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Application: Used for internal and external wiring connections of distribution equipments, voltage rated as 450V AC to earth and 750V AC between conductors.


1. The long-term working temperature of cable conductor: 90℃ for XLPE insulation, 70℃ for PVC insulation, the installation temperature should be no less than 0℃.

2. Installation bending radium: Cable without armor no less than 6 times; cable with armor no less than 12 times; flexible cable with screen no less than 6 times.

Cable cross-section figuration:

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Q:What are the requirements for the construction of electrical wiring
Y polyethylene vpvcP copper shielded P2 copper tape DJ electronic computer
Q:What is the difference between a photovoltaic cable and an ordinary cable?
Water pipes and pipe is not the same, the two kinds of pipe materials and models are not the same. · Household water pipe general model is 20/25/50/110 line general model 16/20.
Q:Cable YJV-VV-4 * 240 + 1 * 120 / 1KV What does it mean?
Before heat shrinkage can be inserted into the cable after the heat shrinkage can be greater than the thickness of the cable outside the coating and pay attention to the voltage level to choose the heat shrink tubing This is the focus you describe too abstract, so can not give a specific answer because heat shrink tubing points a lot model
Q:Power cable and control cable how to distinguish
Power cable is a strong power, the control cable is weak
Q:How does the control cable terminal head calculate?
Determination of cable end. 1) Determination of high-voltage cable terminal A cable using two sets of cable terminal, if the cable ends are used in the room, the use of two sets of indoor cable terminal, if one end is outdoor, one end is indoor Inside and outside the set, if both ends are outdoor, then use two sets of outdoor. In addition, in special environments such as humidity, serious pollution and other places, regardless of indoor and outdoor use outdoor cable terminal. B According to the equipment to determine, according to the switch device into the line through the two calculation cable terminal, if the end of the line for the outdoor overhead connection, the overhead connection using outdoor cable terminal. If the transformer is the cable into the line, according to the number of incoming and outgoing times by 2 to get the number of terminals. 2) low-voltage cable terminal to determine the general is also based on a cable 2 sets of terminals to confirm that the current foreign low-voltage terminal indoors and outdoors, if the special requirements are stated when ordering. But sometimes do not know the number of cables only know the equipment drawings, it is based on the number of incoming and outgoing lines to confirm, a line into a set, a outlet calculation of 2 sets, usually taking into account the entry and exit are a piece of time in accordance with the entry and exit The number of cable terminals can be multiplied by 2. Special attention, the general 6 square below the cable can be calculated without the number of terminals and direct connection.
Q:How to calculate the wattage wattage and power of the wire?
This is more professional, it is necessary to know the line, there are to know the number of roots, as well as the thickness of insulation, etc., must also have information to check, I suggest you better buy GB products, but also assured, safe, but also worry The Why not do it! The The
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When the computer connected to the TV, many of my friends are very interested in the computer TV is actually the computer On the video and audio output to the TV
Q:What does the control cable 6 * 0.75 + 1 mean?
PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material, mainly to PVC resin; PC is the difference between the two polycarbonate treatment should be noted when used, as you mentioned the wire tube, the two materials can only be used in general Lay down under the floor and should not be used in the ceiling!
Q:Will the wire and cable industry belong to the power industry? The
Use the exclusion method to identify the problem and then proceed. 1: the probability of the largest is Apple's data cable is not original or not through the Apple MFI certified data lines. If your data is cottage or fake, there will be no charge and do not support this part. It is recommended that you buy and use Apple authentic original charger and Apple MFI certified data cable, Apple's official website can be checked, for example, Tiya TIYA data cable is Apple certified, you can check the official website of TIYA, you can find Certification Information. 2: just access the data line appears on the tips, this problem is generally poor contact, the solution: to see whether the data line bullet bullet, and then check the phone tail plug (data pick jack) is dirty, Cotton alcohol wash. 3: When using the computer chassis front USB charging this prompt is generally caused by insufficient power supply, please insert behind the chassis, or for charger charging. 4: charger is not original, the voltage is insufficient, the normal charge Apple charger is 1 amp, most of the cottage charger is not enough 1 amp, change the charger to try it. 5: phone charging port cable is damaged, whether it is into the water, or replaced, with other chargers and data lines try to charge about.
Q:What are the reasons for the explosion of the cable?
BV plastic copper wire BVR plastic cord BX copper wire BLV plastic aluminum wire NHBV refractory plastic copper wire YZYC rubber cable RVV soft jacket line BVV / BVVB hard sheath line RVVP shielded line RVS interlaced yarn YJV polyethylene insulated PVC Sheathed cable KVV PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable YJV22 armored cable NHYJV fire-resistant cable KVVP shielded control cable HYA communication cable YVFB flat cable there are many many I know at least there are dozens of

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