PVC insulated control cable

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Product Description:

I. Product properties:

1. The products shall comply with GB9330-88 national standards.
2. The cable can withstand high voltage test with AC frequency and voltage of 50Hz and 3000V for 5 minutes.
3.After the insulated wire core is soaked for one hour, it can withstand high voltage tests and would not be breakdown.

II. Using characteristics:
1. This product is applied to the conditions with AC rated voltage of 450/750V (Uo / U) or DC 1000V and below to control, monitor loop and to protect wires and other occasions.
2. The long-term maximum operating temperature for the cables should be 70 .
3. The working voltage of cables should be no more than 1.1 times the rated voltage.

Type and Specification:
The main use scope
Copper core PVC insulated polyethylene sheathed control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines and fixed places
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed braided shield control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines and other fixed places requiring shielding
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed steel armored control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines, directly buried places and fixed places that can withstand great external forces
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control flexible cable
To be laid in indoor places demanding being soft and mobile and other places
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed braided shield control cable
To be laid in indoor place demanding being soft and mobile and other places requiring shielding
Rated voltage
Conductor Nominal cross-section mm2
Number of cores

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Q:Do you have to use the defult power supply cable in PC?
No, as long as it can supply the proper voltage and amperage.
Q:Guitar Amp Power Cable Snaped..?
Hahaha, that is THE most basic DIY ever. Ok go to you local hardware store and get maybe 4 foot of similar wiring, look around for what you want, get home, open up the back of your roland, find where the chord was wired, should be either soldered or clamped, undo these and attach the new wiring, if your cheap you could just take the plug head of the original cable and attach it to where the cable broke, and you'll just have a shortened power cable.
Q:Where can I find a power cable for an Ultra monitor? 8 pin round?
Sounds like you need a standard S-Video Cable, available just about anywhere. We can get them locally at the 99cent only store, walmart, target, ect
Q:Why does the sparrow stand on the wire without electric shock?
the network patch panel is now more mainstream network system patch panels, generally every 1U height can accommodate 24 8-core network port, back line, front jumper plug in addition, look at the Google Encyclopedia on the 110 patch panel instructions, found a little problem, that is 110 patch panel documents, but the picture is not 110 patch panels, that should be called Kelon, we also Called this thing for the VDF, it should be noted that the 110 system is AT & amp; T, that is, Lucent (Lucent) company's standards, and Kelon is the German Kelon (kelone) company's standard, not the same thing, Dragon frame is generally used in large-scale voice wiring system, and generally fixed for the wall, if placed in the standard cabinet will have to install the backplane, the Kelon frame steel frame fixed on the backplane The 110 patch panel is a standard 19-inch equipment, can be directly fixed in the standard 19-inch cabinet As the 19-inch standard cabinet has been widely used in the civilian areas, so Kelon is now less application, mainly in the use of operators these with a number of tattoo and fat ancient mix of full-chip cable is integrated wiring system in the most basic connector, the product range is also very much on the market, of course, there are many changes in the form On the use of network patch panels and 110 patch panels, Google Encyclopedia and the library have a detailed description, you can refer to
Q:Is this power cable okay?
it is fine, the cable doesn't give out anything the 10amp rating is simply the maximum current that it is rated for, at the monitor only draws a maximum 1.5amps this will be 1/10th of the capacity of the power cable
Q:Laptop power cables, where can i buy a replacement one? award for best answer!?
dick smith or one of those types of Electronic shops they sell these packs with about 10 different adapters for $60 BEWARE using anything but the proper acer battery may void your warranty
Q:Were can i buy a replacement power cable ?
FOR WHAT??????????
Q:What type of cable is the power cable?
It seems to have not heard of our unit to do the professional cable bridge to the current domestic ranking before 3 I did not see we have this certification ah there is a professional health and safety management system has an environmental management system and other quality management system Science and technology innovation patent what a lot did not see the CCC
Q:can i run a ati radeon hd 2900xt with a two 4pin molex power cable?
Direct Answer : No you can't. Indirect Answer : You can, you need a converter though, there are converters that connect two 4 pin molex power cables into one six pin video card cable. PS. If your power supply doesn't have a 6 pin cable, more likely than not this means your power supply will not be able to handle video cards like the Radeon 2900XT.
Q:computer power supply cables/ placement?
Its on your motherboard factory web site. usually there is a 4 or 8 pin for the mobo PCI bridge, sata, pata, power connectors for drives. smaller for floppy, blue wire for PSU fan speed report. just find out what FORM you need, most are ATX.

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