PVC Insulated Cable Underground Aluminum or Copper

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Product Description:


PVC Insulated Cable 
2. Voltage: 0.6/1kV-220KV 
3. Competive price&Nice quality 
4. Fast delivery

PVC Insulated Cable

1. The applications: Rated voltage (U0/U) 0.6/1KV in transmission & transformation line & for water-proofing purpose .

2. Standards: IEC60502-1 2004  ISO9001:2008

3. Product Features:

1) No necessary to heat up in advance while installing above 0oC.

2) Max. c

Power Cables:

ontinuous normal operating Temperature: 70oC (PVC Sheathed Cable).

3) Max. Permissible temperature at short circuit (5s. at longest): 160oC.

4) Permissible bending radius:

Single core: ≥20(d+D)±5%.

Three-core:≥15(d+D)±5%(D is the actual overall diameter of cable, and d is the actual overall diameter of conductor)

 Rated Voltage,Core Numbers & Nominal Cross-section Area as following Table 1-1

U0/Um(kv) No.of Core

1st class









2nd class









1 Core











2 Core











3 Core











4 Core











5 Core











Type, Description & Application Occasion: (Table 1-2)

Table 1-1 Type Description & Application Occasion of cable



Application n





XLPE insulation PVC sheath power cable

To be laid indoors, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe, the cable couldn't bear mechanical force outside 



XLPE insulation PE sheath power cable



 XLPE insulation, steel tape armor,  PVC sheath power cable

To be laid underground, the cable could bear certain mechanical force, but it couldn't bear great pulling force.



XLPE insulation, steel tape armor,  PE sheath power cable



XLPE insulation, have no the magnetism steel tape armor,  PE sheath power cable



XLPE insulation, thin steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable

Be applicable to the well, water inside and fall in the bad soil, the cable cans bear the equal dint outside the machine with pull the dint




XLPE insulation, have no the magnetism thick steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable



XLPE insulation, thick steel-wire  armor,  PVC sheath power cable

Be applicable to the well, underwater with the bottom of sea, the cable cans bear the bigger pressure with lead to pull the dint.




The single-core magnetism material packs the cable is not suitable for to use for the AC power supply back track, the necessity hour eligibility uses the single-core 62 or 72 type pack the cable.

Disallow the cent to cross the magnetism piping mutually when single-core cable establish, the in order to prevent results in the descent that cable transport electric current ability.


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②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pecific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers.Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

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Q:Changhong G3478 TV and set-top box video, audio cable connected to no image
Is pumping away, and long pull out on the line, but sometimes very tight, it can only cut off.
Q:Can building lighting lines go to a layer of leveling?
Can ah, as long as the ground does not affect the elevation on the line ah
Q:Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable material, can do with the production of PVC screw ah?
According to your slot size used to make a 45 ° angle of the template, each time with a template against the crossed, fast and prospective and easy. We are doing this here.
Q:Computer cable for computer monitoring and control purposes
the inner layer of the code-Q lead package, L aluminum package, H rubber sets, V PVC jacket five, derived code-D Non-drip, P dry insulation; six, the outer layer code seven, special product code-TH wet tropical, TA dry tropical; eight, the rated voltage - unit KV cable model
Q:What is the general use of high-voltage cable bushing
This is subject to site conditions and the use of cables. In a construction encountered in the cable tray in the cable need to wear pipe problems. Laying the cable is a manufacturer of coal powder leak detection equipment signal line. It was the first time that this problem was encountered. Requirements: 1: the line voltage level is very low, and very long, and requires a very accurate transmission (such as network lines), this time in order not to make the same line of other lines affect its signal transmission, is needed (And if the metal tube) 2: or the line of the voltage level is very high, and with the trough there are many low voltage level signal line, then wear it a good. The bridge within the cable can not wear steel pipe, of course, the bridge is also allowed to wear a line of steel pipe installation, the bridge can be empty according to the number of cable design requirements, when the line a lot of large bridge should be the main line, The branch line of the household or into the equipment can be flexibly accessed through the steel pipe.
Q:Mountain car brake line and the length of the shift line?
if the TV screen does not appear the set-top box to start the image, then just the blue screen and no text prompts, then it is a hundred cough know the correction hole is your TV channel settings problems, please use the TV The remote control of the machine presses the source key or AV / TV button to switch the TV from the analog TV channel to the video channel
Q:12v power cord is not long enough how to do
As long as the distance enough on the line. Of course, can be layered from top to bottom, respectively, for the high-pressure power, low-voltage power, control cable can be, horizontal spacing 35mm, not less than the cable diameter, if stratified, then 10KV, 1KV with control Cable side by side. High-voltage cable: high-voltage cable is a kind of power cable, is used to transmit 10KV-35KV (1KV = 1000V) between the power cable, and more used in power transmission of the main road. High-voltage cable product implementation standards for the GB / T.2-2008 and GB / T.3-2008.
Q:Is the RVV model cable a control cable?
Model RVV is a copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated cord. Model KVV is the copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated control cable. The main difference between the different core, one is multi-strand soft, one is a single strand of hard lines.
Q:What is the difference between cable piping and wire piping?
KVVP shield is copper wire braid shielding ... KVVP2 shield is copper tape wrapped around the shield ... This is a detailed description of the GB / T9330-2008
Q:Why E-Mat (E-5A-4) is used in the energy industry (nuclear power, petrochemical industry) emergency circuit, cable tray
1. On the software itself: By default, the Windows XP system retains 20% of the system bandwidth for security and stability. For the average individual users, this is obviously some conservative, wasted valuable network bandwidth. So how to recover this part of the resources? The bandwidth is the difference between the highest frequency and the lowest frequency that the communication signal can use. We know: the wider the road, the unit time can pass the traffic flow is greater. If the transmission rate of the network signal is compared to traffic flow, the bandwidth is equivalent to the width of the road. Therefore, modify the original WindowsXP system settings, fully tap out the 20% of the bandwidth potential, will be able to maximize the Internet speed. Modify the WindowsXP system This setting is as follows: 1. Click Start → Run, type: gpedit.msc, and click [OK] button, you can see the "Group Policy" window. 2. In the "Computer Configuration" project, click Start: Administrative Template - Network - QoS Packet Scheduler; and then on the right side of the window, find "limit to retain bandwidth" one, right click on the item; Click on the "Properties" menu, you will see the "limit can retain the bandwidth properties" window. 3. In the "Settings" tab we can see: WindowsXP system default "bandwidth limit" value is 20%. Change it to 0 or 5% and other small numbers, click the "enabled" radio button; and then click the "OK" button to the new settings into the computer. After completing the above three steps, restart the computer, then try the Internet. Now your bandwidth is really used for you! Second, the computer hardware on the better CPU, graphics card; large memory, network cable can be the general point of the three external to a stable network environment (this is the network operator to solve, but more critical)

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