PVC Sheathed Flexible Control Cable Plastic Insulated Cable

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TypeNameApplication Site
KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes
KVVPCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed copper wire braiding screened control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with copperl tape shieldPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVV22Copper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with steel tape armmouredPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches ,pipes or underground be able to bear stronger outer mechanical force
KVVRCopper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility and movability are required
KVVRPCopper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed, braiding screened flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility shielding and movability are required
ZR-KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,flame retardant control cableFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flame retardant
ZR-KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant control cable with steel tape shieldFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flameretardant
ZR-KVV2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed  flame retardant control cable with steel tape armourFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and underground, the cable should  be flame  retardant and able to bear beavier external mechanical force, and for fixed installation
ZR-KVVRCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant flexible control cableFor laying indoors, and the cable should be flame retardant flexible and movable

The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.


The products can be produced according to the standard GB9330-1998,and the factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other standards.

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Q:What is the heat of the cross-linked cable?
Video cable refers to the transmission of video signals (VIDEO) cable, can be used as a monitoring system for signal transmission
Q:Will the two 16 square copper wire with what specifications of the trunking
If the network cable is shielded with the network no problem, in fact, the main problem is not interference, it touches on security issues, from the truth, the strong and weak electricity can not take a bridge, if you must go inside a bridge, to add metal partitions The
Q:The telephone line, TV line, cable, power lines are worn to a wire tube, what will happen?
This is the wiring of the cable wiring formulas: the next five is 10 square below the current per square 5A current wiring, one hundred and twenty is more than 100 square per square 2A, 25335 three circles, meaning 10 (Excluding) or more, 25 square feet per square 3A wiring, 35 square (inclusive) or more, 100 square (excluding) the following per square 4A line, that is, 25 square feet, 35 square feet per square by 3A or 4A wiring line.
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
If you put seven 1.0 square conductor twisted together, as a power can of course. But you twisted the copper wire, how to solve the insulation? In addition, the manual twist, then there is the problem of density, can not be a bit twisted copper wire twisted round? And if you put the seven core core is not peeling, directly twisted together, then, when the wire when the core heat how you solve. So, do not use this line to do home improvement. But if you want to use this line to do the lamp line or can.
Q:A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
Cabinets Half Week + Line (Horizontal + Vertical) + End Range Cabinets Half Week Long or Longer to Equipment Reserve + Quota Total Length * 2.5%
Q:Fourth, what causes the power cable fire accident
Once the cable in the event of fire, the fire ferocious, rapid spread, in the burning will occur when a large number of harmful gases, resulting in fighting difficulties
Q:Choose the configuration of good or bad computer graphics card memory processor, etc., how to choose a different manufacturers
Calculation method: the amount of engineering calculation formula: L = (pipe length calculation + wire reserved length) × with the number of cross-section wire. Note: plastic pipe should not be flattened, cracks, no debris in the tube, cut the mouth should be flat, the nozzle should be shaved plastic wire pipe connection using glue bonding, plastic pipe bonding must be tightly tight, and in the pipeline plug on the plastic pipe plug, to prevent the paddle, plug tube concrete floor, wall and brick structure of the various switches, socket bottom box , The lamp junction box and the pipe connection must be connected with the wiring, is strictly prohibited plastic pipe directly into the junction box dark in the concrete junction box requirements with wet cement paper or plastic foam filled with internal, not allowed to use The cement paper packs its outside. Embedded in the floor, the shear wall of the plastic pipe, the junction box should be fixed firmly to prevent the shift
Q:What is the cable for the YJV33 cable?
Functional ddF is an analysis technique that combines dideoxy terminal sequencing with SSCP, and SSCP analysis of single-stranded DNA with different lengths of dideoxy terminus
Q:Paint trunking, galvanized trunking: that good? expensive? Their advantages and disadvantages?
6 points 1 inch equals 10 points 1 inch equals 3.3 cm 1 minute equals 0.33 mm
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Hello, copper wire per square safe current-carrying 6A, .05X6A = 3A.X220V = 660W, 3AX380V = 1140W, aluminum core for the same 4A algorithm,

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