PVC Insulated And Sheathed Flame Retardant Control cable

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Product Description:

1.     Introudction

This product is used in metallurgy,electric power, petroleum and chemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises of electric instruments of AC rated voltage (Uo/U) 450/750V and below, signal transmission of the power distribution device, control and measurement system.

2.    specifications


 Voltage class

450/750 V






 Specification range(mm2)

2~61 core: 0.5~10

 Carried Standard

GB/T 19666-2005, GB/T 9330-2008


3.     Charactistics

①   Rated voltage(Uo/U):450/750V

②   The maximum allowed working temperature of the cable conductor:

PVC insulated cable is: 70℃

③   The minimum allowable temperature of cable laying:

PVC sheathed cable: 0℃ ( should be preheated when below the minimum allowed laying temperature).

④   Permissible bending radius of the cable:

Cable with armored or copper tape wrapped shield structure should be no less than 12 times of the cable diameter; the cable of the rest of the structure should be no less than 6 times of the cable diameter.

⑤   The combustion characteristicsof the cable:

Cable of flame retardant should be according to the GB/T 19666-2005 design.

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Q:where to run the power cable 4gauge in a volkswagen bettle 2006 from the engine compartment to rear trunk?
Think outside the box. Literally. You don't have to go through the passenger compartment...you can run the wires under the vehicle. Just be sure to tie them up well. Good luck.
Q:What kind of power cable do I need?
i hav seen this types of cables, but i don't know the name it .................do i thing since u hav the pic, print the pic show it to shop keepers they will provides u with exact 1s with guaranty
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The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
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You should be able to push power through a 100' cable. A mic doesn't draw much current so wire size shouldn't be an issue.
Q:Can you use a camcorder battery charger powercable for a ps1 power cable.?
If your talking about the end that looks like an 8 then yes it should work fine. That is a unerversual power cable. However if your PS1 has a small single round hole, i would be careful. Make sure the power is the same, you can check this by looking on the bottom, it should tell you what the conversion is, for ex: like 120v to 6v. Make sure your not throwing to much poser into your ps1.
Q:can i put power cable back in computer? is it safe?
souds scary but its not - plug her back in your good to go!!!!
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Found this 1 TB one in the Western Digital Passport series. Link below:
Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
This query has been asked alot of times. Easily since there is no voltage change along the fowl. We could say the cable has 10000V. At one claw(contact) it's 10000V and at the other leg (the other contact) is 10000V. In view that there is not any voltage change, a current will not drift to kill the chicken. Its similar to two related containers of water with both of equal water degree. Water is not going to waft from one container. Except the chook touches one other object of one-of-a-kind voltage lets' say the ground with 0V. 10000V is doing work by way of pushing a current through the hen inflicting a current and potentially killing the chicken. Hope this helps.
Q:can the power cable of the dreamcast be used for the playstation 1?
if it can fit into you ps1 it going to work if it does not fit into you ps1 you are srwed or you can just go to game stop and ask them for a ps1 power cabl good luck dude i hope this wroks for you plz choose me as best answer i just need a litte bit more ponits until i get to lvl2
Q:Is it safe to use power cables when they're would up in a coil?
there is no danger coiling cords.dont fold the cord or you could break the wire

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