PVC Insulated Nylon Jacketed Wire in architecture, electrical appliance, switch

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It is suitable for fixing wiring in architecture, electrical appliance, switch and so on.



Tiny thermal deformation.

Small  coefficient, convenience for passing through the pipe, high working  efficient, and it can reduce the damage on the insulation accordingly  when passing through the pipe and improve its safety

Its  low thermal shrinkage can reduce its bare part of the conductor  connected with other electrical appliance and thus improve its property  of safety.

The cable has small outer diameter, high mechanical strength, impact strength and excellent abrasion resistant property.






PVC insulated nylon jacketed wire with conductor operating at 70℃



PVC insulated nylon jacketed wire with conductor operating at 90℃


PVC insulated nylon jacketed PVC outer sheathed cable with conductor operating at 70℃



Rated voltage


Core number

Nominal cross-section
















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Q:Xbox 360 Jasper Power Cable?
i don't know if somethings wrong with your xbox or power brick but i can tell u tho, if u use a Xenon power brick (12V,16,5A) on a jasper xbox u will run into a problem later on, for it will overheat and the CPU and GPU will warp and pull there self away from the motherboard, if u have ever heard of the towel trick( wrapping your xbox in a towel so it will overheat and the solder will pool up and re-solder the CPU/GPU back in place) that's where it come from, i would buy a jasper power brick if i were u (12V, 12,1A).
Q:please any one tell me the formula to find the current capacity of power cables?
The area of a cable is the CMA (circular mil area). The attached link shows calculations for conductors like house wiring. Ampacity varies not only by CMA but material and temperature.
Q:Is the power cable considered a fixed asset?
Belong to the fixed assets of an integral part, because for self-use so the input tax is not deducted, the input tax can be transferred out of the entry
Q:Why is power connector longer than data cable connector on a sata hard drive?
The sata power connector provides 3.3, 5v and 12v as well as two ground connections (in between the 3.3 and 5 and 5 and 12) I believe. Anyway, for the power connectors, a single pin has a maximum rating of 1.5A or so, and so they provide three pins if a device needs needs more current.
Q:can i use the dynex ac power cable for a sharp aquos 32 in LC-32D47UT or if i cant can someone give me a link?
With DC (battery power) cables, you have several things to consider before hooking one up to your equipment. AC power cables are all interchangeable within the same voltage (120V), so if it fits the back of the TV it will be fine. If you are in Europe, disregard this answer.
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
Network cable is to take the digital signal, CATV cable is to take the analog signal, how can interfere with each other, do not understand do not see this stare blindly understand the beads. It was all right to be wrapped around with an electrical tape.
Q:How do I wire a power cable for an amp in a 1998 Honda Prelude?
well honestly im not familiar with preludes but what you do is pull the carpet down a little under the gas and brake pedel the should be a clearing spot in the fire wall from steering colum speedo cable or electrical. it wont look like much of hole but there will be a rubber plug take a flathead and scoot it out then run your power cable through that-wraping it with protective cover where it will lie in the firewall(so it dont cut the plastic and short something out) then tuck all the wires under the carpet along the runningboards. be patient it takes a while but in the end when you can see no wires it looks great
Q:where do i run an amplifier power cable to the battery in a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse?
definite you could. you will might desire to purchase an o.e.m advantageous terminal so which you would be able to connect all the skill leads. you will possibly be able to desire to be extra perfect off in basic terms going the dist block direction. A 4 guage to 2 or extra 8 guage block may be discovered on OKorder for under $10 shipped quite easily.
Q:Can a stereo (head unit) power a small 100 watt amplifer just by using rca cables?
The RCA cables do not supply power to the amplifier; they just carry the audio signal from the head unit to the amp. Your amplifier, regardless of its power rating, will need power and ground connections in addition to the RCA and remote outputs from the head unit.
Q:Should Ferrite Core be tight on the power cable?
They should be tight or glue to the cable. Many cheap made products ignoring this simple process to speed time consume to produce more. Because those workers were paid by piece work.

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