PVC Pipe 0.8MPa Material: PVC Specification: 16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M

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China main port
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500 m
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10000 m/month

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Product Description:

1.Description of PVC Pipe:
Material: Virgin Rigid PVC resin, no recycle material
Process: vacuum forming extrusion
Color: various colors, we can make color according to Panton card No.
Quality Standard: Smooth surface, no spot, no shrink mark, no surface quality defect.Check from cross section, homogeneous in density, good plasticizing degree, relative chemical/physical property meet customer requirement. We supply different environment protection products to meet different market requirement.
2.Features of PVC Pipes:
1)Light weight, easy to load and unload: PVC pipe is very light, convenient to handle loading unloading, and installing.
2)Good chemicals and drugs resistance: PVC pipe has its excellent resistance to the erosion caused by acids and alkalines, a great help to the chemical industries.
3)Small resistance to fluidity: The smooth surface reduces resistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less than other pipes, Under same discharges, smaller cabibre of the pipe can be uesd.
4) Strong mechanical strength: Good resistance to water pressure, outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions.
5) Water quality unaffected: The solution tests on the PVC pipe show no affect on water quality when the water flows through is. It is considered the best piping material for running water works.
3.PVC Pipe Images:

PVC Pipe 0.8MPa Material: PVC Specification: 16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M

PVC Pipe 0.8MPa Material: PVC Specification: 16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M

4.Specifications of the PVC Pipe:
1) Material: pvc pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
2) Standard: GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
3) Color: white  pvc pipe, grey  pvc pipe , etc.
4) Specific Gravity:g/cm3, 20(C): 1.35 - 1.55
5) Vicat Softening Temperature: (C)  >=79
6) Longitudinal Reversion: %, 150(C) <=5< span=""><>
Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?
A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.
Q:What is your payment?
A:TT or CC.
Q:Can we have sample?
A:Sample free, freight cost you.
Q:For urgently doubts,who online?
A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service.

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Q:How do I retrieve tube and brush hog in bass fishing?
Tubes I use a tube jig and....just jig it. Brush hogs I'd rig texas style and pitch it into weeds.
Q:(Liquid cooling) Copper tubing vs. Plastic tubing?
Copper is better bang but needs to be bent for each component. Plastic is flexible and just needs to be cut to length
Q:Can you see ear tubes with only a flashlight??
i strongly suggest to bring him to his ENT doctor. have it checked.. you can only visualize it through an otoscope and not a flashlight. if you can see it something might be wrong. so have it checked now
Q:Where can i find small clear flexible tubing.?
hardware stores, home depot or lowes, or any marine/boating store.
Q:gerbil won't go in plastic tubing?!?
Hello!! The manufactures / designers of theses cages have absolutely no idea of how rodents work. To them they are just money generating gimmicks, if theses tubes are going up / down at 90 degrees angle, most rodents won’t use them. Simply because some are not big enough to reach the sides of them, therefore cannot get a grip on them. Hamsters are the same, sometimes they may climb ‘up’ if they are able to, but will not come down again, because no rodent will go down such a steep drop head first. The tubes need to be at no more than 45 degrees, for them to feel safe and confident to use them. They must be able to walk with all 4 feet in the normal walking position. May be best to put his food on the ground floor for now.
Q:How would I make a craft with Plastic Tubing?
A bracelet could be made if you can find something to insert into the two end to join them together. They can be filled with all sorts of items mini jawbreakers, water and glitter, semi precious stones from the craft store, small shells, coloured sand, you get where I'm going, right? Hope you have fun!
Q:Is the water pipe made of stainless steel or plastic pipe?
In Germany, eighty percent of households in the United States have used stainless steel pipes. There are also many excellent stainless steel tube brands in China, such as the stainless steel tube produced in a century, which belong to the food grade health pipe.
Q:Can you recycle the plastic tubes that are used when you are on oxygen?
I had a lot of trouble with my lungs for a number of years after I contracted chicken pox (went into my lungs). I ended up with quiet a bit of tubing. I had fishtanks, and that tubing is perfect for conecting different air hoses in fishtanks. Same stuff you purchase at the pets stores, and pay quiet a bit for. If you don't have fishtanks yourself, you can offer it to someone who does. It can be re-used on fish tanks quiet safely for the fish. You can offer it for free on Craigslist or Freecycle to someone with fishtanks, if you don't know someone personally. ~Garnet Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years
Q:What are the toxic hazards in plastic pipe production plants? What are the specific hazards?
After heating and extrusion molding, the smell is 100%, which is harmful to the body, especially to the liver.
Q:What is this tube near the battery/fuse box in my w202?
i own a repair shop,and its called a battery drain off tube in case the battery spews over or something ,this routes in down toward the bottom of the car instead of letting it stay in the battery tray and eating it up,good luck i hope this help,s.

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