PVC Insulated Cable with Rated Voltage up to 450/750V

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ApplicationIt is suitable to used in power equipments, daily used electrical appliance, instruments and so on rated voltage up to 450/750V.Type and designationDesignationStandardGB5023.1~7(IEC 60227-1~7)JB8734.2~5TypeSingle hard conductor cable with no jacket for ordinary use227  IEC 01BVSingle soft conductor cable with no jacket for ordinary use227  IEC 02RVSingle solid conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 70℃227  IEC 05BVSingle soft conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 70℃227  IEC 06RVSingle solid conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 90℃227  IEC 07BV-90single soft conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 90℃227  IEC 08RV-90Light PVC jacketing cable227  IEC 10BVVFlat soft wire with no jacket227  IEC 42RVBSoft wire for internal decorating lightening circuit227  IEC 43SVRLight PVC jacketing soft wire227  IEC 52RVVAverage PVC jacketing soft wire227  IEC 53RVVCopper conductor PVC-insulated twisted connecting flexible wire-RVSNote:  this kind of products also contain flame-retardant type and  fire-resistant type; its properties are in accordance with the  requirements of flame-retardant and fire-resistant test stipulated in  GB/T18380 and GB/T19216 respectively.        SpecificationTypeRated voltageVCore numberNominal cross-sectionmm2227 IEC 01450/75011.5~400227 IEC 02450/75011.5~240227 IEC 05300/50010.5~1227 IEC 06300/50010.5~1227 IEC 07300/50010.5~2.5227 IEC 08300/50010.5~2.5227 IEC 10300/5002、3、4、51.5~35227 IEC 42300/30020.5~0.75227 IEC 43300/30010.5~0.75227 IEC 52300/3002、30.75~2.5227 IEC 53300/5002、3、4、50.75~2.5BV300/50010.75~1BLV450/75012.5~400BVR450/75012.5~70BVV300/50010.75~10BLVV300/50012.5~10BVVB300/5002、30.75~10BLVVB300/5002、32.5~10RVS300/30020.5~0.75Structural representation                        

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Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
Second, the laying of the bracket, the power cable should be placed in the upper control cable, but 1000 volts below the power cable and control cable can be laid side by side
Q:Emergency cable T-box and cable distribution box of the information?
1 Ordinary distribution box There is no switch device in the general distribution box
Q:Calculate the control cable under what circumstances the cable terminal needs to be calculated
This is the air defense when the air pipe laying through the mouth of the closed wall or the protection of closed wall approach, regardless of the side of the wall or the roof into the line have this requirement
Q:Copper core power cable models which several kinds
They have two kinds of total use, one is the transmission current, one is the transmission signal
Q:PVC pipe line 6 points and 4 points which big ah?
35 square copper wire current carrying capacity is 105A, 105A / 35 mm2 = 3A, (1 square millimeter carrying capacity is 3A) 70 square copper wire current carrying capacity is 169A, 169A / 70 square millimeters = 24A (1 square millimeter carrying capacity is 24A) 1 square hai load current from 11A gradually become 24A So it is impossible to use n by the coefficient can be drawn to the current value Wire can carry the current * the applied voltage * power factor = can drive power The diameter of the wire with different diameter is not the same No specific diameter can not know the current carrying capacity How much power, depending on the voltage level Because P = UI As the saying goes: a square 4 current, underground than this small forget How much is the square here is a square millimeter Power depends on your voltage, the general small line can be directly by 5 is to eat the current to 50-120 the basic can take more than 35 can take 25 or so just personal experience to do reference to the need for basic data: 1 line, copper and iron Aluminum silver temperature 3 core number 4 diameter Probably take a square 5A diameter n square of the wire can be over n high current, resulting in n high power so that can be calculated
Q:The UV lamp is fitted with ozone and no ozone difference
. like the computer boot fast, the best way is solid state hard drive, followed by the win. the system is very good, the interface is also familiar with the boot fast, especially the new browser edge than a lot stronger; . if you now computer The monitor is also good, and now the computer's hard drive can be taken down to the new computer above, then 3000 yuan can buy very very good, desktop. If the notebook is about 4500 or so relatively high cost. . do not recommend the configuration of their own one by one to buy accessories, it is recommended that you look at the top of the machine installed Taobao business, they rely on the volume, not only to ensure that the genuine accessories, the price is relatively cheaper to buy their own, And wiring installation are also professional. And they are equipped with win7 is free to upgrade to win. very good. I just bought a few days ago a machine, monitor and hard drive or use their original, with the host with the solid-state hard drive as a boot disk, their hard drive as a storage disk, spent a total of . the performance is very good.
Q:Can cable TV signal lines and network cables be placed in the same line when upgrading? What happens if you are in the same line? Thank you.
Sub-strong electric power cable control cable transmission cable and so on
Q:What is the fire wire pipe laying? What is the galvanized steel pipe?
Look at the computer and television, respectively, what interface are generally computer and television are more VGA, followed by HDMI, the new out there will be DisplayPort connection at both ends of the wire type is also very rich, VGA-VGA, HDMI-HDMI, etc. also Adapter cable, such as DVI to VGA and one according to the computer and television interface to select the wire, hard link established, win7 will automatically identify, I use the flagship version, feel better than XP. You can choose to clone the screen or expand the desktop and other operations, computer monitors Internet TV while watching movies, like.
Q:Lighting wire, I do not know is it. The When to use BV1 * 2.5, when to use 2 * 2.5, when to use 3 * 2.5, when to use 4 * 2.5,
Why did not you take this time when you were installed or that it was only a detour
Q:What is the difference between public relations firms and media companies?
The width of the cable bridge international standard: cable bridge width ≤ 150 ~ 1.0150 800 ~ 2.2

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