PVC Insulated Nylon Jacketed Wire in architecture, electrical appliance, switch

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It is suitable for fixing wiring in architecture, electrical appliance, switch and so on.



Tiny thermal deformation.

Small  coefficient, convenience for passing through the pipe, high working  efficient, and it can reduce the damage on the insulation accordingly  when passing through the pipe and improve its safety

Its  low thermal shrinkage can reduce its bare part of the conductor  connected with other electrical appliance and thus improve its property  of safety.

The cable has small outer diameter, high mechanical strength, impact strength and excellent abrasion resistant property.






PVC insulated nylon jacketed wire with conductor operating at 70℃



PVC insulated nylon jacketed wire with conductor operating at 90℃


PVC insulated nylon jacketed PVC outer sheathed cable with conductor operating at 70℃



Rated voltage


Core number

Nominal cross-section
















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Q:Car Amp Power Cable Help??!?!?
The fuse should be within 18 of the BATTERY!!! I cannot stress this enough. Amplifiers have built in devices which protect the amp, the in-line fuse's sole purpose is to protect the wire in case of a short. Put that fuse close to the amp, and all of that wire feeding from the battery is unprotected; and any part of that wire that shorts to the car can, and continues to pass current to the chassis, until something catches fire due to the tremendous heat created from the short. Mount it as close to the battery as possible.
Q:Powering garbage disposal with computer cable?
STEP AWAY from the appliance. A computer draws a lot less than that motor you propose to connect. Don't be cheap. Get the proper size cord. What you show from the computer looks like #20. You want a 3 W. #16, cord.
Q:HP Photosmart All-One-Printer C3180 Power cable!?
why don't you e-mail HP see if they will send you a power cord or advise you where to get one in your area
Q:Data Cable functions?
The power cable will just power up the CD drive but NO music goes to motherboard and its sound port. Even just connecting the small audio connector between the CD drive and motherboard will produce sound output. Connecting the data cable to motherboard enables Windows to read and play the music files.
Q:using a smaller size power cable?
The wire will melt and possibly short out to metal if you pull too much current, which you probably will do with 2400 watts. 10 AWG is only good for 30 amps,
Q:Power Cable Adaptor or Distribution Block?
1 gauge to the d-block, 4 to the amps/caps.
Q:if we provide power through power cable will there be need of extra capacitor near load?
Yes, if you are talking about a bypass capacitor. Electronics always requires a bypass capacitor near the circuit/IC. Having one at the end of a cable means the cable inductance is in series, and the impedance seen by the IC power supply leads is inductive and high instead of the needed low impedance that a local bypass cap provides.
Q:can you use computer power cables on a different make of computer?
if it is just a power cord and the ends match then yes you can. if you have a power cable with a little black box attached to it then the answer is no. ask dell customer Support if you can't get it to work for the correct power adaptor/cable.
Q:Power cable compatibility concern?
Both the 250v and the 15A are higher than the computer will need / be consuming So it is safe to use.
Q:Need help finding a firewall/hole to run power cable for the amp?
Drill you a hole in the firewall where you know nothing will be in the way on either side, then install a rubber grommet in the hole so the wire wont rub through on the metal.

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