PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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Product Description:

PVC Insulated PVC sheathed power cable

Standards: GB/T 12706-2008; IEC60502

Rated voltage (Uo/U): 0.6/1KV

Single core/ Multi-core, 0.6/1KV;

PVC Insulated and PVC sheathed;

Copper or aluminum conductors, 70℃/90℃;

Main conductor type: stranded/compacted;

The minimum bending radius details as follows(D: overall diameter; d: conductor diameter):

  1. Single core without armoured: 20(D+d)+-5%;

  2. Multi-core without armoured: 15(D+d)+-5%;

  3. Single core with armoured: 15(D+d)+-5%;

  4. Multi-core with armoured: 12(D+d)+-5%




It applies to lay in the place such as power station, subway, tunnel, high building, industrial,

oil field, mining-site and so on.



TypeNo. of coresNominal conductor area(mm2)

VV: Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable;

VLV: Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable;

VV22: Copper conductor PVC insulated SWA PVC sheathed power cable;

VLV22: Aluminum conductor PVC insulated SWA PVC sheathed power cable.

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Q:Dell Vostro PC won't turn on if power cable left in overnight. Why is this, and how do I fix?
in the journey that your useful this isn't application appropriate !! First replace video card with on old pci card you recognize works .(you should disable onboard video if contemporary, agp, and pci-e and set to pci in bios) If it runs with out freezing then its an over heating video card. ( very regularly the case) on your bios ; regularly , there's a temperature application that has a temp decrease for cpu and mom board. locate out what your cpu and mom board operating limits are from their producer, not DELL.( DELL gadgets them lowwer) that's going to close you down and not in any respect assist you to boot until eventually it cools down in case you go with to confirm if its the mummy or cpu a million) take off the aspect panel the position you face the bottom of the mummy board and positioned a house fan in the front of it. If it doesnt freeze then the mummy board is over heating ( If it does 2) take off different aspect panel and position fan dealing with the ram ,video card, and cpu. Does it close down( if it does) One decision may be to purchase a a lot more advantageous fan ,warmth sink and thermal grease, this may help, yet when your cpu has over heated to many cases not something can help you. the mummy board will stick with the way of the cpu; almost immediately, if not collectively not in any respect positioned a pc in a table enclosure of any form ! And sparkling the interior( mutually with all warmth sinks , followers , and potential provide) periodically !! preserving your pc by technique of a chilly air go back as against a wall with a warmth sign up can help you
Q:Question about threading a coaxial cable through brick?
A drill with a concrete bit (large enough to pass the wire, but smaller than the grout line(( cement between the bricks)). Try to determin where the studs in the wall are from the inside of the room and transfer to the outside. Drill a hole in the grout, then change the concrete bit for a long wood spade bit of the same size and drill a hole straight threw the wall. Leave the drill bit in the wall and attatch a small wire to the bit point with tape and pull back to the outside. Then put the cable onto the wire with tape as befor and pull threw the wall. Install a remodlers electric box and cover plate. Hope this helps Mike
Q:How do I repair a Ribbon Power Cable for a Playstation 2 Power/Eject Ribbon Cable?
No, once that is broken you can not fix a ribbon cable but you might be able to get them cheaper on OKorder.
Q:Stripping 4 gauge power cable?
I use a knife to strip that wire, just be careful not to nick the wire. Drill a hole and use sheet metal screws to screw the fuse holder down.
Q:Can i make a USB cable that has one plug for data and one for power by putting two together?
Yes I'm sure this would work. Just solder the red and black wires to an other usb cable and leave the other 2 data ones going into the computer. Plug the power usb cable into your adaptor and It should work. The device is still getting the 5volts it needs so I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
Q:sata power cable problem?
first of all do you have another sata power connector you can plug into the hard drive? if you do then try that. or do you have a spare sata drive you can plug into the current power adaptor? if the drive functions correctly from the change in power adapters or the spare drive has issues your power supply may be bad. otherwise you may want to contact the manufacture of the hard drive and do a warranty replacement. or just buy a new hard drive. chances are your hard drive is going to fail on you. either that or make sure the connection is secure and don't hit your pc Note if your optical drive is sata as well swap the connections from drive to drive and see if your disk drive acts up instead of your hard drive.
Q:Playstation 3 power cable/AC cable question?
the ps3 does take that standard 3 prong cable.
Q:Where do i run my power cable from my amp ?
you should see a hole in your firewall with wires going through already. pop your hood an look where theyre coming through then go inside and locate the hole.
Q:Please help, need to know the name of a power cable.?
If you are in the UK, it is 13amp insulated, power cable with live, neutral and earth wires.
Q:Cd player in car does not work no fuses we could find were blown except fuse from the power cable to sub amp?
did you check the car's fusebox? does the radio have a reset button somewhere ? does the head unit have a wire harness that plugs into the back of the unit itself? if it does maybe the harness melted and there is still a short in the wire or the wire melted somewhere between the head unit and your amp and is still shorted. you could simply unhook the remote wire from immediately behind the stereo and see if that helps edit *** also, i'm not sure if this is still true but most D.C. powered electronics like your cd player have a diode inside on the power wire. A diode will only let electricity run one way. What it does is basically if you where to say hook up you're stereo's power wire backward it would only burn up the diode (in theory). This may be what happened and would be pretty cheap to fix.

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