tmperature keep constant, can greatly reduce energy loss.

4.High tenile strength.Use high-strength fiberglass yarn, the tensile strength reaches 2000N/25mm.

5.Waterproof, water and steam impermeable.

6.Aging-resistant, can be used 30-50 years without yellowing.

7.Environmental protection. Use the technology of aerospace industry and German. The coating does not contain heavy mental and chemicals that are toxic on human body. In linee with the national standard of the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials.

8.Easy to clean. Can be cleaned with water directly.

9.Flatness. Use high strength fiberglass yarn and the high-grade air-jet looms, the surface is smooth and there are no surface cracks and obscission.

10.High-temperature proof. Do not become deformed under the temperature of 260C.


12.Self-cleaning. Do not stick dust and oil.

 pvc ceiling     pvc ceiling film

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Q:Soft film is not only used for smallpox, can not be used for the wall?
Soft film ceilings are generally used in large spaces, such as hotel lobbies and other places, the exhibition hall can also be used. Family with very little. Walls can also be used, and pillars are also common. Other convenient shape of the light transmission material, you can also use acrylic, translucent stone (all kinds of texture patterns are), but these two kinds of material specifications are certain, a large area with the words between the two boards will be seams The (Soft film can be seamless)
Q:Is the soft film a soft film
Is soft film smallpox, soft film material is sub-light and light transmission, and some also have color
Q:Soft film ceiling how much money a square meter
Latitude and longitude soft membrane ceiling which contains: material, installation, design.
Q:Modeling soft film ceiling need to pay attention to what?
Hole lamp: in the lamp hole where the mark, the pvc lamp ring accurately paste in the bottom of the soft film. After the firm, remove the extra lace. In the case of construction site conditions permit, in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings of carpentry to do a good part of the fixed pvc dedicated keel, angular position must be straight and smooth. Open the outlet, light pipe Handicap: find the location of the mouth of the mouth of the light tube, with the same around, the soft film installed on the PVC special keel, pay attention to the corner to be flat. After the cut out of the extra smallpox can be. Finally, clean the soft film ceiling with a clean towel. Note that the lighthouse, tuyere, light pipe plate with the surrounding keel level, and requires a firm and smooth can not swing before. The installation can be ruled out the security risks slightly.
Q:Soft film ceiling cut bad, what is the size of the situation?
Look at your latitude and longitude soft film ceiling is the shape, and then cut in accordance with the size chart.
Q:Soft film smallpox in the lamp how bad repair
According to the specific to carry out maintenance: 1, if the lamp failure, as long as the removal of lamps to check the reasons, and then bad bad parts on it; 2, if the line failure, it is too much trouble, or open the ceiling for circuit maintenance, due to the complexity of the process of the best professionals to repair, or another way all the way. As the soft film ceiling and general industrial products, soft film ceiling function and form is with the actual needs of designers and users vary. Almost every project has its own unique form and structure, in the production need to use different construction methods and structural organization requirements. Even if the same design and effect requirements, but also because of the construction site, chassis materials, walls and the need to make appropriate changes in the construction method, so the soft film ceiling construction is fixed at the construction site, the construction must be installed Personnel and installation means flow to different areas of the scene. Even if the same project, the installation staff must also be in accordance with the requirements of the construction process at different times and space flow, the construction of the mobility of the construction and management of the work to bring some special requirements and problems.
Q:What is the price of soft film ceiling?
The specific price is to see how much the square, there is no shape, and the level of membrane material
Q:How much is the soft film
Soft film tranquil several kinds of that depends on what you want to install what kind of white film inkjet photo UV several prices 10 yuan to 70 yuan between what do not know can ask me
Q:What is the installation of soft film ceilings?
According to the design requirements of the drawings, in the need to install soft film ceiling at a level of height around the fixed 4X4Cm support keel (some local area is relatively large when the block installation required to achieve good results. ). When all the wooden sliver is required to be fixed, then the aluminum keel will be fixed on the bottom of the keel.
Q:Soft film ceiling ceiling price how much
More than 100 square, according to the amount of.
CANNA is specialized in the production of PVC coatings and composite materials, and mainly produces PVC films (ceiling films and window ornament films), lamp box fabrics, gridding fabrics, scraped coating awning fabrics, projection screen fabrics, curtain fabrics, etc. we sincerely welcome customers from all over the world for negotiation and cooperation. We will make close cooperation with customers with superior quality and the best service to realize mutual benefits and create common glory.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang, China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value Above US$ 10 Million
Main Markets 30% South America
20% Southeast Asia
20% Africa
10% Mid East
10% Eastern Asia
10% Central America

Mid East;Eastern Europe;North America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;CE

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Nearest Port Shanghai
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
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Factory Size: 30,000-50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High; Average