PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

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Description of PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

PVC tubes are PVC resins through plastic extruder and molding plasticize and form. It has a lot of advantages like light weight, long length, small resistance of water transportation,  corrosion resistance, better aging resistance, and convenient construction and so on. It has been widely used in the projects of low–pressure conveyance of water irrigation technology. The product has great advantages in energy-saving, environmental protection, economic and practical aspects and is the replacement for the traditional material.

PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

 PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

The specification of PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

PVC Pipes With CE Cetificate for Agriculture Greenhouse

The advantages of PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhousee:

The PVC tubes have both advantages of HDPE pipes and UPVC pipes which are easy to be installed and maintained. And the PVC tubes’ price is lower than HDPE pipes. So it has greater future than UPVC, HDPE pipes. 

Application of PVC Pipes Tape Irrigation Tape Drip for Greenhouse

Indoor water supply system for civil and industrial constructions                          

Underground water supply system for community and factories       

Urban water supply piping system

Water pipeline system in water treatment plants

Marine culture, garden irrigation and agricultural irrigation

Drilling engineering and other industrial tubes

PVC Pipes With CE Cetificate for Agriculture Greenhouse


1.What kind of products do we produce?

The main productions of company are dripping irrigation tubes, sprinkling irrigation equipments,filter, fertilizing system, pipe fitting, tubes, and developments of new technology.

 And meanwhile the company can provide customer the technology consultation and service for integratedwater and fertilizer solution.

2.which kind of certificate we have ?

 ISO9000 certification is company’s management foundation. The all indicators of productions reached national standard after detecting by Ministry Water Resources Irrigation and Drainage Center and the company obtained the irrigation level II qualification.

3. what is the payment term ?

We accept LC ,TT etc . 

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Q:Connecting icemaker valve to 1/4" tubing?
I never did like plastic, try copper tubing.
Q:UPVC what material is the pipe and the HDPE plastic pipe?
It is not suitable for hot water transportation. The adhesion of the joint is high and the curing time is long. HDPE light quality, better fatigue strength, better temperature resistance, good toughness, flexibility, welding needs electricity, but mechanical connection parts are more expensive.
Q:How can PE plastic pipe be welded with PVC plastic?
Can use plastic welding torch welding, welding wire with PCV welding, PVC welding temperature is not high, the high temperature will damage the PVC pipe, and the strength will reach up to temperature, feeling a little higher, after all, PVC is not a pressure piping.
Q:does anyone think it's inhumane to make horses jump over hurdles, smashing into the hard plastic tubes?
I'm a horseback rider, western though. Still, I don't agree with you. When I show, I can always tell that my horse is very happy. She listens to every command and parades around like she is showing off. She perks up every time she hears the audience cheer for her. My horse has a passion for showing, and I'm sure she isn't the only one out there. You could set up the barrels and poles in the arena and put her in there and walk inside, and she would be running them like she had someone riding her. She LOVED it. As for jumping, I had a friend who's horse would do the same but with hurdles. And my dog loves jumping. [i know its not the same but they are both animals.] Thanks for sharing your opinion. That was mine. :]
Q:How do I reach the plastic tubing where it attaches to the water dispenser in the door of my fridge?
the PN you have listed is the part number of the manual. Look inside the refrigerator for a sticker. What you need is the model number. I think you will need to pull of the water catch try and under it are the screws to start disassembling the fountain.
Q:Why does flavor ice (the Popsicle in a plastic strip/tube/bag thingy) make you cough?
never heard of that
Q:where can i buy coin safe tubes online?
It okorder.com they are a large coin and stamp supply company. Very few paper type coin rolls are of top quality and archival, most have acid in the paper.
Q:Is my 2007 Dodge Caliber's dipstick tube made of plastic?
Are you sure your car does not already have a block heater. (installed at the factory) Most of them do.
Q:How do i get a plastic bottle cap out a bottle cup sized hoover tube?????
If the part of the tube where the cap is lodged is all metal for 8-10 inches in either direction, try heating it up. Position the tube on the reverse port, leave the vacuum off, then heat the tube to the point of weakening and distorting the cap. Then turn it on and blast that sucker out. WARNING: This method may very likely destroy your hoover!
Q:what is airline tubing?
Airline tubing is the clear, plastic tubes that are used to put air into the tank. Sometimes it's just from an air pump that makes bubbles, sometimes it's actually oxygen. It comes in lots of different sizes, and good pet stores will sell it to you by the foot.

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