pvc insulated PVC sheathed fire-resisting control cable

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1.Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
2.Protect circuits and control the loop

Rated voltage:450/750v
Cross-sectional area: (2-8)*(0.75~10mm2), 9*1mm2, 10*(0.75-10mm2), (12,14)*(0.75-6mm2, (16-61)*(0.75-2.5mm2)
The highest rated working temperature: 70°C
Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion
They can stand advisable traction when laid
Protect circuits and control the whole loop
Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
Used in construction, industrial,mining,power station...

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Q:LCD TV can not be connected to set-top boxes and DVD, how to do?
The answer to see the above ----- you then digital TV ah M we also received the ad said that no advertising after a lot of more than a few programs 80 floating pants can be more than an ice But not the same as before the ad or advertising also pay more than 260 times a year even the set-top box money we have
Q:What is the difference between cable KVV and VV?
KVVR cable is PVC insulated and sheathed control flexible cable, core number up to 64 cores. BVVR lightweight PVC sheathed flexible cable BVR is PVC insulated flexible wire BVV is a lightweight PVC sheathed cable, RVV light PVC sheathed cord, above are copper wire,
Q:Wire and cable model ZD what does it mean
ZD that the cable flame retardant grade D level, the general diameter of these cables are not more than 12mm small cable or conductor cross-section does not exceed 35mm2 cable. The flame retardant effect of this type of cable in the flame retardant cable flame retardant effect is the weakest.
Q:The signal control cable is used as the power cord
Look at the picture so that the TV can be put on the computer movies on the current network box can achieve such a function picture shows the SmartAir wireless transmission equipment, directly plug in the computer and TV on it
Q:I am the practice of hydropower supervision Will the prefabricated box box tube this part of the supervision should be the main check which points?
YJV-4 * 240 + 1 * 120 Cable Approximate Outer Diameter 64.2mm, YJV-4 * 50 + 1 * 25 Cable Approximate Outer Diameter 33.9mm. 2 total outer diameter 98.1mm. DN150 steel pipe diameter calculation 140mm. The specification stipulates that when the cable protection tube is selected, it is determined according to the diameter of the cable. If the length of the pipe is less than 30 meters and the diameter of the pipe should not be less than 1.5 times of the outer diameter of the cable diameter, Should be less than 2.5 times! Of course, norms are standardized, the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of a lot of high safety factor to a good construction prevail! From the above can be seen, if the pipe length is less than 30 meters, no corners, with DN150 steel pipe can basically The If more than 30 meters a lot, you'd better follow the standard requirements of 2.5 times to choose cable protection tube diameter.
Q:Is the RVV model cable a control cable?
Model RVV is a copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated cord. Model KVV is the copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated control cable. The main difference between the different core, one is multi-strand soft, one is a single strand of hard lines.
Q:Wire line, why is red and blue? Why are there different colors?
RVV PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable letter R on behalf of the letter of the letter V on behalf of the insulator PVC RVS full name copper core PVC insulated twisted connection with a soft wire, twisted multi-strand cord letter S on behalf of twisted pair Line letter R for cord letter V for PVC (insulator) KVV PVC insulated PVC sheathed copper core control cable letter V for insulator Polyvinyl chloride letter K for control with RVVP PVC insulated PVC Set shielded soft cable letter R for cord letter V for insulator Polyvinyl chloride letter P on behalf of shield
Q:Cable Specification Model zc-yjlw03-190 What does it mean?
Highly insulated cover Cable with internal power, external insulation characteristics Category cables are power cables, control cables, compensating cables, shielded cables, high temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum cables and so on They are composed of single or multi-strand wire and insulation layer, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on
Q:Will the wire and cable industry belong to the power industry? The
According to the different fiber structure, can be divided into ordinary fiber optic cable and fiber optic cable
Q:24-port network patch frame line who said something, there are patch panels when the line should pay attention to what?
Standard parts are the structure, size, painting, marking and other aspects have been completely standardized, and produced by the professional factory commonly used zero (parts), such as threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings and so on

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