PVC Sheathed Flexible Control Cable Plastic Insulated Cable

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TypeNameApplication Site
KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes
KVVPCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed copper wire braiding screened control cablePermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with copperl tape shieldPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes where shielding is required
KVV22Copper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed,control cable with steel tape armmouredPermanent installation indoors,in cable ditches ,pipes or underground be able to bear stronger outer mechanical force
KVVRCopper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility and movability are required
KVVRPCopper conductor, PVC insulated & sheathed, braiding screened flexible control cableIinstallation indoors where flexibility shielding and movability are required
ZR-KVVCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed,flame retardant control cableFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flame retardant
ZR-KVVP2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant control cable with steel tape shieldFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and for fixed installation, the cable should be flameretardant
ZR-KVV2Copper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed  flame retardant control cable with steel tape armourFor laying indoors, in trenched, in ducts and underground, the cable should  be flame  retardant and able to bear beavier external mechanical force, and for fixed installation
ZR-KVVRCopper conductor PVC insulated & sheathed flame retardant flexible control cableFor laying indoors, and the cable should be flame retardant flexible and movable

The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.


The products can be produced according to the standard GB9330-1998,and the factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other standards.

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Q:connect sata hard drive to power?
The hard drive should have a 4 pine Molex connection or similar that matches up to the outputs from the power supply. Basically its a Molex (4 wire) connection to the power supply and a long thin data connection to the mother board.
Q:where to run the power cable 4gauge in a volkswagen bettle 2006 from the engine compartment to rear trunk?
Think outside the box. Literally. You don't have to go through the passenger compartment...you can run the wires under the vehicle. Just be sure to tie them up well. Good luck.
Q:Does anyone else have problems with they're power cable for Dell Studio XPS 16?
I would suggest your take your adapter in to your local computer store and they can check it out. If your adapter is working but your still not getting current then the problem is inside your computer and it will need to be sent for repairs... Source(s): CompTIA A+ Computer Professional
Q:How do I wire a power cable for an amp in a 1998 Honda Prelude?
well honestly im not familiar with preludes but what you do is pull the carpet down a little under the gas and brake pedel the should be a clearing spot in the fire wall from steering colum speedo cable or electrical. it wont look like much of hole but there will be a rubber plug take a flathead and scoot it out then run your power cable through that-wraping it with protective cover where it will lie in the firewall(so it dont cut the plastic and short something out) then tuck all the wires under the carpet along the runningboards. be patient it takes a while but in the end when you can see no wires it looks great
Q:My power supply cables won't disconnect from the hard drive, cd drive, ect? HELP!?
Usually the power cables going to the hard drive or CDROM have 2-3 wires that go into a white connector on the back of the device. Sometimes they have a clip to press down, but usually not. What you have to do is use your thumb and index finger and place them on each side of the white connector. (There is usually a couple of ridges sticking out on each side.) Simply tug outwards gradually but firmly, and rocking it from side to side until it finally detaches. When installing the new power supply, take a look on the connectors and you should see that they can only be inserted in one direction, as it usually has a angled corner that will not allow installation if it is upside-down. I would also suggest you make sure that the PC is not still plugged in. Some power supplies operate in standby mode and if you use pliers or a screwdirver to try and get the power supply out, you could fry the boards. (Just be sure to touch something metal to discharge any static electricity buildup on you before handling the PC.)
Q:my laptop restarts when i connect my power cable?
go in control panel and set ur laptop settings to not to start while swith in
Q:Where can I purchase some type of box to hide or store power cables that are on the floor of my home office?
just about any store that has a electronics department will have something for you to use. there are covers/guides designed for that purpose. good luck with the twins
Q:how deep underground are electric cables put underground?
Here in NZ Power cables have to be buried 600mm or 2 foot below ground, but if your still unsure locate someone with a detect machine who can exray the ground tell you where what are below the surface these gismo's can track trace pipes, power cables, telephone cables, even rabbit burrows! I know co's I used a company that traced underground pipe work on a farm at a speedway before the ground was dug up to insert an under ground drain from one building to another, co's we knew somewhere down there was a high voltage power cable we didn't want to hit it!. Cheers!!
Q:Universal laptop power cord...can somebody recommend a good but inexpensive universal power cable for a laptop?
Laptops each have different power cords, because they have different connections to the laptop itself, so there's no one universal power cable. However, you can easily buy generic powercords for your specific laptop that are cheap. Just go to a site like OKorder and search for your laptop name.
Q:i want to wire directly to my car a sat nav power cable and reversing sensor display to my cars electrics.?
I'm assuming you mean the wire providing the 12-volt power to your radio? And you want to connect other unit's it? It all depends on how much current is drawn by the additional units. Do they have fuses? What sizes are they? Backup cameras usually draw very little current and have really thin wires. Shouldn't be a problem. What type of navigation device? Does it use a DVD-ROM or is it just on a chip, like a portable Tom Tom, Garvin, etc.? If neither of the units' fuses exceed 5 amps, I'd say you're safe (in most cars) running it from the radio's power wire. However, you didn't state the type of car. Late-model GM cars or Audi/Volkswagen have low-current radio wires that use computers. They are known as data bus or can bus systems. I'd avoid connecting to these.

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