pvc insulated PVC sheathed fire-resisting control cable

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1.Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
2.Protect circuits and control the loop

Rated voltage:450/750v
Cross-sectional area: (2-8)*(0.75~10mm2), 9*1mm2, 10*(0.75-10mm2), (12,14)*(0.75-6mm2, (16-61)*(0.75-2.5mm2)
The highest rated working temperature: 70°C
Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion
They can stand advisable traction when laid
Protect circuits and control the whole loop
Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
Used in construction, industrial,mining,power station...

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Very troublesome people often hang up in that up to pick up may also call you to go if they grab with it, then the brush was
Q:Is the RVV model cable a control cable?
Model RVV is a copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated cord. Model KVV is the copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated control cable. The main difference between the different core, one is multi-strand soft, one is a single strand of hard lines.
Q:Elevator control cable selection is based on what
Electrical performance is nothing more than to meet the current carrying capacity, voltage drop, physical properties to meet the tensile strength, flexibility, oil resistance. Wear and so on. Other see "GB-2007 power engineering cable design specifications", search for "industrial automation integrated cable solutions" can be checked.
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SC pipe, MT, TC tube, KBG, JDG are what pipe sc: welded steel pipe tc: wire tube thin steel pipe pc: hard plastic pipe ct: cable bridge cp: metal hose SR: steel trunking RC: water gas pipe sc Pipe is the steel pipe English word steelconduit the beginning of the acronym
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Fiberglass cable tray ZBQ series of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge for the voltage below 10 kV power cables, as well as control cables, lighting wiring, pneumatic, hydraulic cable and other indoor and outdoor overhead cable trench, tunnel laying
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Detailed information you can refer to 08X101-3 integrated wiring system engineering design and construction, "power engineering cable design specifications" GB-. 10kv and below substation design specifications GB-. general power distribution design specifications GB-. etc. These specifications, because you do not give detailed drawings, I do not know how many control terminals on your left and right sides, according to my understanding 3.5 meters should be a 5 * 2.5 cable, and 2.8 meters and 3.1 meters Paragraph should be separated from the 3.5-meter section of the loose line, if so you should be the amount of engineering is 3.5 + 3.1 (if it is 3.5 meters out of the line, then meet the requirements of the short, the short section is bound to meet).
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This should let the dog slowly to adapt, do on the reward, do the wrong to correct, for a long time should be effective.

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