PVC Insulation with High Quality

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:


The PVC insulated wire belongs to the series of laying wires, which are mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places. They are widely used as connectors of driving, lighting, electric equipments, instrument and telecommunication equipments with rated voltage to 450/750V.Part of the plastic wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage unto 300/500V.and its working temperature is different according to different insulation materials, mainly 70 and 90 degrees temperature, etc.



According to the conductor type, including solid conductor PVC insulated electrical wire, PVC insulated wire; Flexible PVC insulated wire with different colors.

According to its shape, including flat wire, round wires, etc. with different colors.

Accoding to its core number, including single core wires, multi-core wire, etc. with different colors.

2. Product Characteristic:

Low-smoke zero-halogen characters complying with the requirement of GB/T17650-1998 and GB/T17651-1998

(1)conductivity 10&mμ S/mm      

(2)pH 4.3

(3)Smoking density penetration ratio 60%

Low--smoke zero-halogen flame-retardant flexible cable

Flame-retardant properties of the cable can comply with the requirements specified in GB/T 18380.3-2001(IEC60332-3-22: 2000)for category A

Low--smoke zero--halogen fire--resistant flexible cable

Fire-resistant properties of the cable can comply with the requirements specified in GB/T 12666.

3. Product Specification

227 IEC01(BV),BV,BLV

Copper(aluminum) core PVC insulated cable(wire)


Copper(aluminum) core PVC insulated and sheathed power cable

277 IEC02(RV),BV

Copper core PVC insulated flexible cable(wire)

227 IEC05(BV),BV

Copper core PVC insulated cable

227 IEC06(RV)

Copper core PVC insulated flexible cable

227 IEC07(BV-90)

Copper core PVC insulated heat-resisting (90°C) cable

227 IEC08(RV-90)

Copper core PVC insulated heat-resisting (90°C) interconnecting flexible cable

227 IEC10(BVV),BVV

Copper core PVC insulated and sheathed round cable

227 IEC42(RVB),RVB

Copper core PVC insulated flat interconnecting flexible cable


or 227IEC53(RVV)

Copper core PVC insulated and sheathed round interconnecting flexible cable


Copper core PVC insulated flexible cable

 4. Reference Picture

PVC Insulation with High Quality

PVC Insulation with High Quality

PVC Insulation with High Quality

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