PVC insulated and sheathed control cable-KVVP

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Application: Used for internal and external wiring connections of distribution equipments, voltage rated as 450V AC to earth and 750V AC between conductors.


1. The long-term working temperature of cable conductor: 90℃ for XLPE insulation, 70℃ for PVC insulation, the installation temperature should be no less than 0℃.

2. Installation bending radium: Cable without armor no less than 6 times; cable with armor no less than 12 times; flexible cable with screen no less than 6 times.

Cable cross-section figuration:

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Q:How does one split cable service from the living room to the bedroom?
You can get a splitter but the control would still have to be able to hit the box on the original TV to work for channel changing.
Q:how do i connect my pc via cable from another pc to the internet?
Plug an ethernet cable from one pc to the other, then on the laptop, go to the control panel and view your network connections. Find the wireless adaptor in the list then under properties choose share this internet connection search your help files for internet connection sharing
Q:How can i find the code for a comcast digital cable remote control if i forgot it?
extremely tough point. search from the search engines. that could actually help!
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Q:How can I connect my PC to my cable set top box?
seems such as you have the video sign coming in purely super, yet do you have the audio linked? you assert song performs super, yet im guessing in case you havent despatched the audio FROM the television/reciever, then youre no longer likely to be getting any sound. youll would desire to pass purple and white out, to the two purple and white or purple or perhaps purely the white in on the desktops end. particularly the line in wish that enables
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Into the household wire is outside the poles into the user's home, need to wear a single tube, but not for the sake of trouble, but also with the user's shunt wire with a thread. The scene of the light line, air conditioning lines, socket lines are part of the shunt wire, of course, can share a threading tube into the household.
Q:How do cable companies control what channels you get on a digital cable box?
Your box gets ALL the channels; however, the tuner will only decode the ones for which you have access.
Q:I have Dish cable and the Tv remotes control both Tvs!?
Your best resolution is to call Dish technical support.
Q:I have a 79 delta 88 and I just got a replacement speedometer cable the cable hooks up to the Cruise control?
I believe your cable doesn't go to the cruise control, but into the back of the instrument cluster behind your dashboard. It is a good idea to pour a little oil into the end of the cable and let it hang for a little while to get oil from one end to the other. Those cables are noisey if you don't. Good luck.
Q:How to adjust TV / Throttle Valve Cable?
I don't think the TV cable is your problem. On that transmission, it could be anything from faulty or incorrect sensor input to a broken accumulator spring, but I doubt the TV cable is the problem, but I have been wrong before.

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