PVC Korean Sand Suction, Sand Blasting Pipe 152mm

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PVC Korean Sand Suction, Sand  Blasting Pipe


1) Size 152mm
2) new PVC material
3) spiral zinc-plated steel wire
4) full new material
5) smooth bore


Suction applied to sand-blasting of vessels, shipbuilding tust, pumping ore, coal dust, as well as cereals(rice, wheat, malze) and other solid material or granule material.


The product has excellent flexibility of the song has good flexbility, abrasion resistance and aging resistance, the tube has to withstand pressure and cacuum to withstand double the performance of vacuum-80kpa(600mm Hg) conditions can be normal use, the bursting pressure of not less than three times the working prssure.

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I doubt there's anything solid still in your throat. The pharynx in lined with mucus membrane and it's a sensitive tissue as well. It's made to allow things to slide through but it's also sensitive as a protective measure. I expect some very small area in your oropharynx or laryngopharynx was mildly irritated. It will resolve spontaneously. Did you for some reason think this might be the first time this has happened in the history of man? (I'm just teasing you) Don't force the coughing, vomiting (this raises new issues) or throat-clearing anymore, that serves only to further and prolong the irritation. Ignore it and by tomorrow afternoon, you'll suddenly realize your throat no longer hurts. @ Daniel, neither of what you list is CPR. I think you're trying to describe abdominal thrusts and a mouth sweep. These measures can be utilized along with CPR when they are appropriate. You've demonstrated clearly that not only do you do not know to perform either one but that you do not understand the purpose of them.
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Q:What are the ways to remove the taste in plastic pipes?
Method for removing peculiar smell of plastic pipe by milk. Clean with detergent first, then immerse the plastic pipe in the fresh milk for about one minute. Finally, pour out the milk and clean the plastic pipe;

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