PVC Pipe 16 to 630mm Specification:16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M Standard: GB

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China main port
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100 m
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10000 m/month

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Product Description:

1.Description of PVC Pipe :
Material: Virgin Rigid PVC resin, no recycle material
Process: vacuum forming extrusion
Color: various colors, we can make color according to Panton card No.
Quality Standard: Smooth surface, no spot, no shrink mark, no surface quality defect.Check from cross section, homogeneous in density, good plasticizing degree, relative chemical/physical property meet customer requirement. We supply different environment protection products to meet different market requirement.
2.Features of PVC Pipes :
1)  Light weight, easy to load and unload: PVC pipe is very light, convenient to handle loading unloading, and installing.
2) Small resistance to fluidity: The smooth surface reduces resistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less than other pipes, Under same discharges, smaller cabibre of the pipe can be uesd.
3) Strong mechanical strength: Good resistance to water pressure, outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions.
4) Good electrical insulation: excellent insulation nature against electricity. the pvc pipe can be served as conduits and pipes in construction cable and wire.
3.PVC Pipe Images:

PVC Pipe 16 to 630mm Specification:16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M Standard: GB

PVC Pipe 16 to 630mm Specification:16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M Standard: GB

4.Specifications of the PVC Pipe:
1) Material: pvc pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
2) Standard: GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
3) Color: white  pvc pipe, grey  pvc pipe , etc.
4) Specific Gravity:g/cm3, 20(C): 1.35 - 1.55
5) Vicat Softening Temperature: (C)  >=79
7) Falling Weight Impact Test: TIR, %, 0(C) <=10< span=""><>
8) Tensile Yield Strength:  Mpa >=40
Q:What is you MOQ?
A:As customer’s request.
Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?
A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.
Q:What is the regular shipping port?
A:Tianjin or Shanghai.
Q:What is your payment?
A:TT or CC.
Q:Can we have sample?
A:Sample free, freight cost you.
Q:For urgently doubts,who online?
A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service.

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Q:Clear plastic flexible tubing?? URGENT!!!! ?
try okorder.com/
Q:what brand of syphon tube is best for cleaning gravel?
Tubes that you shake? Now I'm confused. Anyway, most gravel cleaners have very similar designs. They have a rigid plastic tube that you stick into the gravel, and a smaller-diameter hose attached to the small end of the gravel tube. To create a siphon, you put the whole thing in your tank so it fills with water, then hold your thumb over the free end of the hose while you put that end in a bucket that is lower than the tank. The siphon will start by itself, and continue as long as the gravel tube is in water and is higher than the other end of the hose. You don't need to shake any part of it at any time. Nor do you need to suck on it with your mouth, as some people do. Most gravel-cleaning siphons are, as I said, very similar to each other, and as such they are also similar in quality. So go for the one with the lowest cost, unless it looks really shoddy. I have a couple of those siphons, but I rarely use them any more. Instead, I use a Python water changer. This is a water-driven hose system that attaches to your sink faucet, and it can both suck old water out of the tank (cleaning the gravel at the same time, or not, as you choose) and pump new water to the tank. If you have only one or two tanks, it may not be worth the expense, but if you have over 50 tanks, as I have, it's essential. Other companies now have copies of the Python on the market, some of them for slightly lower prices, but I don't know much about the quality of those imitation Pythons. Python was the originator of the product, and still sets the industry standard, in my view.
Q:Need ends to seal 3/8 plastic tube like Dremel uses to seal the ends of the tubes their...?
1 piece of heat-shrink tubing to insulate your solder connection between EL wire and stereo wire (RadioShack) 1/2 6x32 clear polycarbonate screw to hold end bushing in (this is a recent addition, because the end bushings have come out of some of my blades when they are dueled with. However, these are rather expensive, as screws go. I think I payed about $10 for 50 screws.) hot glue, or silicone for end of blade super glue to glue in top and bottom bushings Note: I don't really like RadioShack all that much. I have a much better electronics store locally that I use that has a better selection and cheaper prices, but you can't order from them online, so I know you should be able to find what you need at RadioShack) That's just for the blade.
Q:what are those 5-6ft light stand up tubes filled with water with a bubble and light affect?
I know just what you're talking about, in fact I used to have one. I figured you could find them just doing a google search, but no, there doesn't appear to be anything out there. I suspect the company went out of business.
Q:How to remove plastic tube out of the car oil pan? How will the plastic damage the engine?
Since it it plastic and your engine gets extremely hot it will probably just melt. I will bet when you get around to it. The plastic will have already been melted. Even though its 5 inches it will just swirl around in there until it melts or untill you get it out. I dought you will be able to get it out by using a wire put its worth a try. One little piece of plastic tubing will not stop forged rods and a crankshaft from moving nor will it stop up an oil pump that has a filter on it to remove such things from entering your oil ways. And to pay somone to do that will be about 150$. About 2-2 and a half hours labor to remove and install the oil pan. Save your money itll be alright.
Q:A Plastic Tube Physics?
Take 215 cm^3 and divide it by 12.4 cm^3/s, and you'll have your answer. T = (215/12.4) s
Q:What are the types of plastic pipes?
Polyethylene is one of the most popular plastic resins. Because of its structural characteristics, polyethylene is often unable to withstand higher temperatures, and its mechanical strength is insufficient, which limits its application in many fields. In order to improve the performance of polyethylene, many modification methods of the crosslinking of polyethylene, polyethylene molecular three-dimensional structure by covalent bonds between the formation of a network, quickly improve performance, such as polyethylene resin shaped heat denaturation, wear resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to stress cracking and a series of physical chemical properties.XLPE with its superior performance can be hot and cold water pipes, widely used in construction engineering and municipal engineering in drinking water pipeline; pipe or conventional heating system pipe floor heating system; petroleum and chemical industry pipeline conveying fluid; food industry; refrigeration system pipeline; water system of buried pipeline; gas pipeline.
Q:how long would it take for air inside a plastic tube 3inch by 1inch to go stale?
What do you mean by go stale? Smell bad? Become contaminated with organics from the tube? I would think you would also need to specify what kind of plastic that makes the tube to have a chance to answer this.
Q:Why plastic tubes against UV radiation?
You can't resist UV if you don't add itFor example, if a pipe is buried in the ground, this function may not be needed
Q:where can i find empty tubes for bath salts?
Michael's Craft Stores or something like it.

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